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    Hello and welcome to the Inquista Lounge, I'm your host Tyler Graceffa. It's that special time again, yes that's right, its election season in the European Union. The Commissioners have been hard at work for almost 4 months now and it's time to head back to the polls. For the next few weeks, the Inquista lounge will be your place to find the latest news, interviews, pictures and coverage of the 2013 June/July Commission elections. We will have many interviews and reports right her in our live studio, the Inquista Lounge. You'll get to hear from the candidate themselves, as well as other experts and commentators. We'll be sure to cover all sides of the political spectrum and bring all opinions to the forefront.

    The Inquistan Lounge is sponsored by IBC News, but is in no way shape or form affiliated to the views or opinions expressed by the people on this show.

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    Mikaela Kligenberg Gets Chatty About the UEC
    June 24th, 2013

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    Tyler Graceffa talks to the Inquistan Queen Bee live in the Inquista Lounge. Mikaela talks about her resignation, the future of the UEC, the UEC Candidates and the UEC's "negative" image.

    Tyler: Mikaela, it's great to have you on the show! I was worried that the Inquista Lounge would be some Friday night cable show, but once I heard you'd be our first guest I knew that my career hadn't taken the turn for the worst!

    Mikaela: *chuckles* Well what can I say, I guess you owe me one? I'll gladly collect some royalties from the show.

    Tyler: *laughs* No, no, you don't need to take more money from people. Not after you collected your Dad's inheritance.

    Mikaela: ?

    Tyler: *realising how offensive his comment was* Right, now unto the interview! So, are we expecting you to run for the Commission again? We were all shocked and saddened to see you resign earlier this year.

    Mikaela: Unfortunately no, I won't be running again. I'm sorry that I had to cut my term so short. There were tons of great sales and savings going on at the best Inquistan boutiques and I simply couldn't pass them up in order to hang around in a dirty desert like Dromund Kaas. It was sooo boring too.

    Tyler: Well, Peter Montfort has since replaced you. How do you feel about him and what's your take on the current Commissions tenure?

    Mikaela: Peter is very bright and intelligent. We get a long quite well. We see eye-to-eye on most issues and I was glad to find out that he would be the one to take over my office. I liked the direction he wanted to point Internal Affairs in. With that being said, the current Commission has probably been the worst since the likes of Christiane Vooleeck. Barley any progress has been made by the Commissioners and so many promises were let down. I'm glad that I wasn't around for most of it, but I still wish I had been there to make a difference. I was aware of this slow progress and it frustrated me. That's why I decided to spend my time getting a bargain at a Gucci or Prada instead.

    Tyler: IBC set up a poll in which they asked viewers to rank all 13 Commissions based on popularity and effectiveness. In a surprise upset, Commission 13 was ranked the second lowest, next to Commission 3.

    Mikaela: Wow. I wouldn't necessarily agree with the viewers there, but wow.

    Tyler: But the past is the past. We shouldn't focus on what's behind us. It's the future we should be looking forward to! So let's get talking about the UEC. Since you won't be running, what's your take on the current candidates?

    Mikaela: Good question. I'd like to begin by congratulating the UEC for becoming more organised and for holding these sub elections to determine their candidates. It really saddened me last election how the UEC had become so divided because some of the candidates got ahead of themselves and completely disregarded the party.

    I've already talked a bit about Peter Montfort and I do see him as the strongest candidate coming out of the UEC. So much so, I could see him as the next Premier. But the other two candidates, Augustus Barrington of Inimicus and Blair Von Schroeder of Red Croatia are the two dark horses of the race. But this is no mere simple choice. The stake of the UEC's image is here. Let's get real and honest here. Tyler, would you say the UEC has a good image?

    Tyler: I'm really not supposed to state my opinion, but most people in most countries see the UEC as a bit of a looney crazy person party.

    Mikaela: Exactly. The UEC is shadowed by this sort of negative image. Especially since the events of the Marriage Recognition Act, in which the UEC came out the victors, but came out looking terrible. While I did not necessarily agree with the Act, the way the UEC handled it was quite poor. Their arguments and tones upset a lot of the other councillors and it gave a lot of Europeans a headache.

    Tyler: Okay, I get what you mean. But what are you trying to say?

