The Lacertian Summit

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    The Lacertian Summit - Inimicus and Red Croatia

    Augustus Barrington was waiting at Lacerta Imperial Aerodrome, in the beautiful summer sun. A fresh breeze cooled him down, as there were almost no clouds to be seen. The Rechroatian councillor, Jadranka Kosor, will visit Inimicus, and, as the Emperor and the Prime Minister are already in a meeting with the Aurean President, Councillor Barrington decided to represent Inimicus to the Rechroation delegate. The purpose of this meeting will be to improve relationships between the two nations, and to increase trade. The former and the latter one are, in Barrington's eyes, closely related, and therefore it was "logical" to tie these two subject together.
    "...Now, where on earth is that plane?! It should've landed thirty minutes ago...", Barrington thought.

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    Larcerta Imperial Aerodrome

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    Jadranka Kosor's Current Attire

    The plane travelling to Lacertia, which was unusually late to the summit has at last arrived to it's goal with Jadranka Kosor within it, "Did they really have to send a Incimian pilot!? I'm at least a hour late!" she thought panickingly before deciding to act calm. The doors to the plane opened and Councilor Kosor exited it while being escorted by two of her personal body guards. As she reached Augustus she threw a fake smile and offered him a handshake. _"It is lovely to at last reach this place.." _ she said to Augustus as she looked around, "To be honest I was not expecting such warm weather..." she said in surprise.

  • "...I do apologise, Mrs Kosor...", Augustus Barrington said to the Rechroatian Councillor. After the two greeted each other, they made way to the Aerodrome's exit, where they were greeted by a crowd of journalists. The duo posed for the press a moment, shaking hands, and then moved to the motorcade, which was waiting to take them to the Lacerta Masonry Guild, the place famous for Speller's attack on late Emperor William I. The Guild is also the main economic centre of the city of Lacerta.

    Once the limousines arrived at the Guild, the delegates entered the building. They were greeted by a jubilant crowd of fans, and signed some autographs on their way to the Guild meeting room.

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    The Lacerta Masonry Guild

  • As the two made it to the meeting room and sat down in their respective places Mrs. Kosor pulled out all of her documents out of her purse and took a pen out of her jacket's inner pocket. "If you are alright with it, it would be rather lovely to proceed with the meeting now." she said slightly sarcastically as she looked over at Augustus Barrington.

  • Augustus Barrington sat at the same long table as the Rechroatian councillor. They looked out of the window for a moment, enjoying the wonderful view of the city, which they could see clearly from the hill on which the Masonry Guild was situated. After a minute or two, coffee and tea were served. Being a true Inimician, Augustus Barrington immediately poured in some coffee, then began to speak:

    "Well, there we are, Mrs Kosor, welcome to the Lacerta Masonry Guild. This is a huge economical hub for Inimicus; although it looks small from the outside, the centre continues downstairs inside the large hill, that is where we are now, too. But enough of sight-seeing". He saw that she was clearly annoyed by his talks, and went to speaking about business... "We are here for, mainly, trade. Inimicus would love to export its goods to Red Croatia, and, of course, import Recroatian supplies, too. I hope this summit can provide something fruitful, perhaps a trade agreement, which will bring mutual benefit to our countries. What say you?"

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    Part of the Lacerta skyline

  • "I believe that you have a good idea on your mind Mr. Barrington, the two of our countries have got to shape their relationship to better, and if the two take part in a successful trade between each other I believe that that is highly possible!" Mrs. Kosor chuckled, "However, we cannot just look from that perspective, we must calculate the spending and the earning we would gain from such trade, what goods can we offer to each other and such."

    "Allow me to begin - Red Croatia would be most certainly able to export goods such as fisheries, recycled lumber, coal, steel, and already re-fined items such as furniture to Inimicus, as an example." she said as she put on her reading glasses, "What do you think Mr. Barrington?".

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  • "Fish, eh?", Augustus Barrington said, "That would be good. Even with our extensive coastline we do not invest in an awful lot of fish, so we're happy to import fish. Unfortunately, we do produce a lot of raw materials such as iron ore and copper, gained in the mountains in the south of Inimicus. I don't think we can help each other with that. What we do lack, though, is lumber. Our nation's landscape is, honestly said, kind of inhospitable, and not a lot of trees grow here. The Inimicians have suffered a shortage of wood throughout history, which resulted in our good masons! Proof of this masonry is the guild under which we are situated right now! Therefore, we are hugely interested in buying wood."

    He took a sip of his coffee before continuing, "Now, let us talk about exporting goods from Inimicus to your nation. We produce an awful lot of wheat and grain, personally supervised by my esteemed colleauge Mark McFearson, the Minister for Agriculture! Also, perhaps, you are interested in our wide assortment of weaponry? The mass-producing company Niervaert, which has firms and factories both in Inimicus and Rimroth, produces not only standard weapons, but also arms such as electric batons. Perhaps the Rechroatian authorities are interested in these weapons?"

