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  • Legislation:
    Today in Terra Mortem, the Emperor signed another bill into law, but this time, it was regarding public nudity. Although some claim that the restriction of their civil rights, most people agree with the government. "public nudity is disgusting!" Said one citizen that we interviewed, "Frankly, I'm glad that bill passed! Can you imagine how disgusting it would be to see a fat nudist lumber down the street? Ugh!"
    But with that issue resolved, another one has arisen elsewhere in the empire. Recently, the company Nukes4U has found a large Urananium deposit beneath the rainforest of one of our colonies. Although some claim that this is a terrific business opportunity, others claim that it is a horrific crime against the environment. The Terra Mortem Times took it to the streets, and interviewed the main activists behind the positions. "This is a terrific find!" claims Nukes4U CEO Gertie Lion. "It will provide an enormous stimulus to our economy and create thousands of new jobs. It's win-win! All we need from the government is permission to bulldoze the rainforest that's on top of the deposit." Meanwhile, the green party has another thing to say:
    "You've got to be kidding," says Green politician Chris Wong. "This rainforest is thousands of years old! This country needs more environmental protection, not less. And to destroy the environment in order to mine uranium that then goes into nuclear bombs--well, that really sticks in my craw."
    The government has decided to propose a bill that will satisfy both sides: "There's no need for an either-or decision," says the government's Minister for Mining, Clear-Felling, and the Environment. "We can preserve most of the rainforest and allow mining of a small part. After all, think of all the good that the money from this uranium deposit can bring to Terra Mortem.".
    -Ricky Famatoza, journalist, Terra Mortem times.

  • Natural Disaster!
    Terra Mortem is abuzz with news of a huge meteorite - dubbed 'Big Max' by the media - which smashed into a large town on the outskirts of Industry City yesterday, killing thousands and leaving behind nothing but a smouldering crater. Millions of Euros have to be spent on reconstruction, and thousands of people have to be relocated. The Terra Mortem Government refuses all foreign aid claiming "We can do this ourselves. We don't want the ERF patrolling our streets and scaring the pants off of our citizens, citizens who distrust foreigners enough already!".
    -Osmius Germain, Journalist, Terra Mortem times.

  • OOC: Dear Terra Mortem, for the sake of realism, I suggest that before you post this topic, you give us all an introduction to this event in advance. Considering that we're talking about a meteorite with the strength capable of destroying a town, in a country which is near the European Union capital of Europolis, I'm sure that this would cause a great deal of concern in the entire region.

    I have also noticed two things:

    The 1st one is that you mentioned "Euro" as a value in your last post, which I hope means translated Millards, because you can't use Euro as an RP currency unless you become a part of the Eurozone. The second one is that this entire article is presumably based over a Nationstates Issue, therefore, I would like to explain something to you.

    You absolutely do not have to follow NationStates on these forums, you have the liberty of doing many things, even though you can't do them on NationStates, as long as it's realistic (This doesn't stop you from getting inspiration from NationStates Issues). You're likely to get more info about it at the second post of our Introduction thread: http://z12.invisionfree.com/European_Union...p?showtopic=312

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  • To Boldly Go
    For the third time, a bill proposing the creation of a Terra Mortem space program is being reviewed by Imperial Parliament, but this time it may pass. The bill would officially create a government backed space agency. "Not only will this help the communications industry, but also the people, who will have access to the services provided by the communications industry, such as cellular technology." Says Bob Dellos (Con), proposer of the bill "Also, the military will be greatly aided by the ability to place military satellites in orbit."
    Not all the MPs are so enthusiastic, however.
    "Putting stuff in space is great and all, but this doesn't really help the people of Terra Mortem. I have a feeling that the initiation of this program is just to help big industry and to further the militarization of Terra Mortem." Says Terry Kale (Lib), head of the Liberal Party of Terra Mortem, "The liberal party does not support this bill, and will not vote for it."
    Even without the support of the Liberal Party, the bill will probably pass, as it has the support of the TM Centrist Party.
    "Sure, why not." Says Gale Holt, a Centrist Party MP "If the conservatives want to put a man on Mars or something, I don't see why we shouldn't let them. The government has a surplus of 273 billion milliards each year, why not put it to use?"

    • -Osmius Germain, Journalist, Terra Mortem times.