    Mikaela: I was just about to get there, Tyler. Inimicus, and the politicians that usually come out of there, are perhaps the most conservative and controversial of UEC. While I did defend Inimicus, and I do believe that other nations did not respect them accordingly, choosing an Inimican candidate can doom the UEC. The UEC will be painted as the party that sides with the execution of environmentalists, promotes the killing of their own people, and all other sorts of far-right nonsense. The UEC has also another choice. Albeit she is rather unknown, Blair Von Schroeder is another possible contender. Red Croatia's Party of International Relations is possibly the most moderate UEC party out there and it could be the UEC's saving grace. Von Schroeder is more respected outside of the UEC and is much more likely to garner votes and be elected. She could also help the UEC shed its negative colours and become an important and respected player in European politics.

    Tyler: So basically the UEC has to choose between a conservative candidate that will represent the party for what it's been known for so far or it will take a more popular turn and pick a more centre-right candidate that will make the party less of a joke?

    Mikaela: Exactly.

    Tyler: This will be an interesting choice indeed. Thanks for coming to studio today Mikaela, it was a pleasure being able to talk to you. As always, this is Tyler Graceffa reporting from the Inquista Lounge, I'll see you next time.

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    Dominik Frank "Dissapointed" with the Last Commission
    July 1st, 2013

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    Tyler Graceffa catches up with former Premier and Commissioner Dominik Frank and they discuss why Frank is finished with politics, why he thinks Liszckoszi is a shadow of her former self, his thoughts on the latest Commission and why he isn't too sure that the next Commission will be successful, and of course, what's the secret about his cologne? We have all the insider details here.

    Tyler: Dominik it?s good to have you on the show. You were a highly requested guest believe it or not. What have you been up to in the past few months?

    Dominik: Not as much as I thought I would be. I spent the first month simply relaxing, sleeping in and enjoying a drink or two in the evening. After I got well rested, I took some time to volunteer at the old boys home where I grew up. It is now much nicer than it once was and apparently my interview on Orbis Terrarum last fall had something to do with it. Many Rhinians donated to the home so now it has state of the art appliances and furniture from this century. Lately however I've been spending my time in Dusseldorf as a consultant of President Jeffery's, but I won't be doing that for too much longer. I really want to get back to full time retirement.

    Tyler: I'll be quite honest ? a few of us here at the Inquista Lounge were surprised to hear that someone from Rhine Ruhr would be running for the commission and it wasn't you. Why did you decide to pass on the torch?

    Dominik: Because I'm done with politics. I never had intended to be a politician anyways, I think that's why I made such a good one. *Dominik chuckles* There is only so much of that lifestyle that one can take. Sure you manage to do some good, but after a while your failures and shortcoming start to eat at you. I didn't pass the torch, I caste it away.

    Tyler: However, Mrs. Liszckoszi returned to the Commission the next opportunity she could. What do you think about her latest Premiership? Is she a hero that has fallen from her grace, or merely a career politician? What do you think of her, overrated or underrated?

    Dominik: *Dominik sighs* I knew this question was coming. Maleeka was one of my closest political allies and we have a long history together, but she should have never returned from retirement. She proved that she still could hang with the best of them during the election. The way she campaigned and debated reminded us of the Maleeka Liszckoszi of old, but when the term started it seemed as if though she lacked the energy required for the job. I think she'll still be remembered in the history of the European Union, but this past term was more of a shadow behind a glorious career.

    Tyler: Some of Rhine Ruhr?s press was quite critical of the last Commission, not just of Mrs. Mrs. Liszckoszi. What are thoughts on each of the Commissioners and the Commission as a whole?

    Dominik: I would be a liar if I did not admit that I was disappointed by this last Commission. There was so much promise after such a lively election cycle, but that's where the excitement ended. The defining feature of this term is the unfulfilled promises of its Commissioners.

    I guess I shall begin with Premier Liszckoszi who promised just about everything under the sun. There was no open door policy nor were there the think tank strategies that had propelled prior Commissions to great success. No focus was had on environmental issues which is an ALDGE platform. There was an attempt to protect the region's oceans that failed, but no climate summit which was promised. The EACF are just now rolling out some of the Premier Commissioner's cultural initiatives, but there is no telling how far they will go. What did voters get instead of these promises? A month long trip to the Kaasian desert where no progress was made. The Premier was already an unpopular politician in many of the region's nations and its likely that nations like the Duxburian Union are less likely to work with the Commission. After the Dusseldorf Times article, the Premier just kinda faded.

    Felipe Gomez started the term with a bang and I must say he was by far the most accomplished Commissioner. He revolutionized the way we interact with our international friends and allies including a friendly match of futbol with our friends from the British Isles. On top of that, we saw new heights in the number of member nations and an unprecedented ascension rate. Of course his term would end like the rest of the Commission's term, quiet and without momentum.

