July Update

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    ~July 2013 Update~

    Nations: 178
    **World Assembly Delegate: ** Occoron

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    **Premier: ** Peter Montfort, Angleter
    Foreign Affairs: Colleen Bennet, Rhine Ruhr
    **Defence and Peacekeeping:**Karolinasz Jaedala, Os Corelia
    Economics: Marie Rivas, Northern Caesarea
    Internal Affairs: Blair von Schroeder, Red Croatia

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    **Chief Justice: ** Beaver, Gun-toting Animals
    Justice: Idla Bcassj, Kryuland
    Justice: Concordia Ferro, Pax Aurea
    Justice: Lars Josef Knudsen, North Europa
    Justice: Gergely Stjepanic, Balkan Socialist Federation

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    **Speaker of the European Council: ** Acwellan Lir Devoy am Harrison, Duxburian Union

    **Socialist Workers Party (SWP): ** Communist, Socialist, Anti-Capitalist
    Party of European Socialists and Democrats (S&D): Social Democrat, Integrationist
    **Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for a Green Europe (ALDGE): ** Social Liberal, Environmentalist
    **European Classical Liberals (ECL): ** Classical Liberal, Pragmatic
    **Union of European Conservatives (UEC): ** Conservative, Christian Democrat
    **European National Party (ENP): ** Fascist, National Socialist

    Commission News

    • The election process which began in the latter days of June concluded on the sixteenth of July bringing about the Fourteenth Commission of the European Union. Peter Montfort of Angleter was elected Premier Commissioner with Blair von Schroeder (Red Croatia), Colleen Bennet (Rhine Ruhr), Marie Rivas (Northern Caesarea), and Karolinasz Jaedala also making it onto the Commission.

    • Premier Montfort, like all Premier Commissioners, has been charged with filling out the rest of the Commission Offices with those elected by the region. Blair von Schroeder of Red Croatia is the new Internal Affairs Commissioner. Colleen Bennet of Rhine Ruhr was placed in the Office of Foreign Affairs. The Office of Defense & Peacekeeping will be filled by Karolinasz Jaedala of Os Corelia. The Commission is rounded out by Marie Rivas in the Economics Commission Office.

    • These elections have been celebrated as a major victory for the still young Union of European Conservatives (UEC) which won two of the Commission spots which include Premier Commissioner Montfort and Commissioner von Schroeder. The UEC managed to get two-thirds of their candidates onto the Commission boasting by far the largest voting base. The European Classic Liberals (ECL) relied on bipartisan support to get its one candidate, Colleen Bennet, elected to the Commission. Both Jaedala and Rivas relied on the left to see to it that they were elected to the Commission. Rivas has long been the leader of the Party of European Socialists and Democrats (S&D) and Jaedala was a solid candidate from the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for a Green Europe (ALDGE).

    • Foreign Affairs Commissioner Bennet has already begun working in her new office. Bennet is currently overhauling the region?s recruiting system while trying to rally interest in recruiting. The region?s population has increased by 25 since the revamping began to take place.

    • Defense Commissioner Jaedala and Internal Affairs Commissioner von Schroeder have teamed up to begin discussion on possibly improving the security of the region?s Capital in Europolis. They have created and distributed a survey titled Europolis Security Review to the Council?s delegates. Pending the responses to the survey, the Commissioners plan to renovate the security measures at the region?s institutional buildings.Court News

    • The European Union?s elections came to a conclusion seeing Joe Beaver of Gun-toting Animals ascending to the position of Chief Justice. Justices Idla Bcassj (Kryuland), Concordia Ferro (Pax Aurea), Lars Josef Knudson (North Europa), and Gergely Stjepanic (Balkan Socialist Federation) too have made it onto the bench.Council News

    • This month oversaw the election for the Speaker of the European Council. The race which takes place once ever eighteen months saw only two candidates: Acwellan Devoy am Harrison of Duxburian Union and Bent Jerrik Christiansen of North Europa. The incumbent, Acwellan Devoy, received overwhelming support and shall remain the Council Speaker for another term.

    • Discussion in the Council is still ongoing about deploying the European Relief Forces to the Caribbean region that was affected by Hurricane Athena earlier this month. Hundreds of millions of Euros is being requested in aid by both Pax Aurea and Sint Maarten who have been devastated by this storm.Other News

    • ?The Lacertain Summit? between Inimicus and Red Croatia which took place in Lacerta, Inimicus saw Councilors Barrington of Inimicus and Kosor of Red Croatia meet in order to discuss trade and the creation of a cultural exchange program between there nations.

