The Joint Defence Organisation

  • The Joint Defence Organisation

    The Joint Defence Organisation is a cluster of nations working together to guarantee a nations defence against hostile enemies. The aim of the treaty is to promote defence cooperation between nations with the intention of also developing defences to protect nations from nuclear ballistic missiles for those who don't possess nuclear weapons.

    All nations within the European Union are invited to sign up to the treaty which comes into force on the 20th September 2013 at 21:00 BST (GMT +1:00). Nations can hold Full member, associate member or observer member status.

    The nations which have already signed the treaty are listed here;**
    -The Commonwealth of Davishire**(co-founder)
    -The Balkan Socialist Federation(co-founder)

    Current Command Positions Held

    General Secretary of the JDO- General J. Coleman DC and Bar (Davishire)

    Commander of the JCO- Acting-General H. Brighouse D.C (Davishire)until 5th October

    2 in Command JCO- General Branko Milojević (BSF

    Below you will find the Joint Defence Agreement


    The Joint Defence Agreement


    The Parties to this Treaty reaffirm their faith in the purposes and principles of the European Union and their desire to live in peace with all peoples and all governments.

    They are determined to safeguard the freedom, common heritage and civilization of their peoples, founded on the principles of democracy, individual liberty and the rule of law. They seek to promote stability and well-being in Europe and their respected countries.

    They are resolved to unite their efforts for collective defense and for the preservation of peace and security. They therefore agree to this Treaty and to abide by it henceforth.

    Section I- Joint Defence Guarantee

    Ia- All parties to this treaty do affirm eachothers right to national sovereignty over their peoples and territories

    Ib- All parties to this treaty will, if requested by another party nation during period of conflict, deploy enough armed forces as may be deemed necessary to protect the national sovereignty of that partner nation under a joint command structure (As per section II of the treaty)

    Ic- If a party nation is unable to request assistance as a consequence of an attack on its nation then another party nation can assist as they believe is required to protect the freedom of that party nation or to restore good government

    Ic- All parties agree as per this treaty that an attack on one party shall be considered an attack on all signatories and that an appropriate armed response shall be enacted including the use of nuclear weapons if considered appropriate

    Id- This section of the treaty shall cannot be invoked when a party nation attacks another nation without the approval of all signatories

    Ie- This section of the treaty shall not be invoked when a signatory member attacks another signatory member

    If- This section of the treaty shall not be invoked in the event of civil disturbances or civil war unless nuclear, biological or chemical weapons could be used against a civilian population

    Section II- Joint Command Structure

    IIa- All parties to this treaty understand that a cooperative command structure is key for this treaty to be valid

    IIb- This treaty will establish a "Joint Command Office" where a joint command structure will be based. This will be established in the joint armed forces base in Davishire

    IIc- The "Joint Command Office" shall be commanded by an officer ranking Major General (or equivalent) who shall be based in the Joint Armed Forces Base in Davishire. The Joint Military Commander post shall be switched once every 6 month period with the non commanding signatory providing a second in joint command with the rank of Brigadier (or equivalent) changing oncce every 6 month period
    ? ? ? ? IIc)a This command change can be extended by an additional period of 12? ? ?
    months in the event of an armed conflict

    IId- The "Joint Command Office" shall command all forces which are on joint armed operations under the banner of this treaty

    IIe- The "Joint Command Office" shall not have jurisdiction over forces not assigned to operations under the banner of this treaty

    Section III- Joint Peacekeeping Force

    IIIa-Under the banner of this treaty a "Joint Peacekeeping Force" is formed under the control of the "Joint Command Office"
    ? ? ? IIIa)a- The "Joint Peacekeeping Force" shall consist of armed forces deployed by consenting signatory nations as part of the "Joint Defence Agreement"

    IIIb- The force shall be tasked if agreed upon by a signatory member state to be sent into it's nation to help keep peace in times of crisis.
    ? ? ? ? IIIb)a- The "Joint Peacekeeping Force" shall remain under the command of the "Joint Command Office" during such deployments

    IIIc- All signatory nations must unanimously agree to the deployment and the nation itself must have declared a crisis.
    ? ? IIIc)a- A Crisis is defined as a national threat caused by natural disasters, civil disobedience or civil war

    IIId- The "Joint Peacekeeping Force" may be deployed into non-signatory nations if said nation has asked for it directly and is an observer or associate member of the treaty. (as per section V)

    IIIe. Each signatory has the right to pull it's troops out of peace-keeping operations at any time given a one month's notice.