    Susan Callaghan... not much to be said here. She started off the term by continuing the initiatives set forth by Livia Arcturus in the office of defense Commissioner, but ended up being stranded in the desert with the Premier and then Internal Affairs Commissioner. After that defining moment of time, the Commissioner spearheaded talks with Councillors about Cluster Munitions. This is a great conversation that needs to be had regionally, but as with all things this Commission, it ended with a whimper.

    Commissioner Bass found himself in a position that I myself have been in, but he got it much worse. He lost the Premiership and was placed in the Economics Office of the Commission. Despite such a brutally close election loss, Bass went strait to work on a budget. This budget proposal became the first ever European budget. However, the Commissioner did promise a series of reports concerning both the budget and regional economies which never came to fruition. He continued the Humanitarian Relief Fund talks, but the Council never got around to drafting legislation concerning it. I would say it was an average Commission term for someone with above average expectations.

    I don't even want to talk about Internal Affairs. It depresses me too much. What was once thought to be a promising Commission comprised of talented individuals turned out to be hollow and lifeless.

    **Tyler:**But let?s let the past be the past and move on. Candidates aren't exactly gunning for nominations in the past. What are your thoughts on the candidates that have declared their candidacy so far? These include Peter Montfort from Angleter, Blair Von Schroeder of red Croatia and Colleen Bennet from your own very own country, Rhine Ruhr. Be totally honest here it's not like you have an election to lose.

    Dominik: Peter Montfort had half a term to at least start something, but didn't. I guess that can be forgiven given the likely fatigue of back to back election cycles in such a short period of time. I'm not really familiar with either Blair Von Schroeder or Colleen Bennet. Blair seems to be a moderate and safe choice for the UEC, but we have never seen her on the regional stage. As for Ms. Bennet, I've only met her once. She is very direct and far more Rhinian when it comes to her disposition. An outspoken Rhinian woman, what more could European Union want?

    Tyler: Let's try to keep this one short, sweet and decisive. Do you think this next Commission will be effective?

    Dominik: Honestly... I'm not sure. We've witnessed a real hesitance by many politicians to run this time and I think it has to do with the trust lost between the Commission and the average EU citizen. Two of the three confirmed candidates are rather unknowns who may or may not be competent. Will they be better than Commission XIII, likely. But will they stack up to Commissions of the prior two years, probably not.

    Tyler: And finally, what is the cologne you use? Mikaela has quite the knack for it.

    Dominik: If I were to make such knowledge public, I'd risk losing the novelty of my scent. I don't want everyone to smell like I do, nor do I want to share Mikaela Kligenberg's fascination with me.

    Tyler: Well Dominik, it's been great hering from you again. Try not to fade away from the public eye completely. As always, this is Tyler Graceffa reporting from the Inquista Lounge, I'll see you next time.

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    Maleeka Liszckoszi Stands Up for Herself
    July 5th, 2013

    user posted image
    Tyler Graceffa talks to none other than the Empress of the European Union herself, Maleeka Liszckoszi. Maleeka talks about why she finally has decided to end her political career, why she thinks the critics don't know what they're talking about when picking apart her latest term, why Dromund Kaas was a failure and who was to blame, how to solve the ongoing war in Dromund Kaas, and isn't afraid to hold back on her opinions of the next Commission's nominees. It's all happening right here, in the Inquista Lounge.

    Tyler: Hello Maleeka and welcome to the show!

    *audience cheers*

    *Tyler laughs* As you can see, the people love you. It's such a pleasure to have you here. How are you?

    Maleeka: Good evening Tyler, it is always a pleasure to be in Inquista. We've been apart for too long and I'm glad to be back and on your show!

    Tyler: Thank you and that's great to hear. There were always rumours circulating around that you wouldn't run again for the European Union Commission, but what made you decide to finally put and end to your career? Why not finish your final term this time around instead of the ALDGE putting another nominee to replace you?

    Maleeka: Well Tyler, there comes a point when you have to balance your priorities. I have now served a grand duty of four commission terms. To be honest that's enough for me. I can safely say I won't be back. My son Hadrion is currently enjoying his engagement with someone who you all know, and I want to return to family life. I also am returning to my position in the Corelina county hall as a Countessa being an impartial adviser to the Senate on European Affairs. I was initially approached to stand again but I said enough was enough, time for a change. I felt like I had some unfinished business which sadly didn't get resolved and then nothing was keeping me in Europolis. Over the last few days I have helped in the ALDGE selection committee and have finalised candidates. We are more than excited to have Karolinasz running, she is a hard worker with commitment to key principles of human rights and will make a great commissioner.