  • Space Bill Launches Past Parliament
    As predicted, bill 114 - C has passed Imperial Parliament. The final results:
    53 for
    41 against
    6 abstaining
    " Finally!" Remarked Elphias Cain (Con, PM) , Prime Minister of Terra Mortem and head of the conservative party. "It has taking us three tries, but we finally got a space agency bill past parliament!"
    The Liberals, on the other hand are very suspicious of the results. "The Centrist party aren't usually for the creation of a space agency, in fact, some of them voted against it this time! Only a few of them actually supported and voted for the bill." Says Terry Kale (Lib) "In fact, some of the ones that voted for it this time voted against the creation of space agencies in previous attempts to pass a similar bill! I think that maybe the conservatives used some illicit activities such as bribery or blackmail to get what they wanted this time around!"
    Kale's accusations have lead to the scheduling of hearing for September 14, 2013. If the conservative party is indeed found guilty of what it is accused off, the bill will never reach the Board of CEOs or the Emperor, and will never be passed into law.

    • Osmius Germain, Journalist, Terra Mortem times.

  • "Rocket Scandal": Case Dismissed
    The Supreme Court of Terra Mortem has dismissed the allegations against the conservative party earlier today. No press were allowed in, but we picked up what happened after the case ended.
    According to our sources, the Liberals had only one piece of evidence: A witness testimony. "I was approached by a man in a black suit and sunglasses," claims the witness, John Gene(Cen) "He offered me 90000 milliards, and threatened to "take me down" if I refused! Being a moral politician, I refused of course, and ran for my life!"
    The case was dismissed because the Supreme Court ruled that in a case of this magnitude, a single witness testimony is not enough to convict Elphias Cain(Con, PM),
    Bob Dellos(Con), or any other conservative of corruption.
    Bill 114 - C will be passed on to the Board of CEOs, and they will reach a decision by tomorrow.

    • Osmius Germain, Journalist, Terra Mortem times.

  • Board of CEOs Passes Space Bill
    The board of CEOs has unanimously passed bill 114 - C, and has given its approval for the creation of a space program.
    "It's a wonderful business opportunity!" Exclaims Gertie Lion, one of the board members. "Advertisers would pay millions to have their ads on the sides of our rockets! Not to mention all that dough rolling in from passengers paying to go up!"
    The bill has passed two levels of government, and have been passed on to the Emperor, who will announce his decision at 6:00 PM, GMT today.

    • Osmius Germain, Journalist, Terra Mortem times.

  • The Emperor Approves 114 - C
    6 hours ago, the Emperor announced his decision on a national radio and television broadcast. "I, Maximillian, the Emperor of this great nation of Terra Mortem, believe that it is the destiny of the Human species to extend its dominion into the depths of space. I believe that it is the duty of Terra Mortem to assist Humanity in the reaching of that goal. Which is why I have signed bill 114 - C, and I have recommended that Terra Mortem begin the construction of satellites, and that the construction of a Terra Mortem Space Shuttle be started immediately."

    • Osmius Germain, Journalist, Terra Mortem times.

  • **Terra Mortem Declares Position on Romulus Conflict **
    Earlier today, the government of Terra Mortem has finalized its position regarding the conflict in the New Romulan Empire.
    "I believe that peace in the New Romulan Empire is achievable" stated the Emperor during a public statement earlier today "The violence perpetrated by all sides in the New Romulan Empire civil war is horrible, yet we must choose a side if we are to aid in the rebuilding of that nation. I believe that the support of Loukianos is in the best interests of Terra Mortem."
    It has not been determined whether or not the military will be deployed.
    user posted image
    An aerial photograph of the fighting at Romulus City
    -Osmius Germain, Journalist, Terra Mortem times.

  • Masked Vigilante Strikes Again
    For the third time in as many weeks, a masked vigilante has attacked and badly beaten a group of criminals. This time, he took down a group of muggers.
    At 8:00 PM last night, the vigilante (known as "The Ninja") attacked four men who were robbing a young woman in an alleyway next to a warehouse in Montgomeryston. "The men were threatening me with death and other assaults unless I gave them my purse. They cornered me with knives and continued to threaten me." said Wendy Macdonald, victim of the criminals "Then, I saw a shadowy figure jump down on one of the attackers, and knock him out. He then preceded to knock out my other attackers before getting into a fight with the only mugger with a gun. I don't know, I wasn't looking, but I think The Ninja killed him."
    "The Ninja did in fact kill the criminal," says the Police Chief of Precinct 72 "and the wounds on the man appeared to sword wounds, maybe a katana."
    "Although we appreciate citizens taking an active role in the community, vigilantism is VERY illegal!" Exclaimed Mayor John Hobart of Montgomeryston "I assure you, The Ninja will be arrested and brought to trial! You have my word!"
    On the warehouse wall, a symbol was spray painted, the same symbol found on slips of paper at previous scenes.
    Although The Ninja has so far eluded the police, I don't think it will take long for the police to apprehend him.
    If you're reading this Ninja, good luck, and watch your back.
    user posted image
    The symbol that all the crime scenes seem to have in common
    -Osmius Germain, Journalist, Terra Mortem times.