    Section IV-Armed Forces Cooperation

    Hereby Defining; Troops- Air,Sea or Land Forces of a nation

    IVa- As per section I of this agreement all signatory members agree to deploy a number of troops as is required under the "Joint Defence Guarantee".
    ? ? ? IVa)a- This number shall not exceed 1,000,000 men from each signatory member or as is required to ensure the defence of each signatory member state.

    IVb- Each signatory nation as per this agreement will provide the accomodation and training facilities for armed units of other signatory members as is required by Section I- The Joint Defence Guarantee
    ? ?
    IVc- The armed forces of signatory members will undertake regular joint training exercises with other members to ensure smooth cooperation during joint deployments

    **Section V- Nuclear Weapons **

    This Section is yet to be written.

    Section VI:Bases

    VIa- Each nation shall hold one joint command base in their country. This may be expanded upon agreement of all parties.
    ? ? ? ? VIa)a The central "Joint Command Office" shall be sited on the Joint Command Base in Davishire. This is where the Joint Military Commanders shall be situated.

    VIb- Foreign bases of non-signatory members shall require the approval of two/thirds of signatories. Full Members shall have the power to veto such bases.

    Section VII- New Signatories

    VIIa-? Any state of the European may be invited to this alliance and accede to it's treaty if given Unanimous consent of all signatories.

    VIIb- There shall be three levels of accession. Observer Status, Associate Member and Full Member. Each level shall need approval of all full members to accede to the Joint Defence Agreement

    Section VIII- Changes to Treaty

    VIIIa- All sections of this "Joint Defence Agreement" may be subject to change
    ? ? ? ? ? VIIIa)a- All changes must be debated in a summit of all signatories

    VIIIb- In Order to make a change to treaty a unanimous agreement by all signatories is required.
    ? ? ? ? ?? VIIIb)a- The original writers of this treaty (The Commonwealth of Davishire and the Balkan Socialist Federation) do have the power to veto any changes to treaty

    Section IX-General Secretariat

    IXa-There shall be a permanent council with each nation receiving one representative. The council shall be known as the Joint Defence Council.

    IXb- The Council shall have supreme authority over all things under treaty and may set general policy. It also decides the cases of defense or use of WMDs. It shall meet in monthly summits. Though emergency summits may be called by any sigatory state

    IXc-The general Secretary shall run the main government of this treaty organization. And shall rotate among the members over periods of 6 calender months

    IXb-The Joint Military Commander is junior to the General Secretary and Treaty Council and must follow policy as laid out by the General Secretary

    Section X- Accountability for War Crimes

    Xa- Any forces operating under the banner of the Joint Defence Agreement must abide by international regulations as much as possible

    Xb- In the event of a war crime being committed the Joint Military Commander and the General Secretary shall be held responsible alongside the individuals involve

    Xc- All members of the Joint Defence Agreement and the forces operating under the Joint Defence Agreement are answerable to the European Court of Justice at all times

    Section XI- Closing Statement

    XIa- With this treaty the Commonwealth of Davishire and the Balkan Socialist Federation do affirm their commitment to each others defence and to work together henceforth for peace, freedom and justice and all other values of both our nations and our allies within the European Union and we encourage other nations to follow these values and request to join the organisation.

    The treaty shall be referred to as the Joint Defence Agreement and the organisation shall be called the Joint Defence Organisation.

    Any nations which wish to join please complete the application form below and repost

    (military size will not affect application success)
    Military Size(personnel):
    Army Size(Personnel,tanks,artillery):
    Air Force Size(Planes):
    Navy Size(Ships):
    Nuclear Weapons(Yes or no):
    Space program?:

    Application Information
    Why do you wish to join the JDO?:
    Target Status(Observer, Associate Member, Member)
    Who is responsible for this application:
    If accepted who will be your JDO representative:
    Do you agree to the JDA treaty?:[/code]

  • The URE government officially leaves the JDO citing it's ineffectiveness. It is willing to allow Davishire forces to stay in the base they have near Remus City. This is enacted from legislation based at 8 am today.

  • The Commonwealth of Davishire does formally leave the JDO effective 11am this morning

  • (OOC: Actually I did by having legislation pass early this morning)

  • I should be added in the list cause Davishire invited me and stuff and I agreed

  • OOC: The Organisation has just died.

  • thats a bummer

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