Terra Mortem - Miraco highway discussions

  • Draco Cain sat impatiently at Mordecai International Airport. "When is she going to arrive?" Cain's guard asks. "Don't worry," Cain says "I heard her flight was delayed she shouldn't be long."
    "Why was it delayed, may I ask?" The guard asks Cain.
    "Thunder Storms, Josiah. A storm was passing through Miraco this morning. She should be along soon." Cain replies.
    "Very well sir, very well." Josiah says going back to his usual respectful self.
    Just as the conversation ends, Josiah turns his attention to his earpiece, hearing something that Draco can't hear. "Sir," Josiah says, "Her plane is about to land."
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    Eloise Murray arrives at Mordecai International Airport. She exits the plane is greeted by Draco Cain "Apologies for the delay a storm raged through Miraco today and the flight was delayed. How shall we proceed to discuss the affairs of our two nations then?"

  • "No trouble at all madam." Draco Cain replies "If you'll follow me, there's government car right outside that take us to Capital Square, were we can discuss the matters that you came for." Draco Cain and his guard lead Eloise Murray through the airport and out the door, and are met by cheering crowds waving the flag of Miraco. Security guards clear the crowd aside and Draco Cain and Eloise Murray enter a car.

    After driving for less than 10 minutes, they stop in front of a large gray building. A number of guards rush to the car and escort them into the building, up a series of stars, and into a conference with a large seal on the wall.

    Draco Cain sits down and invites Murray to sit. "Shall we start?" He asks, unfolding a map of Terra Mortem's current highway system.
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    "The purple land in the top left of this image is Miraco. The nation centered is Terra Mortem, black dots are population centers, and yellow lines are highways." Cain says, pointing out various things on the map.

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    "The closest cities in Miraco to the Terra Mortem border would be Orleans and Manaranche, therefore we suggest extending your highway system to both of those cities. Miraco's highway system extends both of those cities to our capital, Mertz." replies Eloise Murray. She adds "We would also like to extend the Miraco National Railway, Miraco's highspeed railway into Terra Mortem, though we ask that you tell us where to expand it to, provided you agree to this."

  • "Agreed," replies Cain "and the railway would also be very welcome as mean of inter-nation travel. Now," Cain continues "we should discuss cost. 80-120 miles of Highway is going to cost..." He opens his laptop and types something. "950 million euros - 1.495 billion euros, and the railway could cost up to 1.148 billion euros. I propose our nations pay for the section of the highway and railway that lie within the borders of our respective nations."

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    Eloise Murray pauses for a second and consults with her staff. "The nation of Miraco agrees to the proposition by Terra Mortem, however we wish to know whether or not Terra Mortem is included in the Schengen agreement?"

  • Draco Cain looks momentarily confused, but regains his composure. "I have never heard of such a thing, but I'm sure arrangements can be made if such a thing is necessary to get these highways built."

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    Eloise responds "The Schengen agreement is an open border agreement between opting members of the European Union in order to facilitate inter-nation travel, we propose you join this agreement in order to strengthen ties with the EU and to allow citizens to more freely move between our nations. However we shall proceed with plans to build our travel infrastructure regardless of whether you choose to opt-in or not. On behalf of his Royal Highness and the nation of Miraco we look forward to future dealings with your nation"

  • "I personally believe that Terra Mortem would benefit from this agreement, and would be willing to sign it." Says Draco Cain "If our nation signs it, we can begin construction of this highway immediately, and the highway will be completed by October 15th."

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    "It's settled then, we look forward to cooperating with your nation" replies Eloise Murray as she signs all documents involved in this new agreement. Her staff and her then go to the hotel where she prepares to return to Miraco the following day.