  • Economy Takes a Hit
    Hundreds of Thousands were laid off in the last few days as unemployment doubled across the nation. The cause? A Stock Market error. Due to a clerical error made by an employee of the Mordecai Stock Exchange, stocks were declared to have fallen sharply when they hadn't. The resulting mass panic and the selling of stocks led to an actual sharp fall in stock values. The Milliard has lost approximately 15 % of its value, and continues to fall.
    The man responsible, an accountant for TMSX was voted "The Most Hated Man in Terra Mortem" in the Terra Mortem times online poll, narrowly beating the previous winner, Terry Arsenau (leader of the infamous hate group and seperatist organization Puret? Patriotique).
    user posted image
    Thomas Roman, accountant held responsible for crash, is arrested while attempting to cross the border to Nazione Italiana. Picture shows the transfer of Thomas Roman from foreign custody into Mortemian custody
    Intellicom Starts launching Satellites
    Intellicom, a government owned corporation has finally launched satellites into Earth's orbit. "These satellites will help save Terra Mortem's faltering economy." Claims Alexander Barnard, Intellicom's CEO "This will be a huge boost to the communication industry!"
    -Osmius Germain, Journalist, Terra Mortem times.

  • Crime Does Pay, Claims New Report
    In a new report issued by the University of Mordecai, criminals appear to make significantly more than the average citizen. "Criminals in organized crime tend to make an average of 10 645 Milliards more than the average citizen of Terra Mortem." Says Thomas Frate, director of the study, "A statistic that may seem hardly impressive, but some crime bosses could make up to 3 000 000 Milliards a year!". The study doesn't shock many, but police least of all. "[I'm] not surprised. Not one bit." Claims police officer John Ratchet, "Some of the guys we bring in from the big mafia gangs have money literally falling out of their pockets! Honestly, if penalties weren't so steep, I'd be surprised if more people didn't choose that lifestyle."
    The Terra Mortem Times is obligated to inform you that crime of any nature can lead to heavy fines or jail time.

    Terry Roman Released
    The man responsible for the crash of Terra Mortem's economy was released yesterday due to lack of evidence of perpetration of an actual crime. "Technically, making a mistake isn't really a crime, and there was no evidence presented that proved what he did was on purpose," says the judge responsible for the case, "and since the economy recovered pretty quickly, we decided to just let the man go."
    Surveys suggest that Terry Roman is still an incredibly unpopular man, but is no longer the most hated man in Terra Mortem.
    -Osmius Germain, Journalist, Terra Mortem times.

  • Elphias Defends Signing Treaty
    Prime Minister Elphias Cain(Con, PM) has recently made a statement defending his decision to allow Terra Mortem to enter the European Intelligence Treaty Organization. "I would like to make it very clear that the treaty is not an attempt to infringe the rights of other nations." stated the Prime Minister during a recent talk with the press "We entered this organization with the sole intent of protecting the national security of this great nation and the people who inhabit it. The government of Terra Mortem does not and never has supported covert intelligence gathering in foreign countries during a time of peace."

    user posted image
    Picture Credit: The Qvaitican Cascade
    The Liberal Party once again disagrees with the PM. "If the purpose isn't to spy on the people and to spy on allies, then why would we sign it?"Asked Terry Kale(Lib) during the voting in parliament. The conservative party denied that Terra Mortem would be deploying agents in foreign territories. "We only plan to share and gather information on terrorist groups or on threats to officials occurring within Terra Mortem. No Agents will be deployed in non-treaty countries for the purpose of covert intelligence gathering against that country." Responded Elphias Cain(Con, PM).
    The bill barely passed to join the Treaty Organization, with 54 for, 46 against in Parliament. The Prime Minister signed it immediately after it was passed, and the Board of CEOs approved unanimously. The Emperor signed it, but an anonymous source has told the Terra Mortem Times that the Prime Minister is suspected of intimidating the Emperor into signing the bill, which would not be the first time Elphias has been accused of corruption, with the most recent accusation being over Bill 114-C, of which the Prime Minister was not convicted. The Emperor has not yet made a comment on the decision, and has declined an interview with the Terra Mortem times.
    Although a recent poll has shown that the populous does generally favour the decision, many organizations do not. "Honestly," said renowned human rights activist Gloria Indium, "this treaty is a despicable violation of human rights. I know the conservatives have claimed that they will not abuse these responsibilities placed upon them, but the conservatives have not shown themselves to be trustworthy, and have given Terra Mortem an international reputation for corruption. Hopefully, the Emperor will get us out of this before this escalates too quickly."
    Other countries seem to agree with Ms. Indium, notably Os Corelia:
    "[ ] Os Corelia has rejected such a vile treaty that threatens civil liberties and promotes corruption, dishonour and deception." Stated a notable Corelian politician.
    Despite disapproval abroad and at home, Elphias Cain stands by the Treaty, "It doesn't matter what foreigners or a minority of left wing civil rights groups want, the government is here to serve the people, and the people support this bill."
    -Osmius Germain, Journalist, Terra Mortem times.