  • "Very well, first when it comes to wood Red Croatia will be able to help you with that. We have one of the largest lumber recycling industries in Europe, so as long as you're interested we can work something out easily." Mrs. Kosor took a sip from her glass of water before continuing.

    "Now let's see...Red Croatia would be interested in importing wheat and grain, considering that central Red Croatia is not agricultural as it used to be. Therefore this is a topic that I will gladly discuss. However, when it comes to weapons I don't think that Red Croatia will be interested. We are a peaceful, pacifist country that is not in need of weaponry. HOWEVER depending on the model, quality and prize of the weapons we might be interested in providing our police force with your product. Is that fine with you?"

  • Augustus Barrington listened intensively to the Rechroatian councillor, before answering her: "Well, the lumber and grain is settled, then. I can say I am very, very happy to agree on this point, Mrs Kosor. But on the point of weaponry, I think your police force could benefit greatly from our company. As you might know, we offered their serviced to be used for the European Relief Force, and those are the prices and offers I can make you today:

    1. Body armour: Bulletproof vests, cost vary from ?500-?700
    2. Sidearm/handgun: NV 7mm sidearm, with a magazine of 15 bullets. Price is solid at 275 euros each.
    3. Non-Lethal Pacification Equipment: NV electric police club, widely used around Inimicus with spectacular results. Electrifies the victim with a non-lethal shock af 10 milliamps. Price is 70 euros a piece.
    4. Communication Equipment: NV field telephones. Also widely used by the Inimician Armed Forces. Carried on the back, and can be armoured if necesarry. Price is solid at 345 euros.
      This weaponry is not only useful for Armed Forces, but also for police departments. Especially the non-lethal electric batons could be very useful, as our Imperial Guard can prove!"

  • Mrs. Kosor has been writing down every word he said involving the offers, "I am sorry Mr. Barrington, but only word I understood from that was bulletproof vest," she laughed "I shall let someone more familiar from my office handle this. We will have to stay in further touch." she took a small bite of her biscuit before continuing, "Either way, can we move on to discuss the relationship between our two countries?"

  • "Of course we can, Mrs Kosor, as you wish! I thought an exchange program might make our peoples know to each other. Inimician museum pieces, paintings and other cultural and historical objects could be temporarily displayed in Rechroatian exhibits, and likewise. With this, we can create good understandings between your nation and mine, and make our peoples known to each other. I would be most happy to open the first Rechroatian exhibit in the Imperial Museum in Telum!"

    He spoiled some of his coffee, and, after cleaning it up, he continued: "Might you have other suggestions to increase relationships between Inimicus and Rec Croatia?"

  • "That seems like a lovely idea, a exchange program between the students of our two nations would be great as long as the schools Rechroats are going to be attending in Inimicus are on the same level of those they are leaving from in Red Croatia. As for the exhibitions to make our citizens learn more about each other - that we can easily work out..." she said as she smiled at Mr. Barrington.

  • "Good! That's settled then! I think we can reach a valuable agreement here, Mrs Kosor. About the school levels, I think our specialists can arrange meetings and make sure the school levels are as equal as possible with ease! Do you have any other points you wish to discuss, or can we summarise this meeting in the form of an agreement and a treaty?"

  • "A summarization would be lovely..." she said as she searched trough her papers.

  • After a quick 15-minute break, in which Barrinton told Kosor everything about the Masonry Guild and Lacerta, and in which the Inimician stenographs could summarise the results of the meeting, Barrington and Kosor returned to the hall, where they found a perfect report, which stated:


    Agreement with the Absolutist Monarchy of Red Croata following a meeting between Sir Augustus Barrington and Mrs. Jadranka Kosor


    The two delegates, after careful deliberation, have concluded the following:

    1. The Empire of Inimicus has a shortcoming of fresh fish and lumber

    2. The Absolutist Monarchy of Red Croatia is willing to import wheat and grain, as well as weaponry for its police force
      Therefore, they have agreed the following:

    3. The Empire of Inimicus will deliver the said wheat and grain to the Absolutist Monarchy of Red Croatia, as well as, after careful deliberation with the Rechroatian authorities, the right amount of weaponry (yet to be specified)

    4. The Abosolutist Monarchy of Red Croatia will provide the Empire of Inimicus with fair amounts of lumber and fishThe amounts of the said goods must be specified and calculated for a fair agreement to be made. This will be done at a later stage.


    The governments of the said nations, have agreed to an exchange of the nations' cultures, by the following measures:

    1. Museum pieces shall be exchanged between the two nations to make their cultures known to the inhabitants of the said nations
    2. Student exchange programs shall be set up to make the youthful populace known to each other
      The details of these programs shall be discussed and summarised at a later date.

  • Mrs. Kosor, with the permission of the Rechroatian Government signed the contract. "It was lovely to form this agreement with you Mr. Barrington." she said as she gave him a firm handshake.

  • "Thank you! Now, let us hope your flight back will not be delayed as your flight to here was!"

  • "Oh you have no idea..." she laughed, after that Mr. Barrington escorted Mrs. Kosor to the plane, where she flied back off to Grad Svijetla, Red Croatia.