    Tyler: It's good to hear you're still in good spirits, you will be dearly missed in Europolis. But let's talk about your last term for a bit here. Dominik Frank amongst others have criticised this Comission for perhaps being one of the worst in recent years. What do you think went wrong and what caused these beliefs?

    Maleeka: Well it's sad to see consistent attack on me by Rhinian press, I found it terribly counter productive, disrespectful to my position and insulting. Let's not forget the incredibly sexist headline 'Get to work Ladies' instantly placing our capabilities down to our genders. We went to Dromund Kaas to see the real situation untainted by the politics of the situation. We couldn't engage with the situation through the eyes of the Coalition of the Willing at first because they could have jaded what we saw. It was important to do what we did. A lot of Kaasians expressed that they felt they were being recognised by our presence there and that we were being respectful to them. Others weren't happy to see me, the unofficial symbol if you like of their imbalanced situation. I knew this was the case. I offered to open talks with the Coalition openly, nothing happened. We tried with DK the ball didn't get rolling, but it was better to have tried. The faith conference was highly successful and we also have the cultural archive approves by the EACF and onto the design and planning stage. These are great achievements the commission can be proud of. It wasn't a disaster, the failure was that people did not engage with us. I never once had Jaxson Marshall in my office, I had to hear Rhinian discontent form the press before their representatives. The council didn't really do anything at all during our term so we had l title to facilitate. Every commissioner did a great job and have things to be proud of and I stand by them all.

    Tyler: You mentioned Dromund Kaas and the Coalition of the Willing. Why has nothing been resolved yet and who do you think is to blame for it?

    Maleeka: Dromund Kaas is a situation entirely up to the parties involved now. We offered to facilitate talks and nobody took up the opportunity. I'd feel responsible for it but I don't regret any of my actions.

    Tyler: What do you think needs to happen?

    Maleeka: Well I think its a case of all parties involved sitting around a table bringing a swift resolution to the conflict. Then the perpetrators of war crimes should be sent to ECoJ for trial.

    **Tyler: ** Well I hope it gets resolved soon. Do you have any hopes for this next Commission? Can you also tell us a little more about the ALDGE candidates, since I know you were quite involved in the process of picking them.

    Maleeka: I think the most noticeable feature is that it will include a majority of new faces we've not seen before and you could argue that Peter Montford is newish. I think the new Commissioners are going to be on the front of tackling the new political shifts in Europe. The right has a dominance and is constantly blocking more sensible legislation. I have hopes that this Commission will reflect all political opinions and push for cooperation and we'll see progression. To tell you a bit more about Karolinasz, she is obviously a renowned Corelian gay rights activist but she is also shrewd and follows her way through without being offensive and engages those around her to achieve her goals. She is about conversational progression.

    **Tyler: ** And what's your opinion on all the other candidates?

    Maleeka: I am incredibly troubled by Colleen Bennet, she has been touted as the obvious choice for Premier but she comes across cocky and arrogant about her own capabilities. She seems obsessed on dwelling and condemning my commission and is making rather self-righteous statements implying that she's is here to save the Commission. On the flip side, I am incredibly delighted by Blair Von Shroeder, she has been incredibly attentive during the debate and although she is UEC she has demonstrated a sensitive tone and a willing to engage with other parties. I think she is the dark horse to take Premiership. If I was in the UEC I'd push for her premiership candidacy as she has a potential to reach the left and get them on board and behind her. The secret to success as a Premier is to be willing to step over the lines of party boundaries and to take other party views into consideration. Blair for me is the person who could do this. Peter Montford comes across as quite patriarchal and elitist, I wasn't personally keen on his reforms but he was given an electoral mandate so I had to respect it. Marie Rivas is a strong person who is heavily underestimated and has become the new Rhinian attack plan, which is to turn on the socialist to make Colleen look great. Marie has a wide reach, ALDGE has great respect for her. Now is the time to see her on the commission. As for our dear Inimican candidate he is just simply ridiculous!

    **Tyler: ** Great analysis, and very honest too. Hopefully someone in the next commission can live up to your name and standards. Thanks for taking time out of your day to be with us. As always, this is Tyler Graceffa reporting from the Inquista Lounge, I'll see you next time.

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