FIFA World Club Cup - First Leg

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    [size=6](Pitch side commentator) Welcome to the magnificent setting of the Queen Georgiana stadium, where a capacity crowd of 90,000, await the first leg of the FIFA World Club Cup, between
    Gunners FC (British Isles) and the European Union Dream Team.

    This match is brought to you by BITV and screened with the permission of BIFA and UEFA. Our match sponsors today are Emirates Airlines and Ford.

    So let?s have a quick word with the studio panel about today?s game.

    (Studio panel) Gary Lineker I am joined today by two legends of the game, Sir Bobby Charlton and Michael Platini. Welcome gentlemen, straight to you Sir Bobby, Home leg for the Gunners, might the pressure get to them?

    Sir Bobby Quite the opposite I suspect. They are a well drilled outfit and relish the big occasion. Here they have a partisan crowd behind them, it will be like ahome game at their own ground.

    Gary Lineker And the EU, Michael, a Dream Team that haven?t played much together, how will they fare?

    Michael Platini They know each other so well from their encounters in the EU and they recognise the importance of representing their region and I expect them to give a good account of themselves.

    Gary Lineker Thanks for those thoughts, its time to soak up some atmosphere, so I hand you over to our Match Commentator, the one and only John Motson!

    (Overview of the pitch)_John Motson_Thank you Gary and what an arena to play football in. the ground staff have prepared a perfect paying surface, the crowd is awash with colour and we are being entertained by the band of the Royal Marines.

    And the noise level goes up a few decibels as the teams come out on to the pitch.
    You can see the spectacle from the Asamaida Biofuels blimp overhead.

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    And here come the two teams lead out by their Captains.
    Lets quickly run through the two line ups

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    A formation that has served them well in the Premier League. They will look to get the ball wide and then into the area as quickly as possible. The central midfield will a have a key role today, trying to set the tempo of the game and break up EU moves. The defence is solid and the two full backs will look to push on as often as they can.

    Now the EU line up

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    Its a very flexible formation that provides a solid defence that can then transform into attack as the two wing backs push up. An impressive looking midfield will certainly test the Gunners and look to dictate the game. Up front the lone striker will look for support whenever he can and be ably supported by the skilful attacking midfielder behind him.

    We are getting closer to kick off here. So lets here the National Anthems

    (Stadium Announcer) Honoured Guests, ladies and Gentlemen, please be upstanding and pay proper respect for the anthem of the European Union.

    EU anthem

    Impeccably observed!

    Now the anthem of the British Isles

    God Save the King

    Magnificent and stirring! The teams break onto the pitch. The toss was done in the tunnel and the British Isles will kick off. The two captains come together and exchange pennants. The referee checks all is ready with lineman?s. Oldenburg and Podolski stand over the ball waiting for the whistle

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    ????and we are underway! Lets enjoy Gunners FC v EU Dream team

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    Keiron Gibbs produces a cross that is easily dealt with by John Squires

    The assistant referee signals for offside against Xavi Zarco. Ardboe Eire takes the free kick for the BI.

    The assistant referee signals for offside against Terenziano Thesauros. Sam Kudrow takes the indirect free kick.

    Early EU pressure on the centre of the Gunners defence here.

    Foul by Ardboe Eire on Milos Kaayin, free kick awarded. Free kick taken by john Squires

    The referee blows for offside against Tem Bristak. Free kick taken by The Apostate

    The assistant referee signals for another offside against Tem Bristak.
    The Apostate restarts play with the free kick.

    The ball is delivered by Mikel Arteta, makes a clearance Vito Marcos.

    Centre by Santi Carzola, another assured clearance by Vito Marcos.

    Andrea Pirlo produces a cross, Kieron Gibbs gets a block in.
    Shot on goal by Xavi Zarco from just inside the area goes over the target.

    Jack Wilshire spins on the edge of the area takes a shot. Routine save made by John Squires.

