A Message from His Majesty King Hubert the Second

  • Fellow Councillors,

    As European Councillor for Davishire I have been asked by my king to deliver this message to all members of this council.

    Kind Regards,

    Cllr W. Hughs
    The Commonwealth of Davishire

    A Message to the European Council from His Majesty King Hubert the Second, King of Davishire its peoples and territories

    To all European councillors,

    As you may be aware I King Hubert the Second have been crowned king of the Commonwealth of Davishire and as a result I am now head of state. My predecessor took a very slim role in the government of Davishire, I will be taking more of an active role.

    Over the past months Davishire has often been at conflict with the region and as a result I do fear that fellow European nations may feel negative views towards Davishire, this displeases me because as head of state I would like to work with our regional partners.

    I am sure that in the future further cooperation between nations will help to make the European Union a stronger and more secure place in which to live. In order to do this nations must be transparent in how they operate, in order to gain trust. It is my aim within Davishire to work with my government in order to help my nation to become more transparent to you all in order to try and gain this trust. If any nation state has a concern about Davishire then please do contact my government so that any issues can be rectified to improve relations.

    On behalf of my government I would also like to invite all fellow heads of state or government to a summit in Sandford. A variety of issues can be discussed relating to the region as a whole. If any nations would be interested in such an event then please do send us a message as soon as possible so that we can get the organisational elements of such a meeting moving.

    I look forward to working with the region over the coming months and hopefully years as our nation grows and develops within a strong and united Europe.

    Kindest respects,

    His Majesty King Hubert the Second,
    King of Davishire its peoples and territories.

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    A delegation from Os Corelia would be delighted to attend. Despite our past differences we see this conference as a chance for renewal and after the progress with Commissioner Jaedala we see no reason to be at conflict but to only seek cooperation.

    Viscount Miltok Hargadoon
    Head of State
    The New Parliamentary Republic of Os Corelia

    Prime Minister Katrushka Milios
    Head of Parliment
    The New Parlimaentary Republic of Os Corelia

  • I think Prime Minister Wilfred Cocx would be very happy to attend the Davishire King's summit. I will inform him and I am sure he will come. May I also wish your majesty the very best for all his time, and wish Davishire the best in the European Union.

    Sir Augustus Barrington

  • President Nikolai Yanev will gladly attend. And on behalf of the Balkan Socialist Federation we do hope your reign is a happy, and long one.

  • The President of the Republic, Mr. William Malkox would gladly participate in such an important diplomatic event

  • Queen of Red Croatia, Aleksandra Van Aries the Third or as she is more commonly known as - Aleksandra Aries will gladly attend this diplomatic event with a group of her personally chosen bodyguards and myself.

    Jadranka Kosor
    Red Croatia's EU Councilor

  • In the name of The Incorporated States of Almiro, I wish HM King Hubert the Second a prosperous and long reign.

    Also, I just checked with our Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a delegation from Almiro would gladly participate.

    Koichi Mashimo,
    Vice-president of the CCPA and current European Councillor
    The Incorporated States of Almiro

  • Emperor Maximillian the First would be happy to attend the summit in Davishire, and we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

  • President Gaius Proctus of Pax Aurea would be delighted to attend to the summit in Davishire; should he be prevented to do so by other matters of the state, the Federal Commonwealth will be represented by Minister of Foreign Affairs Valeria Valerianus.

  • http://z12.invisionfree.com/European_Union...?showtopic=2942

    [[OOC: Here is the link for the thread to the Royal Conference. Matters will be discussed from Tuesday.]]

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