    • On July 8th the Aurean Provinces of Colonial Nova and Celestica as well as the Rhinian Protectorate of Sint Maarten were struck by a Category 1 Hurricane named Athena. The storm caused billions of Euros in damage and has been blamed for the death of nearly a hundred people. An outpouring of humanitarian aid came from many nations throughout European Union. As the rebuilding process begins, many still find themselves displaced by the storm and are reliant on continuous aid while they recover. Rhine Ruhr and Pax Aurea have appealed to the European Council to deploy the European Relief Forces to provide a more steady and permanent aid to the region until they are able function normally again.

    • A meeting between Queen Aleksandra Aries III of Red Coratia and Viscount Miltok Hargadoon of Os Corelia is still ongoing in the Rechcroatian capital of Zadar. So far the pair has discussed jointly pursuing sources of alternative energies in their nations, tourism, the free movement of people?s, shared academic recognition, increased trade in the fishing industry, and a healthy debate about same-sex marriage. The Summit of Zadar looks to carry over into the next month and will likely lead to a very close relationship between the nations of Red Croatia and Os Corelia in the coming future.

    • On the two year anniversary of the London Transit Terrorist attack, The United Kingdom managed to track down and detain the attack?s orchestrator Owain Davies of the Crusaders Against Corrupt Britain terror cell.

    • After a three month layoff Eurovoice, the region?s leading music competition, has returned for its eighteenth incarnation. The contest is taking place on the DNS Illian Evander, an aircraft carrier off the coast of the Duxburian Union. The winner of Eurovoice XVIII will be reveled in next month?s update.

    • Marrakechia has announced plans to vastly increase its investment in tourism. ?The Luxury Kingdom? aims to attract up to thirty million European travelers in the coming year.

    • On July 12th a car bomb exploded in Roma, the capital of Nazione Italiana. Twenty are dead including two infants and a Senator. Authorities are not sure who is behind the attacks, but they believe that the attack was not of domestic origin.

    • In Balkan Socialist Federation, The Federation Council has selected a new Prime Minister. The Council unanimously confirmed the appointment of Matej Pasternak by President Nikolai Yanev. The freshly elected Federation Council has wasted no time and has already legislated an experimental program involving tidal power. The Council has also authorized the creation of the nation?s Navy and created a national space agency.

    • On July 24th Kryuland legalized same sex marriage in a likely historical vote in the nation?s legislative bodies. Kryuland follows Davishire who too joined the growing club of nations legalizing homosexual marriage in recent years.

    • The European Nuclear Application Authority (ENAA) once again has chosen to deny the Imperial Commonwealth of Davishire of a nuclear weapons program. Widely supported by Parliament and the Public, Prime Minister David Cameron criticized the body for their decision as well as the extra measures taken by the ENAA to prevent Davishire from applying again for the next two months. Prime Minister Cameron has agreed to meet with Defense Commissioner Jaedala in order to discuss The Imperial Commonwealth?s nuclear ambitions.

    • A Cholera outbreak has plagued the Aurean Isle of Achaia in the aftermath of Hurricane Athena. Nearly two hundred and fifty people were infected before the source of the contamination was discovered. A public bath house was found to be the source of the bacteria. Luckily no one has died since the outbreak started and patients are beginning to recover in area hospitals.

    • King Stenbren I of Davishire has decided to abdicate the throne in a move to ?modernize Davishire?. Despite a recent referendum that showed public support for King Stenbren I, his majesty has decided to allow his brother, Prince Hubert, to ascend to the throne starting on the 16th of August. Prince Hubert is the younger brother to the current King who said that ?Prince Hubert . . . is much younger and more capable?. We will keep you posted on the events of the Davishire Royal Family in our August update.Special Remarks

    • European Union completed its first game of Mafia at the start of this month. The game resulted in a Mafia victory and the winners are Red Croatia and North Europa.

    • We would like to congratulate Randomain and Ater Nox for winning elections for their respective seats in the 10,000 Islands? Council of 9.

    • We would like to wish Matilda luck as she leaves Canada?s Internal Affairs Office in exchange for External Affairs.

    • European Union whishes luck to all of the candidates in the current House of Commons Elections going on in The British Isles. We also hope that the next Prime Minister will be able to overcome the inactivity that has plagued the region recently.That's all for now, see you next month!

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