June Update

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    ~June 2013 Update~

    **Nations: ** 151
    **World Assembly Delegate: ** Occoron

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    **Premier: ** Maleeka Liszckoszi, Os Corelia
    Foreign Affairs: Felipe Gomez, Occoron
    Defence and Peacekeeping: Susan Callaghan, Halsberg
    Economics: Alexander Bass, Gun-Toting Animals
    Internal Affairs: Peter Montfort, Angleter

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    **Chief Justice: ** Antony Scalin, Duxburian Union
    Justice: Concordia Ferro, Pax Aurea
    Justice: Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, Bakrova
    Justice: Idla Bcassj, Kryuland
    Justice: Gerhardt Garber, Rhine Ruhr

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    **Speaker of the European Council: ** Acwellan Lir Devoy am Harrison, Duxburian Union

    **Socialist Workers Party (SWP): ** Communist, Socialist, Anti-Capitalist
    Party of European Socialists and Democrats (S&D): Social Democrat, Integrationist
    **Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for a Green Europe (ALDGE): ** Social Liberal, Environmentalist
    **European Classical Liberals (ECL): ** Classical Liberal, Pragmatic
    **Union of European Conservatives (UEC): ** Conservative, Christian Democrat
    **European National Party (ENP): ** Fascist, National Socialist

    Commission News

    • The new Commission will be elected soon: the nomination period is over and several parties had primary elections. The UEC has selected Peter Montfort, incumbent Commissioner for Internal Affairs, and Blair von Schroeder from Red Croatia. Inimican Councillor Augustus Barrington was not selected, but will run anyway. Colleen Bennet from Rhine Ruhr will be the ECL candidate, the S&D will be represented by Marie Rivas from Northern Caesarea and the ALDGE has selected Corelian LGBT Rights activits Karolinasz Jaedala as their candidate. Follow the lively debate between the candidates here

    • Former Premier and Internal Commissioner Dominik Frank (Rhine Ruhr/Independent) stated in an interview with The Inquista Lounge that he was disappointed in the current Commission: "What was once thought to be a promising Commission comprised of talented individuals turned out to be hollow and lifeless.?

    • According to a poll by the Inquistan Broadcasting Corporation, the current Commission XIII was ranked the second lowest ever.

    • Commissioner for Defence and Peace-keeping Callaghan has opened a discussion concerning cluster munitions. Although most participants agreed that cluster munitions were very dangerous for civilians, a complete ban was not received well. Councillor Orcello (Pax Aurea/ALDGE) proposed that the next Commissioner holding the Defence and Peace-keeping position would continue the discussion.Court News

    • Also a new European Court of Justice is to be elected: incumbent justices Berdimuhamedov from Bakrova and Bcassj from Kryuland already announced their candidature for re-election and both are also running for the position of Chief Justice. Also Knudsen from North Europa and Stjepanic from the Balkan Socialist Federation announced their candidature.Council News

    • As the Audit of the Committees by Internal Affairs Commissioner Peter Montfort continues, the membership of the Committees for reviewing the European Constitution and the Universal Declaration on Human Rights are being discussed. Also the membership of several other committees, dealing with chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, are being discussed, as well as the merger of several committees. The purpose is to reduce the numbers of committees and to decrease bureaucracy.

    • The European Arts Collaboration Fund has started a public tendering for building a new International Archive of European Culture. ?A cultural archive of materials that every EU nation donates to be housed within the halls of Europolis and then to go on tour around Europe to promote cultural tolerance and curiosity of differing cultures. The archive will be housed in a building which is the main cost of the project. It would contain books, statues, sculptures, manuscripts on a permanent or loaned basis. The exhibitions will be free for all EU citizens to attend in their national museums. ?Other News

    • Kryuland has a new government, led by Prime Minister Prodaj. The government coalition has the support of Left, Ecology and Freedom (ALDGE) , Centru Demokratika (ECL), Partit Demokratiku Socjali (S&D) and New Partit Komunista (SWP), although the latter two have no seats in the national parliament.

