The United Romulan Emprie

  • The United Romulan Empire

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    "Glory, Honor, and Family, is what we stand and fight for

    General Information

    Conventional Name: URE
    Founding Year: 2013(Reformed from the what is now known as the Old Romulan Empire and the Balkan Federation)
    National Animal: Golden Eagle
    Economic Rank: Higher Income nation
    Population: 75,800,000
    Currency: The Remus( R$)
    Internet TLD: .ure
    Drives on the: left


    Type of government: Confederal Empire
    Head of State and Government: The Praetor Atilius
    National Legislature: Romulan Senate(200 members)
    Judicial Head: Supreme Imperial Court
    Voting System: First Past the Post
    Main parties: Liberal United Democrats, Romulan Imperial party
    Administrative Divisions: Districts

    Religion: 84.3% Catholic, 6.7% Islam, 5% Protestant Denominations, 4% other
    Ethnic Groups: 96.7% Romulan, 3.3% other
    Language Romulise, Latin

    GDP: $19,203,613,056,118.82
    Per Capita: $25,334.58

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