The Dusseldorf Conference

  • The Dusseldorf Conference

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    Dawn was approaching and the first rays of light began to peak over Dusseldorf's horizon. All of the metropolis was unusually calm except for at the recently finished Bernhard Conference Center. The Center was buzzing with aids and staffers putting the finishing touches in the International Wing, where later today the delegations of five European nations will meet. President Jeffery was among those already at the Center helping out where he could. The President whistled to the tune of "Rye Whiskey" as he placed place-cards at various tables that read: Rhine Ruhr, Rivoli-Acesca, Iyori, The New Union, and The United Planet. He stood still for a moment and took in the chaos of the morning. If all goes according to plan, all of this hustle will lead to a very productive and substantial dialog between himself and other European leaders. Fredrick Jeffery then retires to a room down the hall that was designated the "Rhinian Room". Each attending nation too will receive an exclusive room where delegations can discuss among themselves during the conference.

    The Conference will begin once all attending nations' delegations arrive. The Conference will start with general introductions from each nation and then branch out to a wide range of topics including Recent Events, Trade, and Economic and Cultural Cooperation.

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    The delegation of The New Union has arrived in the beautiful city Dusseldorf.
    The Union is represented by Acting Prime Minister Samuel AkA.
    The Union hopes on profitable conference for all parties.

    The New Union is honored to participate in this conference.

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    The United Planet's delegation to the Dusseldorf Conference in Rhine Ruhr today after a flight from Denver, The United Planet. The Hipster Republic of Rhine Ruhr is a well established Libertarian European Nation which shares a small border in the South-western United Planet State of Halifax.

    The United Planet delegation consists of Directors in the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and International Co-operation and Development, nominated by Foreign Minister Mark Green and appointed by Prime Minister Max Kelly.

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    All of the attending delegations have now arrived signaling that the Conference will begin shortly. As various members of the press and audience begin taking their seats, the Over Comm stated "unfortunately the delegation from Rivoli-Acesca has decided to withdraw from the Conference". Several members of the press groaned, but overall no one really cared. A few moments later President Fredrick Jeffery of The Hipster Republic of Rhine Ruhr approached the center table. He turned on his microphone and said:

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    _"Welcome ladies and gentlemen to The Dusseldorf Conference. We are here this lovely morning in the hopes of creating lasting relationships with our fellow European nations. Before we begin, I'd like to briefly talk about the newly finished Bernhard Conference Center. Named after the first monarch of the then Kingdom, this Center is designed to house meetings between leaders and organizations both foreign and domestic. The Bernhard Center is the first "green" building in Dusseldorf featuring plant life throughout its infrastructure and a garden on its roof. Drawing inspiration from our friends in Pax Aurea, Rhine Ruhr will continue the provide incentive to those that pursue green technologies that are safe for both the environment and the consumer.

    I am hoping that during the course of this conference that Rhine Ruhr will strengthen its existing bonds with Iyori and establish a working cooperation with our neighbors to the northeast and to our south. In addition to greater cultural ties between our nations, I too look to expand the membership of the Tokyo Economic Accord which was signed by both Iyori and Rhine Ruhr earlier this year. I now open the conference floor to the other dignitaries in attendance today so that they may introduce themselves and highlight what they hope to achieve over the course of this meeting."_

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    "Hello Nations, Delegations, Heads of State, I'd first like to thank Fredrick Jeffery President of The Hipster Republic of Rhine Ruhr for calling together this conference. We, the Federated Commonwealth of the United Planet, come here with one simple goal, to strengthen and build upon existing relations that can last for multiple generations. Also I am not a Crook."

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    "I wish to thank the President of the Hipster Republic of Rhine ruhr for organizing this conference."

    "The New Union looks forward to build an good diplomatic relationship with its neighboring countries.
    We are looking forward to achieve common goals, as: law and order, economy, diplomatic cooperation, etc."

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    Premier Shinji Kimino stood up and gave in his contribution. ?It is with a great pleasure that I find myself in the Capital of Dusseldorf surrounded by my peers of my most prestigiousneighbours. THe Tokyo Economic Accords have and will be most beneficial to both Rhine Ruhr and Iyori, and I hope to extend the same benefits to the rest of the nations represented here today, this agreement will provide a perfect basis, of free movement of our peoples, our capital and our goods and services in the future, hopefully to the point of a possible common market.?

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  • _"We all live in an area that I like to call 'European Union's Forgotten Region'. There are the economic and military powers to our south and southeast, and there is the political center of European Union to our west. Although we lye in what I consider to be the heart of the region, there is no distinguishing factor or influence coming out of our area. This is what I want to change more than anything else. Contributing to the problem is the lack of dialogue and cooperation between the nations that inhabit the local region.

