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    Miraco gets a new flag

    King Astor of Miraco unveiled a new flag on August 7th, 2013 in Mertz. Later on, during the press conference Prime Minister Mortaz explained that the decision to change the flag was brought on by a strong nationalistic sentiment to establish Miraco as a fully independent nation, formally the flag resembled that of Monaco. The change has already been sweeping the nation as the government fully expects the flags to be replaced later today. The new design puts an emphasis on Miraco's French heritage and bears colours similar to that of the EU flag. PM Mortaz commented "The new flag celebrates our country's rich history and our vision for our future as well as embodying our motto Ignoscentia, Aqua Et Misericordia!"

    Government affirms commitment to secular politics

    The government of Miraco affirms its commitment to secular politics by removing the role of a "Spiritual Advisor" from its cabinet. The government was met with mixed reactions from religious institutes across the nation with the majority applauding the government's decision. MP Remington made the following comment "The decision to remove the role of a "Spirtual Advisor" from the cabinet was placed on the need to move on politically. We need to concentrate on how to improve the country of Miraco - not resort to spirituality on issues that conflict with stands we need to address".

    Government's Economic reform plan

    The government has completed detailing it's new Economic reform plan which includes removal of several regulations which hindered entry into Miraco's private sector, introduction of tariffs in order to protect local industry, and finally grants and tax breaks to the country's large automobile manufacturing industry. The final legislation required to complete the government's reform plan was passed on the the 21st of July 2013

    Government plans further integration with the European Union

    The government has revealed plans to further increase integration and involvement with the European Union including appointing a new EU Councillor, joining the Eurozone and thus adopting the Euro as the sole official currency. The Miraco pound will still be legal tender though the government plans on phasing out the notes by ceasing production and creating note exchange programs. The government expects Miraco to fully transition to the Euro by the end of this month.

    Government semi-legalises marijuana

    The government passed a new legislation which re-classifies marijuana as a controlled substance, moving it into the same category as alcohol and tobacco. This legislation allows for the consumption of marijuana in the privacy of one's home while public consumption remains illegal. Safety regulations relating to production and legal quota on the amount allowed to be sold to a person at any given time have also been instilled. Finally, marijuana will also share regulations placed on controlled substances, namely a "controlled substance tax" of 15% and an age restriction on purchase (18 years or older). The substance will be available throughout Miraco's pharmacies starting 25/7/2013.

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    Miraco government calls for resolution of Groot-Belgian crisis

    29/7/2014 - The government of Miraco issued a statement regarding the crisis on Groot-Belgie extending sympathy towards the victims as well as calling for all Miraco citizens to return to Miraco. Though sanctions have not yet been announced, the government wishes to invite fellow European Union members to discuss the on-going events.

    When asked about possible military intervention, the government expressed no interest in such a course of action stating that "Miraco has always been a peaceful nation, and so we have no interest in military action, though we are open to the idea of economic sanctions "

    Earlier today the Duxburian Union called for the abdication of the Groot-Begian Emperor within 48 hours, a move applauded by Miraco Prime Minister Dion Clermont "The government of Miraco fully supports the Duxburian Union's call for Emperor Jules' abdication, and wishes that more nations do the same"

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    Miraco government announces sanctions against Groot-Belgie

    30/7/2014 - Following discussions yesterday regarding the on-going Groot-Belgian crisis, the government of Miraco announced an economic embargo as well as issuing a travel warning for anyone wishing to travel to Groot-Belgie.

    The government has also suspended all passenger flights to Groot-Belgie and re-directed flight routes, preventing them from entering Groot-Belgian airspace. Currently, no diplomatic sanctions have been announced and the government is still open to use of diplomacy in hopes for a swift resolution to the crisis.

    Prime Minister Dion Clermont had this to say "We need Emperor Jules to understand that the 'legality' of his actions are irrelevant. What happened in Groot-Belgie is a travesty and so we re-iterate our request for him to step down, release the former government and hold democratic elections. Our utmost priority is for peace to resume in Groot-Belgie and the EU"

    The government has also stated that the offer for fellow EU members to discuss the current on-goings in Groot-Belgie still stands.

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    Groot-Belgian Emperor executes former cabinet and then kills himself

    31/7/2014 - The government of Miraco would like to extend their condolences to the families of all victims of this tragedy. "Our hearts go out to all the victims of this massacre, we are truly shocked by what happened." commented Prince Jaques.

    In interest of safety changes to flight routes as well as the cancellation of flights to Groot-Belgie will remain in effect until the situation re-stabilises. Economic sanctions will also remain in effect until parliament can discuss the current events, though their removal seems likely imminent.

    The EU now looks at the late Emperor Jules' nephew Geert, in hopes that he will bring Groot-Belgie stability and allow it to move forward as a nation.

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    Miraco government revokes sanctions against Groot-Belgie

    4/8/2014 - Following discussions regarding the Groot-Belgian crisis in Mertz, the government of Miraco would like to congratulate the people of Groot-Belgie on their elections as well as the coronation of a new Emperor, which will be attended by the Miracan ambassador.

    Parliament convened earlier today to vote on whether or not to lift economic sanctions; parliament overwhelmingly voted in favour of removal. Prime Minister Dion Clermont had this to say "The sanctions were placed in response to the actions of the late former Emperor Jules and not the actions of the Groot-Belgian people. We are pleased that the situation appears to be improving following democratic elections and a new emperor and so we have decided to revoke the sanctions"

    The suspension of all passenger flights to Groot-Belgie, re-direction of flight routes, as well as the travel warning will remain in place for the time being. These security measures will be removed following full stabilisation of Groot-Belgie. Prince Jaques had this to say "On behalf of the government and people of Miraco, we only hope to see Groot-Belgie put this tragedy behind them and move forward as a nation"

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    Miraco government announces withdrawal from ANAN

    The Miracan government announced today it's withdrawal from the Alliance of North Atlantic Nations (ANAN) citing the fact that it no longer aligns itself with the ideals of the alliance and that the project was too ambitious to truly be effective. The government would like to note that it is not in personal disagreement with it's former alliance members and that it looks forward to working with them in the future.

    More on this story to come.

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