World Environment Day

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    World Environment Day

    June 5th

    Ladies and gentlemen, fellow ALDGE members and party representatives, dearest friends,

    Today we, the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for a Green Europe, celebrate the international World Environment Day. This is a day dedicated to our common environment and its shared challenges; a day to raise awareness on the issues that continue to pose a threat to the ecological well-being of our planet, and find new ways to work together for an environmentally sustainable national and regional development.

    We in the ALDGE are acutely aware of the many crucial and grave dangers that human action presents to nature every day, and by joining this europarty, have declared our intentions of preventing a dystopic future of a global environmental disaster. Yet today, I would like to ask you all to speak not of the ill, but of the good: the encouraging examples of what dedication and perseverance on the field of green politics have achieved in our region.

    My fellow ALDGE members, I would ask you all to say a few inspiring and motivating words about the bright and positive examples of the work the government or non-government organizations in your homeland have done for the environment over the past year.

    May these examples encourage all nations and governments to aim for equally ambitious ecological goals -- and even surpass them!

    Livia Arcturus
    Party President

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    Os Corelia has always been supportive of measures to reduce climate change and create a reduction in CO2 emissions. Most cities in Os Corelia promote a state run car share service where neighbours are encouraged to only use one car if they are travelling in the same direction. This has proven successful and has grown communities as neighbours are interacting with each other more. Os Corelia also has a mass bike lane system that by 2020 will connect the entire country in a bike network. The lanes have underground heating to melt ice in bad weather.

    Another scheme is that we actively encourage companies to have arrangements with state bus services where they can buy passes for their workers at a reduced rate and in turn receive a tax incentive from the local government.

    Most cities have a supertram system or a metro service that is state regulated. The train connections are growing and we plan to work on a high speed line with minimal environmental impact.

    All in all Os Corelia has en ever growing an successful green transportation netowrk we are proud of.

    Lord Khayn Krimtak
    Os Corelius Party ALDGE Rperesentative

  • One of the greatest achievements in the Aurean politics has been, in my opinion, the general acceptance of the importance of green values. Though we have a predominantly green party ? the Green Alliance ? nearly all other parties emphasize, more or less, ecological issues in their party programs. Going green isn't only a good way to guarantee success: scoffing on environmental topics tends to quickly become a political suicide. At the moment, there isn't a single Senator who's vocally sceptical about the climate change, for example.

    This consensus about the gravity of ecological caretaking has blessed us with a fertile environment, pun intended, to pursue our goals ? although, it has to be said, the methods on how to achieve this or that goal tend to vary from party to party. On 2012, several major steps were taken, and I'd like to present some of them to you here. I may sound biased, but a good amount of credit goes to the then-Prime Minister Gaius Proctus, Minister of Environment and Energy Diana Balerianus, and the late President Julia Glorius, who also served as Minister of Environment prior to her two terms in the Presidential Palace.

    The state of the oceans is crucial to our islandbound nation. To our great satisfaction, we've managed to cut back our industrial, agricultural, and naval traffic based pollution load of the seas by 5% from the numbers of 2011. This is a continuing trend, and we've managed a total of 28% cutbacks from the pollution levels of the year 2000. The government program ?Mare Nostrum?, started on 2000 by Julia Glorius, seeks to reduce this load to 50% of the 2000 numbers by 2016. It's an ambitious goal, but a realistic, if we continue to invest in new green innovations, production methods, and cleantech. I can't speak about our eco-friendly achievements without mentioning the AORIST program and its contributions to this encouraging development.

    One of the human footprints in the oceans is the increased acidity. Among other things, this threatens the well-being of coral reefs and various species of crustaceans and shellfish. As you all know, coral reefs form one the most complex and diverse ecosystems on the planet. Despite all the precautions Pax Aurea has taken, the reefs of our national waters have also been damaged by the raised acidity levels of the Atlantic Ocean. Thanks to a government initiative, however, we've successfully managed to halt the shrinking of 16 coral reefs, out of 19, and in the case of 6, we've actually seen a small amount of growth! This is mostly due to replantation of corals to restore the already damaged reefs with artificially farmed corals. We've also created several ocean preserves to protect these priceless underwater treasures.

    Meanwhile, the emissions from naval traffic have dropped approximately 10% from the levels of 2011. This is an even more pleasing achievement than the overall reduction of our national load on the oceans, since naval traffic is so critical to the dispersed geography of Pax Aurea. We can mostly thank more fuel-efficient ships, new algae-based biofuels, and shipwright design innovations. Again, the AORIST deserves a mention.

    On the air, we've subsidized the growth of modern airship industry as a viable alternative to much more pollutant airplane traffic.

    On the ground level, alternate forms of commuting continue to increase their popularity as opposed to private cars. An efficient public transportation network is seen as a matter of life and death when it comes to urban development. New bike lanes carry cyclists over the streets and parks through the metropolises. On our isles where distances tend to be much smaller than on the continent, electric cars are a smart choice, and taxation also favour them over those that utilize fossil fuels.

    Not an acre of rainforest was cleared in 2012. Despite the shortage of cultivated farmland, the government has decided to continue its strict preservation of the still existing rainforests in the African and Caribbean provinces. Instead, investments have focused on supporting the urban farming and aquaculture projects.

    Nadira Orcello
    Councillor of Pax Aurea
    Party Representative of the Liberal Center Party (LCP)

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