    The first way of improving our nations together that I'd like to discuss is economic integration. Iyori, The United Planet, and Rhine Ruhr each have significant economies, yet until recently, we were not active in one another's marketplace. If we further engage and integrate our economies, we will all benefit in a system I like to call "Together to the Top". The New Union, at current, houses a developing economy reliant on domestic trading and few exports. By joining the sub-regional marketplace, The New Union could potentially see massive growth in a relatively short amount of time. Rhine Ruhr and The United Planet could increase trade along the coastal cities of the body of water that we share_ ((OOC: I had been calling it Freedom Lake, but I'm definitely open for other suggestions)). Such trade would ease and cheapen the process of getting goods to any one of our nations."

  • "Are yes, indeed, on the topic of trade co-operation between the United Planet and Rhine Ruhr, we do also share a land border in the south eastern State of Halifax which has a neighboring State (Los Almos) which has in it the second most populous city in the United Planet (Sunset City). There is a major Rail link between Sunset City and the Rhine Ruhrian Border Town. I would suggest connecting them to Rhine Ruhr's Rail Networks as a start."

    "Also on the topic of the White Sea (OOC: The body of water's official name I think.) A trade route should be designated from Sunset City to Rhine Ruhr's preferred port."

  • _"The New Union is open to negotiate any tade agreement, to give the state of Rhine Ruhr open acces to our ports in the Black sea.
    But we would also want an easy connection with our two islands in the Ivory teretorium, with an garentee for a secure transit between our nations."

    "We also suggest to organize an union/league between our nations to open an stronger dialogue with the strong political states in the west and military states in the east." (OOC: like the Benelux)."

    "But the first stap is indeed economy, so we are open for any trade agreements."_

  • Rhine Ruhr was both a major port and rail center in the city of Hamm located at our northeast border with The United Planet. If we connect our trade routs to Hamm and Sunset City, we would streamline trade and decrease transportation costs. As for connecting Rhine Ruhr to the Black Sea and The New Union to its enclaves, I believe that the Tokyo Economic Accord would instantly open up our borders to one another. This treaty too would give our citizens access to one another's economies. In addition to linking some our our trade infrastructure, the Accord too would connect Rhine Ruhr to The United Planet. The Tokyo Economic Accord was drafted a few months ago in Iyori and has since been signed by both myself and Premier Shinji Kimino.

    The Tokyo Economic Accord


    The parties to this treaty, seeking stronger economic and cultural ties between their people, acknowledging the benefits of trade and the free movement of capital and labor, striving for increased cooperation, and respecting the sovereignty of each nation and the rule of local law, have agreed to the following treaty establishing the Tokyo Economic Accord.

    Article 1 - Parties to this Agreement

    Section 1

    The parties of this agreement are the nations of The Common Market of Iyori and The Hipster Republic of Rhine Ruhr.

    Section 2

    Additional states may become parties of this agreement as long as they border any existing member state, all existing member states consent, and demonstrates the ability and commitment to comply to the terms and condition of this Accord.

    Article 2 - Movement of Goods and Capital

    Section 1

    Parties to this treaty agree to the free movement of goods and capital among member states.

    Section 2

    Member states shall allow nationals and corporations from other treaty states to have equality of investment in their nation. This includes the right to purchase bond assets, as well as the freedom to incorporate and establish business operations subject to matching regulations as domestic corporations and individuals. All individuals and corporations shall be free to allocate financial assets among party nations.

    Section 3

    No member to this treaty shall disproportionally tax or regulate the sale of goods from another party state to domestic taxing and regulating of equivalent goods.

    Section 4

    No party to this agreement may encourage the "dumping" of goods in another's market. For the purpose of this clause "dumping" refers to the sale of goods under market value in another marketplace for the purpose of eliminating competition and gaining market share in the pursuit of exercising market and pricing power in the future.

    Article 3 - Movement of Persons and Labor

    Section 1

    Any law abiding citizen of a party nation has the right to move either temporarily or permanently between the member nations of this treaty.

    Section 2

    Each member of this agreement shall allow individuals from another member state to enter without entry clearance upon the presentation of clearly valid evidence of identity and nationality of a member state.

    Section 3

    Each party to this agreement will guarantee the same economic protection to all nationals from other member nations permanently residing in its borders as it does its own citizens.

    Effectiveness of The Tokyo Economic Accord

    Section 1

    The Accord shall take effect once both the initial governments ratify and sign the treaty according to their respective legal and constitutional processes.

    Section 2

    Nothing in this treaty shall pre-empt European Union law. In the scenario of incompatibility, member states shall comply with the supreme regional law whilst acting to the fullest reasonable extent to comply with the original intent of the Accord.

    I suggest a minor recess so that you can view and interpret the treaty. Feel free to discuss the treaty among your delegations before making a decision. I have a panel of experts available as well if you have any questions regarding the economic accord. Once we reconvene, we may begin to move onto other topics including, but not limited to the league that Prime Minister Samuel AkA suggested.

  • 'The New Union parlement has voted FOR this treaty, after that the Prime minister has send it to The New Union capital.'

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    The Prime minister has no reason for rejecting the treaty, so he will sign the treaty if all other nations will approve ...