    Jack Wilshire gives away a free kick for an unfair challenge on Silvio Sloan. Xavi Zarco delivers the ball, Nicolaus Beumers takes a shot. Sam Kudrow gets a block in.
    Inswinging corner taken by Tem Bristak from the right by-line, Ganni Bristak takes a shot that goes narrowly wide.

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    Goal - Xavi Zarco finds the back of the net with a headed goal from close in from a cross supplied by Silvio Sloan. Gunners FC 0 EU Dream Team 1

    A cross is delivered by Drogo Rovigatti, Mark Black makes a clearance. Foul by Sam Kudrow on Terenziano Thesauros, free kick awarded. Nicolaus Beumers restarts play with the free kick.

    Free kick awarded for a foul by Ardboe Eire on Terenziano Thesauros. Andrea Pirlo takes the free kick.
    EU good value for their lead at this stage. They are creating more chances. Gunners need to get their wingers more involved and ask questions of the EU wing-backs.

    The ball is crossed by Tem Bristak, Xavi Zarco takes a shot from just inside the penalty box which clears the crossbar.

    The ball is sent over by Drogo Rovigatti, Sam Kudrow makes a clearance.

    Mikel Arteta is adjudged to have handled the ball. Shot on goal comes in from Ganni Bristak from the free kick, Mark Black gets a block in.

    Andrea Pirlo takes the outswinging corner, clearance by Luis Podolski.
    Tem Bristak takes a shot. Jack Wilshire gets a block in.

    25:34 user posted image
    Goal ? Lord Oldenburg scores from just outside the box to the top right corner of the goal following excellent work on the right by von Richthofen. Gunners FC 1 EU Dream Team 1

    A great piece of wing play brings the equalisier but it was against the run of play.

    Von Richthofen concedes a free kick for a foul on Vito Marcos.
    Free kick taken by Milos Kaayin sails high and wide.

    Ganni Bristak has a headed effort at goal from just inside the area that misses to the right of the BI goal.

    A furious scramble in the EU box ends with an effort on goal by Sami Cazorla from inside the penalty area which goes harmlessly over the bar.

    Foul by Mark Black on Silvio Sloan, free kick awarded. Free kick taken by Drogo Rovigatti, comes to nothing.

    38:22 user posted image
    Goal - Ganni Bristak gets on the score sheet with a goal from inside the box to the bottom left corner of the goal.
    Gunners FC 1 EU Dream Team 2

    Silvio Sloandelivers the ball, Terenziano Thesauros sticks out at foot and forces a point blank save of the highest order from The Apostate.

    Effort from the edge of the area by Sam Kudrow strikes the EU?s right-hand upright and goes out of play.

    45:00 +2:02
    Effort on goal by Mikel Arteta from just outside the penalty area goes harmlessly over the target.

    45:00 +2:24 user posted image

    Half Time The players leave the pitch at half time
    Gunners FC 1 EU Dream Team 2

    (Studio)Gary Lineker Well chaps a fair scoreline?
    Sir Bobby Yes and it could be more for the EU, They have been the better team and brought everyone into the game. The Gunners have two wingers getting nothing to work with, indeed the only time they got the play out wide, they scored!
    Michael Platini The EU will be very pleased with that first half performance, they were able to control the game for long periods and stamped their authority on the game. The Gunners need to close down the EU midfield if they are to stand a chance of getting back in the game.

    Gary Lineker Work to do for the British Isles Champions then. both sides coming back onto the pitch and perhaps surprisingly, no changes for either side. Lets re-join John Motson for the second half.

    The referee gets the second half underway.

    A cross is delivered by Drogo Rovigatti, long clearance by Sam Kudrow finds Matthias von Richthofen who is ruled offside. Indirect free kick taken by John Squires.
    Inswinging corner taken from the left by-line by Sami Cazorla, manages to make a commanding clearance.

    Unfair challenge on Nicolaus Beumers by Jack Wilshire results in a free kick. Free kick taken by Milos Kaayin is wasted.