  • Criticism of the Government Goes Surprisingly Well
    The book "The United Romulan Empire is not a country!" (and other stupid things our government has said), met with much critical acclaim for its less than positive review of our nations government, begins distribution in other countries tomorrow. The book, published by noted author Jordan Rist, is a well researched chronicle of mistakes government officials have made in the past 20 years. Including such noted blunders as MP John Gene's (Cen) statement "The United Romulan Empire is not a country!" at a recent press conference, and the much less embarrassing (but equally stupid) utterance by Elphias Cain (Con, PM) "What are all these blasted red and green lights doing everywhere?" on Christmas day.
    Various members of parliament (particularly the conservative and centrist parties) have been angered by the book, calling the author "unpatriotic", with the prime minister going as far as calling it "borderline treasonous", and "a weak attempt at insulting the government that keeps this nation on its feet".
    But everyone else seems to love the book, including the Emperor. "Elphias needs to lighten up and get a sense of humour," Emperor Maximillian said to the Terra Mortem Times while skimming through the book yesterday "this book is brilliant! OH! I remember when Elphias said that Christmas light thing! Ha! And he acts as if he's the cleverest person in parliament! Not even close!"
    The author defends his right to have published the book, stating that Terra Mortem's extensive free speech laws protect him and his publication. "Because of the growing number of corruption charges that different government officials keep getting accused of, I thought Terra Mortem needed a good laugh at the government's expense."
    Despite the protests of multiple MPs, "The United Romulan Empire is not a country!" (and other stupid things our government has said) is expected to hit foreign bookstores tomorrow.

  • "Local Disease" not so Local, Claim Doctors
    An outbreak of the disease H9N6 in Industry City has Mortemian doctors worried due to the infection and lethality rates of the disease. Previously thought to be a local problem for the small town of St Sebastien (a small municipality near Industry City), cases have begun to pop up in Industry City, the third largest city in Terra Mortem. The NIS/INS (National Institute of Health/Institut National de la Sant?) has issued a warning to citizens of Terra Mortem. "H9N9 seems to be especially infectious to people with poor immune systems or who are infected with another disease. All citizens that are HIV positive, or are currently infected with a sickness, we advise that you exercise extreme caution." stated Dr. Goodman, an official of NIS/INS, "We also advise that all citizens exercise good hygiene, and avoid contact with infected individuals."
    The NIS/INS has reported over 130 cases in Industry City, and over 200 cases in all of Terra Mortem. Over 50 people have succumbed to the disease. The NIS/INS has confirmed that development of a disease is currently underway.
    Citizens are warned to look out for the following symptoms in themselves and others:

    • Excessive Coughing
    • Sneezing or Coughing up blood or bloody mucous
    • Skin Lesions
    • Fever
    • Eye Irritation/Constantly Watery Eyes
    • Reddened Skin
    • (In youth and the elderly) Gastrointestinal Distress (Diarrhea)If you experience these symptoms, please report to your nearest hospital immediately.

  • H9N6 Spreads Throughout the Empire
    H9N6, the new deadly disease striking Terra Mortem has been spotted in almost every major city in Terra Mortem and has claimed over 250 lives. Over 1000 people have been infected in the past week. The NIS/INS continues to issue warnings and and travel advisories, and continues to advise that all citizens practice good hygiene.

    user posted image
    Wash your hands before and after eating, after using the toilet, after contact with others, after sneezing, after coughing, or after touching a doorknob. If you come in contact with an infected person, report them to a nearby law officer. If you suspect that you are infected, please proceed to a healthcare facility. Please wear a mask if you expect to be in a crowded location and/or place. Do not leave your home unless absolutely necessary. Remember: Empire before Family. If a family member experiences any of the symptoms of H9N6, bring them to a healthcare facility. If they refuse to receive medical attention, notify a law officer. Do not leave the country. If you suspect someone else of harbouring an infected person, notify a law officer immediately. Refusal to comply with anti-infection measures will result in arrest.