  • The Tokyo Economic Accord Ratification Act was introduced by the National Government into the House of Commons. It is passed with bi-partisan support, however it was met with some opposition in the House of Commons.

    Some nationalists where wary about the provisions of Article 3, seeing as a method of "the globalist left" of causing potential immigration and ethnic conflict.

    The Treaty was still ratified in the House of Commons.

    Governing Parties
    Progressives voting FOR - 1210
    Progressives voting AGAINST - 2
    Progressives abstaining - 6

    Greens voting FOR - 241
    Greens voting AGAINST - 0
    Greens abstaining - 0

    Opposition Parties
    Conservatives voting FOR - 864
    Conservatives voting AGAINST - 158
    Conservatives abstaining - 130

    Liberals voting FOR - 157
    Liberals voting AGAINST - 0
    Liberals abstaining - 1

    Members of Parliament voting FOR - 2472
    Members of Parliament voting AGAINST - 160
    Members of Parliament abstaining - 137
    Requires a majority of non-abstaining members (1317) to pass.

    In the House of Independence it was met from little opposition, it ended up passing unanimously 999-0-0.

    President Ricky Gervais singed and ratified the Act and made the Tokyo Economic Accord Law, which comes into effect on seventh day from it's membership being verified by the countries of the Hipster Republic of Rhine Ruhr and the Common Market of Iyori.

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  • For the next phase of this Conference, I would like to discuss defense. As of current, Rhine Ruhr is the only military strength in our neighborhood and we really don't even stack up to the larger nations in the region. Now Rhine has plans to further extend its military, but then again it is not really our responsibility to protect our friends and neighbors. What I propose is that we all increase our military strength which will protect us all from rouge regimes and hostile groups. I do have some ideas about increasing cooperation between our law enforcement and intelligence agencies, but first I'd like to see where you all sit in regards to increasing defensive forces.

    ((OOC: The United Planet has given itself too little ICs in its warlist and The New Union has given itself too many ICs. I'm willing to help any of you (including Iyori) out with your warlists if you would like it.))

  • ((OOC: I also based my IC's on my current governement spendings in nationstates 15% military spending, But help is always welcome happy.gif,))

    The New Union's opinion relating military defense is that not all the nations need to have an all to large army. We wouldn't like to increase any military forces.

    "The fact is that nations with a large army always will get into a conflict."

    "The New Union's army is large enough to defend the country but not large enough to conquer a country"

    What we propose to do is that we create an shared army (UN-army), So that we can share the costs and we can not get into conflict with one another.
    We can create an military organization NBTO (Northern Black sea Treaty Organisation)

    Resolution proposal:


    The Dusseldorf military agreement


    The parties to this treaty, seeking defense and security? between the nations,
    acknowledging the benefits of an shared or common army, striving safety and respecting the sovereignty of each nation. have agreed to the following treaty establishing the Dusseldorf? Millitary Accord.

    Article 1 - Parties to this Agreement

    Section 1

    The parties of this agreement are the nations of The Common Market of Iyori, The Hipster Republic of Rhine Ruhr, The Federated Commonwealth of The United Planet and The Federation of The New Union.

    Section 2

    Additional states may become parties of this agreement as long as they border any existing member state, all existing member states consent, and demonstrates the ability and commitment to comply to the terms and condition of this Accord.

    Article 2 - National Military

    Section 1

    Parties to this treaty agree to have an strong national military equivalent to the national economy.

    Section 2

    Member States remain free in relation to national security.

    Section 3

    No member to this treaty shall perform military operation within the borders of other members.

    Article 3 ? International Military

    Section 1
    All Member States must support with a financial budget equivalent to the national economic strength of the States. All citizens of the participating Member States may join the international military.

    Section 2
    The International army will be led by all the appointed representative of defense of the participating nations.

    Section 3
    The International army cannot be used by attacking any member state.

    Effectiveness of The Dusseldorf Accord

    Section 1

    The Accord shall take effect once all the initial governments ratify and sign the treaty according to their respective legal and constitutional processes.

    Section 2

    Nothing in this treaty shall pre-empt European Union law. In the scenario of incompatibility, member states shall comply with the supreme regional law whilst acting to the fullest reasonable extent to comply with the original intent of the Accord.

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    "The United Planet's Budget for the Federal Department of Defense currently stands at 4%, we do have plans to increase this to around 7%, but we would have to first consult with the opposition because our coalition partner the Greens and some members of my own party will be against such a move."

    "However it is worth mentioning that there no current military threats on our borders and can mentioning yours."

    "On The Dusseldorf military agreement.."
    ((OOC: Might as well name it accord for consistency and I think it sounds better))

    "..we believe that it should also include something on the topic of co-operation and sharing of intelligence and information between the states and we believe certain parts of this proposal are to vague and open to interpretation."
    ((OOC: Article 2, Section 1 and Article 3, Section 1))

    "I would also like to hear other delegates views on the agreement."