    Vito Marcos produces a cross, Tem Bristak takes a shot. Save by The Apostate, falls to Xavi Zarco, magnificent last-ditch challenge by Mark Black prevents a certain goal.

    The ball is sent over by Tem Bristak. Headed behind by Kieron Gibbs. Outswinging corner taken from the right by-line by Andrea Pirlo finds Xavi Zarco, Lord Oldenburg makes a great challenge to help out his over-stretched defence.
    EU still on top, surely the Gunners have to think about substitutions?

    Free kick awarded for an unfair challenge on Sam Kudrow by Silvio Sloan. The free kick is swung in right-footed by Mikel Arteta, Milos Kaayinmakes a firm clearance.

    61:07 user posted image
    Substitution (Gunners FC) make a substitution, with Theo Walcott coming on Santo Cazorla going off. Looks like a formation change with Walcott going to the right and von Richthofen tucking in behind the front two.

    Kieron Gibbs fouled by Terenziano Thesauros, the ref awards a free kick. Matthias von Richthofen crosses the ball, Ardboe Eire takes a shot from inside the six-yard box clearing the crossbar. Better play from the Gunners!

    Unfair challenge on Tem Bristak by Theo Walcott results in a free kick. Direct free kick taken by Mikel Arteta whisltles past the left hand EU post.

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    Substitution Olivier Giroud comes on in place of Luis Podolski

    72:07 user posted image
    Substitution Xavi Zarco goes off and Victor Moses comes on.
    Bit of a surprise that, Zarco has been the EU's best player, he must a have a knock?

    Olivier Giroud takes a shot. Milos Kaayin gets a block in. Corner taken right-footed by Matthias von Richthofen from the right by-line, clearance made by Andrea Pirlo.

    Corner taken right-footed by Jack Wilshire to the near post, Vito Marcos manages to make a clearance. Unfair challenge on Mark Black by Victor Moses results in a free kick. Free kick taken by Lord Oldenburg, hits the cross-bar!.

    Free kick awarded for a foul by Victor Moses on Sam Kudrow. Olivier Giroud takes the free kick which goes harmlessly wide

    78:18 user posted image
    Free kick awarded for a foul by Ardboe Eire on Terenziano Thesauros. Ardboe Eire booked.

    79:41 user posted image
    Goal ? Matthias von Richthofen finds the net after a mazy run just outside the penalty area.
    Gunners FC 2 EU Dream Team 2

    The ball is swung over by Mark Black, Lord Oldenburg takes a shot. Blocked by Andrea Pirlo.

    A free kick is delivered left-footed by Drogo Rovigatti from right channel, clearance made by Sam Kudrow.

    90:00 +4:16

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    The referee blows for the end of the match. [/size]
    Gunners FC 2 EU Dream Team 2

    (Studio)A draw sets up an intriguing 2nd leg in the EU next weekend. the visitors may feel that they let this one get away but the Gunners hung on in and their persistence bore fruit late in the game.

    Join us all next week!

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    **The European Union would like to thank
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    The European Commissioner for Foreign Affairs would like to thank the British Isles for the exiting game; the British Isles Football Association for the very good organization; the European football players for their wonderful match; you for watching and welcomes everyone for the second leg, here, in the European Union!**

    ((The post was written by the BIFA and split since there were too many images))

  • BIFA wishes to thank the EU for the support in setting up this exciting sporting event.

    We look forward to the 2nd Leg with great interest!

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  • The UAEF congratulate BIFA on a well hosted match of the first leg of the Club World Cup.

    We look forward meeting again for the 2nd leg in Marrakechia at the 80,000 capacity stadium Grand Stade de Marrakech.

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    Gunners FC, arrive in the European Union ahead of tomorrow's FIFA World Club Cup 2nd Leg.

    Their manager said "We are aware of just how good the EU Dream Team are after the 1st leg and we have come here to show how good we can be too. It should be a cracking game!"

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