    • A political scandal in Pax Aurea has caused four ministers to step down from their office: Minister of Homeland Security Falco and Minister of Foreign Affairs Fulvius had to resign after Yusif Guillaumus, Director of the Cyber Defence Division of the Aurean Secret Service, leaked to the press that several Catholic prayer groups and seminars but also telephone conversations and email correspondence had been illegally monitored by the Ministry of Homeland Security. Fulvius was former Vice-President and became acting President when former President Glorius was assassinated by fundamentalists, until her successor Proctus was elected. It was under her time in office that the illegal surveillance took place. Immediately after taking office, Proctus ordered Minister of Homeland Security to stop the illegal investigations, but she did not follow that order. The negotiations about the successor of the two resigned ministers caused the Federalist Party to leave the government and their two ministers stepped down: Minister of Citizenship Affairs Sulpicio and Minister for Welfare and Healthcare Marie-Celest? Cavain. The government of Prime Minister Laetenius still has a majority of 126 seats of the 200 seats in the Aurean Senate, also without the 21 seats of the Federalists. The opposition has called for a vote of no confidence though, which is currently underway. In the meantime, four new ministers were appointed to fill the gaps in the government.

    • The Reform Party (ALDGE) has won the elections in the Balkan Socialist Federation, defeating the incumbent Socialists. Independent Matej Pasternak has been appointed as Prime Minister after being nominated by the President, since the two largest parties disagreed on the office.

    • The Occoronian ELDR (ALDGE), currently delivering the President and Vice-President, has lost the parliamentary and presidential elections after failing to cope with a serious fraud scandal. ELDR Presidential candidate and incumbent Vice-President de los Santos only convinced 5,47% of the electorate, while incumbent socialdemocrat Prime Minister Barria (S&D) got 43,94% of the votes. Victoria Vigo, the leader of a list of the joint opposition (ECL-UEC) has won the first round of the elections with 50,07%, making a second round unnecessary. She will be sworn in as the new Occoronian President very soon. With 257 out of 500 seats, the conservative list also has a parliamentary majority. Immediately after her inauguration, she ordered the preparations of Occoron's departure from the European Union.

    • Davishire is holding a referendum regarding its membership of the European Union, a possible membership of the European Economic Community and a possible transformation from a monarchy to a republic. The first question was not legally binding for the government, the latter two were. A majority of 60% agreed with the first question, a plurality of 48% agreed with the second while a majority was needed. The counting regarding the third question is still underway, although opinion polls show that 85% of the voters disagree with a possible transformation to a republic.That's all for now, see you next month!

  • I think everyone knows the system by now: any remarks or comments, anything you would like to see edited/added, just ask! I have the impression it was a quiet month, so if I missed something, shoot!

  • First things first, your avatar/flag hasn't been visible on the forums for at least a few weeks now.

    I'd cut out much of the excerpts from the Dominik Frank interview and really only keep the statements that refer to the Commission as a whole rather than the individuals that make it. I honestly do not think the interview was that big of a piece of news, but I'll defer to you. There should be a mentioning of the Marriage Recognition Act and its discussion in the Council, unless that was covered last update. Perhaps even mention the Cluster Munitions discussion in the Commission section, a little filler to plug up a rather inactive month. And maybe a little mentioning of Mafia in the other news section. It may become a more permanent feature of our OOC culture.

    Its a shame that we can't have you for another term. I hope the next FA Commissioner is as dedicated as you are.

  • If you want to fill space you could mention about how Davishire is having a referendum on its constitutional future. In terms of president or monarchy and how leaks have revealed this referendum is occuring after a deal with the opposition party the liberals in order to win the last election.

    Otherwise that is very good, as usual.

  • I added a section about the Court and updated the Commission section: I replaced the extracts of Franks' interview about individual Commissioners with one about the Commission in general, included a link to the debate and also a section about the cluster munition. In other news I added something about the referendum in Davishire. The marriage recognition act was covered in the May Update and I didn't include the mafia suggestion as I thought it would be a little strange, since it's OOC and the rest of the update IC.

    Maybe the next FA Commissioner should find a solution for this wink.gif

    Thank you for your input, and if you have no other remarks, I'll post the update tomorrow!

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