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  • I would like to start an ambassador program for the EU. Ambassadors would be responsible for maintaining and if possible improving relationships between our region and those we share embassies with. These ambassadors would each be assigned to a region that we have relations with. They will be expected to semi-regularly visit the forums of the region they are assigned to and occasionally post on them. It should be mostly OOC posts in the appropriate areas and never in discussions of great importance. These nations would also be expected to post the monthly update of our region (as written by the Foreign Affairs Commissioner) on the forums of their assigned region.

    The best example of someone who does this sort of work (that we all know of) would be Matilda who has become a favorite visitor to our forums. She comes on every now and again posting some spam as well as other OOC conversations and she posts the Canadian monthly update.

    Of course I believe that if European Union were to start such a program that it be under the Office of Foreign Affairs under the management of the Commissioner. The Foreign Affairs Commissioner would be responsible for posting about open ambassador positions to new regions (as well as replacing ambassadors when needed) then assigning a person the job. Ambassadors should be strictly volunteers and positions should be given out on a case-by-case basis. No one ambassador should be blanketed with a majority of the work. Ideally 1-2 regions per ambassador. Ambassadors would be expected to report back to the Foreign Affairs Commissioner with any information that they find to be of importance.

    Please reply with and questions or comments that you may have. This would also be the place to pledge support of such a program being created. Thank you.

  • I volunteer. x)

  • I like the idea. I admire the work that Matilda can do on our forum as far as participation in little spam games and such. That kind of stuff has certainly endeared her to us and we should try having that kind of relationship with other regions. It's not possible for one person to do that in all the regions we have forum embassies with.

  • This is a good idea .. Well done ... I volunteer also

  • very good idea!

  • What a brilliant idea! Now that it's on the table, it's almost surprising that no-one suggested this earlier.

  • Sounds Good, I also volunteer

  • QUOTE (Pax Aurea @ September 8th, 2013 - 8:15)

    What a brilliant idea! Now that it's on the table, it's almost surprising that no-one suggested this earlier.

    I think it was tried years back, but it failed. Angleter will have to confirm. I think we now have an appropriate amount of active people to get the job done though.

  • I would like to volunteer as well.

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