The Summit of Mailn

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    The sun mercilessly struck the city of Mailn, during a lovely summer day, but not too muggy, fortunately. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Hon. Francisco Rutjell, had just taken office: the government was in fact an infant, it was just one day old, and he already had the opportunity to meet representatives of the European world, in particular of a nation that had just taken root in the community. Nevertheless, this summit still represented an opportunity for higher professional, political and diplomatic experience: a beautiful day layed ahead , and the good weather cheered the hopes of the Minister.

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    "What a beautiful day, I'm sure that the talks will be fruitful! The important thing is to start in a good mood. Fact is that I'm first of my nation to have direct contacts with Red Croatia, I've got to bring home results that must impress everyone!
    How soon should get the representative of Red Croatia, Mrs. Kosor?" asked the Minister to his assistant.
    "In a few minutes her train should be arriving, Minister. No delay has been reported!"
    "Very well - thought the Minister -, I shall get ready for the meeting. Tell the chaffeur to prepare the limousine and to start its engine, I see her coming"
    "Yes, Minister" and the assistant hurried on heading outside the train station

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    Mrs. Jadranka Kosor, which was currently less then a minute away from her destination was enjoying a cup of nice warm tea at the train which was assigned as her transport, "Hmmm...Kryuland has rather lovely train tracks..." she said to her assistant as she looked trough the window, "It is a shame that more European countries don't consider to invest in their public transport..It is much cheaper then using a car and allows one to pass international borders much simpler..." and with that the train arrived. "Hmph, we have arrived Mrs. Kosor.." the assistant informed her. "Very well..." said Mrs. Kosor as she with her bag carriers and the assistants exited the train, where they were welcomed by a limo driver from Kryuland which was meant to drive them all the way to the summit.

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    As the car was heading towards Depretis Palace, where the summit was to be held between the two nations, the Minister seemed a little flushed and agitated because of the scale of this event: he asked for a glass of water, calmed down, and after a journey of about 20 minutes, the car came to the square of the palace.

    "We arrived, Mrs. Kosor. Please, after you".
    After getting off the car and after entering the long corridor of the palace, the two dignitaries went up a flight of stairs and entered a large living room, where the secretaries already prepared some refreshments and documents, useful to the summit.

    "Here we are, please have a seat Mrs. Kosor. First of all let me start off by saying that it is truly an honor to meet a representative of a European country, namely of Red Croatia. I'm sure that our bilateral relations will come out strengthened from this meeting. First of all, do we want to talk about economic agreements and then venture into other issues? Begin, Mrs. Kosor, to you the honor of starting the summit!"

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    Jadranka Kosor, Red Croatia's Party of International Relations

    "Thank you for your words of introduction, Mr. Rutjell. But instead of jumping straight into the worries of the economy, I would rather jump onto the topic of relations between our two countries. Our relations are not influenced neither by history or by any present conflicts, so it will be much less complicated to present our two nations to each one of the sides as good people, willing to compromise. Do you wish to comment?" she said as she took a sip of water.

  • "I agree, Mrs. Kosor: first our countries have to get to know each other. How do you intend to perform that?"

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  • "The answer to that is rather simple, Shared Academic Recognition contract, a co-operation when it comes to cultural events and such." said Mrs. Kosor as she took a sip of coffee, "Also, a smart thing to do would be to make travelling between our two countries, Red Croatia and Kryuland simpler, however doing that will be slightly complicated considering that our countries do not share a common border. Any suggestions?"

  • "I agree we should set a Shared Academic Recognition contract, making also the exchange programmes between our countries, such as Erasmus, easier as far as the bureaucratic part is concerned, Mrs. Kosor - said Mr. Rutjell, thinking about what he was going to say - The travelling part should be easily dealt with, Mrs. Kosor. Unfortunately, as you've already mentioned, our countries do not share a common border, that's true: but fortunately enough, Man has learnt how to fly even if he didn't have wings! - said Mr. Rutjell with a bit of joking humour in his words - We should, for example, make the ID card sufficient in flying procedures, without having the passport as compulsory document: that way we could improve travelling between our countries. What do you think of that, Mrs. Kosor? Do you have further suggestions?"

  • "Instead of focusing on more suggestions, I would prefer if for now we stuck to details of what we have already mentioned. Shared Academic Recognition Contract and Exchange Student Programs are an easy task, we will do that rather easily, however now, the Air Travel IDs might be a bit of a problem, because Red Croatia has not familiarized itself with the procedure."

  • "_Well, it's not that difficult, trust me! It's very easy to understand it.
    Normally travellers have to show the passport and ID cards to the border police in order to make their identity clear. Instead of this, we would just eliminate the passport phase and make it compulsory just exhibiting the ID card: it'd imply an abolition of systematic checks on persons at the borders between our two countries.

    Plus, if you want, we could improve this by adding 3 more points_:

    • Cooperation of the police and the possibility for them to intervene in some cases even beyond its borders (for example during the pursuits of criminals).
    • Coordination in the fight against organized crime of international concern (for instance mafia, arms trafficking, drugs, illegal immigration).
    • Integration of databases of police
      and we could make this Pact extensible to other countries if they are willing to join it. What do you think of this, Mrs. Kosor?"

  • "Do not worry, even though I'm not specifically familiar with this very topic, I am aware of how ID travelling works, so there is no need for no explanation. Either way, I am absolutely fine with us forming this agreement, however I am not sure how would Rechroatian Police stations feel about the three points you're willing to add, therefore, I suggest that we avoid putting those three in the contract.

    Also, as for the other nations that we might involve, I suggest that we talk to the representative of the Nazione Italian party, considering that they are the nation which are stopping us from sharing a border."

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    I agree: a trilateral summit with representatives from Nazione Italiana is what we need, seen that this country is between our two.
    Then, should we move to the next topic on the agenda of this summit?

  • "Now that this has been settled, I would like to ask you to return to the economy topic. Please make the suggestion you wanted to open this conversation with."

  • "Thank you, Mrs. Kosor. Kryuland has already established some economic relations during the other summit with foreign dignitaries. The prevalent agreement is an establishment of a free-trade zone between the two countries. Would it be a good idea to settle the same agreement between our two countries, Mrs. Kosor?"

  • "I agree that this could benefit both countries, but considering that the only transporation we're currently sure about is air travel, we should be sticking to trading common luxuries, rather then important products such as food."