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    The Internal Commission is pleased to observe the government of Davishire's continued commitment towards normal relations with the rest of the European Union, and is equally pleased to see progress in that regard, namely through the European Parliament and European Commission Act that took effect at the start of this month. In the interests of further development in our regional relations, however, I would like to announce openly a certain set of conditions that we believe Davishire must eventually meet before it can be considered a full player, a normal member, in the European Union. Though progress has been good, elements of both the Government of Davishire Act and the aforementioned European Parliament and European Commission Act continue to worry me as Internal Commissioner.

    The conditions I would like to see achieved in Davishire are as follows:

    • Recognition of the Constitution of the European Union
    • Recognition of decisions of the ENAA as binding, and not merely 'advisory'
    • Recognition of decisions of the ECoJ as binding, and not merely 'advisory'
      It is my firm belief that only through these three provisions will Davishire be truly considered a full and equal player on the regional stage, since there remain concerns about Davishire's government dismissing and ignoring important European mandates, in particular decrees of the ENAA, on the grounds that they are only considered 'advisory'. Accepting the binding nature of the ENAA and ECoJ, and granting legal recognition to the regional Constitution, will be a small step that shall not interfere with Davishire's day-to-day national sovereignty, but will signal a constructive and committed attitude to regional relations on the part of Davishire's government. A further note I would like to make is that Davishire need not recognise European Commission 'directives', since the Commission has no such legislative powers - however, a commitment to not impeding the European Commission's executive duties as and when they apply to Davishire would be another constructive step.

    I hope that the government of Davishire seriously considers, and adopts, these proposals, in the spirit of the healthy relationship that Europolis and Davishire are trying to build, and that in a similar spirit certain elements on the European stage who take a somewhat hawkish stance towards Davishire would applaud such a move and accept Davishire as part of our community.

  • The Imperial Government appreciates the comments made by the Internal Commissioner and has taken the advice which has been given. As a consequence the Prime Minister, David Cameron, has enacted the following pieces of legislation through an Imperial Decree Amendment. The amendments can be found within the European Parliament and Commission Act and will be coming into force from 23:59 on the 1st June.

    The amendments include;

    -Formally recognising the European Constitution stating that Davishire shall abide by and enforce its measures
    -That the European Parliament and Commission Act overrides all previously passed government legislation including the government of Davishire act and the Davishire sovereignty act. This also deals with any issues arising the powers of the ECoJ and the ENAA. (only the Govt of Davishire Act does state that its instructions are advisories, now overruled by the amendments).

    During its first sitting on the 15th June the Imperial Parliament will consider changing the status of the European Commission within Davishire, thus removing its status as equivalent to the Imperial Parliament and also re-enforcing our commitment as advised by the Internal Commissioner. This can only be done by the Imperial Parliament which is still in post election recess and will be opened formally on the 10th June with the European Commission situation being on the daily order for the 15th June.

    The Imperial Government welcomes all advice from the European Commission and will work forward to improve our relationship with the region in the future.

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    I would like to enquire as to Davishire's progress as regards recognising the status of the European Commission within its nation, and I would also like to encourage the government of Davishire to specifically define what it would consider as "threaten[ing] the national security of the Imperial Commonwealth." Moreover, I would be very much assured if the clause in the European Parliament and European Commission Act entitled "Other EU Organisations" were clarified, so as to specifically refer to the European Court of Justice and institutions established by European Union legislation, rather than merely "other organisations within the European Union," and also to stress the binding nature of decrees issued by such organisations.

    I would like to praise the Davishire government for its good faith in this process of normalisation so far, and hope that it understands the desire of many elements within the European Union that where we stand be expressed as clearly as possible.

  • All of the amendments which you have stated were passed by the Imperial Parliament on the 16th June 2013. Our legislation records department has since amended the legislation.

    May I also inform the Internal Commissioner that the Imperial Parliament did recently pass a bill allowing free movement and entry to Davishire applying to all European Union citizens.

    We look forward to working further with the European Union.

    Cllr. Hughs

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    I would like to applaud the further steps taken by Davishire on 16th June. However, I remain concerned by the definition of 'threatening national security'. Though one understanda the sentiment, 'threaten[ing] the continuance of the Imperial state' remains fundamentally vague, and the example given (nuclear war) inspires no confidence in Davishire's intention to abide by adverse ENAA rulings, given the implausibility of a Council act or ECoJ ruling mandating nuclear war on Davishire. It would be a great and all but final step forward were Davishire to refer to specifics, such as an act or ruling mandating the dissolution or capitulation of the Imperial state.

  • Having discussed that with my Prime Minister the Imperial Cabinet has elected to change the wording of the act which has now been changed.

    (OOC- I will change the wording on the actual piece of legislation on ns within the next few days.)

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    I'd like to say that after the recent amendment to the 'overall' section of the EPECA, I am satisfied with Davishire's legal and Constitutional recognition of the European Union, and would like to thank Davishire's government for its patience and its willingness to work with the Commission over this process.

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