Big military parade in Groot-Belgie

  • _A telegram has been send to all members of the european union members to invite them to join in to see the military parade and then have a big feast in the temporary presidential palace to discussthe role of Groot-Belgie in the European union.

    _**to:**everyone that recieves this
    from temporary president Jef Jansens


    Hereby I temporary president of Groot-Belgie invite you, to a big military parade in our capital city of Neo-Imper

    end of telegram

  • Os Corelia is delighted to received such an invitation and would be honoured to send a delegation to attend.

    Viscount Miltok Hargadoon
    Head of State
    The New Parliamentary Republic of Os Corelia


    Prime Minister Katrushka Milios
    Head of Parliament
    The New Parliamentary Republic of Os Corelia

  • In Groot-Belgie all preparation have begun from the parade, the banket and such.

  • The Commonwealth of Davishire would be delighted to attend. His Royal Majesty Prince Stenbren, Duke of Davishire will be attending.


    RT Hon William Hughs,
    European Councillor

  • Red Croatia, as one of the most influental pacifist nations doesn't think that something such as a war force is worthy of a international celebration, and therefore will avoid sending a delegation to this event.

    Jadranka Kosor
    Red Croatia's European Councilor

  • The King Charly I and Queen Salina of Marrakechia confirms that will take part in Groot Belgie

  • In Groot-Belgie everything was ready to welcome the international leaders in the capital, teh army was ready to parade, the food ad the chefs were ready for the banket

    ooc: if you don't have confirmed yet just act if you confirmed and arrive by plane/boat/car/bus etc

  • _In Groot-Belgie everything was ready to recieve the foreign leaders _

  • It was Prince Stenbrens first event as a prince since his abdication from the throne He has baan asked by his king to attend an event at a relatively unknown nation within the EU, as the plane landed Prince Stenbren was anxious to meet those who invite him to see the parade

  • As the plane of the prince of Davishire landed the soldiers stood in two rows one at each side of the red carpet. the plance was taxied right in front of one end. The officer in charge yelled at his men


    The soldiers saluted all perfectly in a wave beginning from the end where the plance stands and because the prince was first the temporary president Jef Jansens stood there at the other end. As he watched the prince come out of the plane he said while he bowed

    Hello prince, I am temporary president Jef Jansens, great to meet you on this gloruis day

  • As there was no established airlink Os Corelian guests of honour arrive in a small fokker100 used for state business. As the plane parked up the the stars were revealed down came Count and Countessa Vordenvek, founders of the Os Corelius Party and Heads of the Corelian County hall. This was their first ever public engagement in such a capacity.

  • The King and Queen of Marrakechia has just landed and the doors are prepared to open.

  • _The planes of Os Corelia and Marrakechia pardked not far from the plane of Davishire. The procedure was the same but the commanding officer said.

    Your Excellencies. l am honoured. Will you follow my lead to the Temporary president, he is waiting at the plane of Davishire.

  • The limousines where also ready to depart to the location of the parade

  • Prince Stenbren moves towards the car but stops briefly to speak to the president,

    "Mr President, I hear that your military has recently undergone some cutbacks in terms of its size, maybe joining a defence treaty might interest you?"

  • **on the contrary prince, the cutback you are speaking of is the cleaning up of unused troops or the troops we don't have the tech for. That is also know as the navy. But we have increased our infantery.

    As for the defence organisation, I am surely we will join. we can speak about the details on the way to the parade or during dinner**

    ooc: the parade will only take one post

  • The prince steps into the car with the temporary President and continues,

    "So Mr President, a defence pact will help to guarantee the secuity of your nation until you can get onto your feet. Davishire can provide training programmes and such and other signatories such as the BSF are also able to contribute with training and other facilities.

    What do you think?"

  • I am sure the parlemaint will agree to this, Most of our men have expierence in battle already from the indepance war. This is the main purpose of inviting foreign leaders to our parade after all

    the car started and left from the airport, escorted by policemen on motor cycles