A Twinge of Fear

  • "Non mi importa... I don't care what that woman says, she's not winning a campaign against Senator Rotto based on the fact that she can see Red Croatia from her house. At least... I really hope she can't."

    The two friends shared a chuckle that died off as both pondered the unfortunate possibility of intelligent candidates, their friends, losing well deserved reelection over security issues.

    "I'm really glad we had time to meet and catch up before going to committee this morning," Senator Andro Pico stated, as he looked up from his coffee, still grinning. "It's been too long."

    Senator Gina Napolitano couldn't help but smile back at her handsome colleague. "It really has. It's funny how we can see each other so often, but never seem to be able to make time for anything like this anymore. Besides work on the Security Committee, I have been helping out with restructuring the Foreign Affairs Committee and it's been as mess as you well know."

    "Enough about that mess; it's always there and will always be there. How are you doing?"

    She sighed, "As well as can be expected. I thank you for your support even across the miles."

    "It breaks my heart that I couldn't be closer for you. But, I'm definitely here now. For whatever you may need." He grabbed her hand.

    "Andro, I appreciate that. Really, I do. I just need time. When your husband leaves you and admits to cheating on you for the entirety of your relationship... it calls a lot of things into question. Enough to make even your head spin and fall off your broad shoulders."

    The almost inaudible purr of a motor on a blue hybrid car stopped as the driver, visibly nervous, pulled the key from the ignition and began calming himself down. He started reminding himself why he was even doing this in the first place. He looked over at the bistro. Two baby carriages. His stomach turned and he almost threw up. He coughed and reached for his water bottle. Grabbing the remote, he stepped from the car and quickly walked across the street.

    Andro blushed. She continued, "I think you're wonderful, Andro. I enjoy seeing you and I enjoy myself when I'm around you. Can that be enough for now?"

    An eruption of fire, smoke and debris knocked Gina off of her chair, and a table landed on top of her, somehow protecting her from shards of glass and even a tire she saw laying next to her. She could hear screaming, crying and confusion all around. As she began to lose herself to sleep, she saw Andro's bloody face, eyes closed.

    She awoke next in an ambulance, briefly, before falling out again.

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