  • Fear Grips Nation
    Over 1000 people have been killed by H9N6 and 4000 infected, as one of the most frightening flu epidemics in Mortemian history grasps the nation. The government has declared a state of national emergency, under imperial proclamation 339. To combat the infection, a mandatory curfew has been instated, and for the first time in 48 years, universities have been closed. Fortunately, emergency services remain active, and hospitals are not yet overwhelmed. The NIH/SNI has stated that they are working on a vaccine that will be completed within the next three weeks. There's no telling how many people will die or be infected before that the vaccine is developed, as the disease has one of the highest infection rates of any influenza virus. We ask that everyone remain calm while we deal with this horrible disease.

    user posted image

    Due to risk of infection, the following buildings and services are temporarily shut down by imperial proclamation 339:

    • Public Transit and Railways
    • Primary, Middle, and Secondary Schools
    • Churches
    • UniversitiesEmergency services will remain active until further notice. Citizens of Terra Mortem are prohibited from leaving or entering the nation unless a special visa is received by the government. Non-Mortemian citizens will remain unaffected until further notice. By imperial proclamation 339, a mandatory curfew has been instituted. Any individual seen outside their homes after 11:00 PM will be arrested. Once again, refusal to comply with anti-infection measures will result in arrest.

  • Flu Scare Officially Over
    Earlier today, the government of Terra Mortem declared the influenza crisis officially over, with curfews removed and freeing the nation of Terra Mortem to return to business as usual. Influenza virus H9N6 caused the deaths of over 2 500 people, and infecting over 7 500 others in under 3 weeks.
    At the height of the crisis, millions of people were locked out of their jobs, millions of children were locked out of school, and hundreds of thousands were locked in prison due to the heavy curfew laws.
    The industries affected were mostly in the public sector, including the public news broadcaster TMNTV and the Terra Mortem Times itself. A large number of private sector jobs were locked down to, especially by members of the board of CEOs to counteract the risk of disease spread in enclosed spaces such as factories and offices.
    The crisis cost Terra Mortem billions in Milliards, not only in cure research and enforcing imperial proclamation 339, but in the greatly decreased manufacturing output. The dramatic blow to the industrial sector has a large number of economists worried. "We can expect to see a hit to the GDP," stated noted economist Richard Grayson, "with the previously projected economic growth expected to be severely stunted or stopped completely".
    Although a number of people have blamed the government for the great economic loss suffered during the pandemic, Elphias Cain claimed that "[The government] Stands by the choices it made during the crisis, and believes that the emperor made an excellent choice with the issuance of imperial proclamation 339. The laws and policies introduced to counteract the epidemic may not have been good for the economy, but they saved thousands of lives and saved countless more from suffering at the hands of H9N6."
    The NIH/SNI has recieved acclaim from all corners of the empire for their work to develop an extremely successful vaccine for H9N6 which was distributed throughout the empire and administered for free. The NIH/SNI has shrugged off all praise, with the president of NIH/SNI stating "We certainly didn't do it for fame or money. We did it because it was the right thing to do, so you can keep your praise."

    user posted image
    A Virologist at NIH/SNI working on the H9N6 vaccine

    -Osmius Germain, Journalist, Terra Mortem times.

  • A Nation in Mourning
    After a long and inspirational battle with cancer, Emperor Maximillian has passed away in his sleep. Maximillian, the direct descendant of Phillip II, is the second emperor of the Thora lineage to have died of cancer. His son, Phillip Thora, is to officially ascend to the throne of the nation on the 7th of June, 2014.
    Suzannah Thora, the late emperor's wife, and the former Empress of Terra Mortem, has stated "I appreciate the support and sympathy the people of Terra Mortem have extended to both me and my family. We hope that the press will respect our privacy in the time to come as we emotionally recover from this loss". Phillip also stated his grief and has declined an interview.
    Fans of the imperial monarchy are grieving the nation's loss, with numerous memorial services being held around the nation, but the opponents of the monarchy seem to be quite happy. "We hope that the death of the late emperor will signal the death of monarchy. The imperial monarchy is an ancient and defunct system" stated Jeffery Grier, author of Broken Crown: Why Monarchy No Longer Works "It isn't the 18th century any more. We need to put our past behind us."
    The majority of mortemian citizens disagree with Jeffrey Grier, as a recent poll by STM (Statistics Terra Mortem/Statistique Terra Mortem) has revealed that 64% of Mortemian citizens "definitely agree" or "agree" that the imperial monarchy should continue, with only 11% checking "definitely disagree".
    We here at Terra Mortem Times wish the royal family the best in these trying times, and we have a lot of confidence in the leadership ability of Phillip Thora, future Emperor of Terra Mortem.

    user posted image

    -Osmius Germain, Journalist, Terra Mortem Times

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