Party Organisation Legislation

  • Party Organisation

    President of ELP

    The President shall serve terms of two months, working alphabetically so as to allow each member to hold power. Should a President wish to decline the offer, they may do so with a request to the party who shall speak out if they have any objection. If a President does not post two weeks prior to their intitiation date, they shall forfeit the priviledge for that cycle. President shall reside over discussions concerning party matters. President shall be Official Party Spokesperson in Parliament should the party take an official line on Legislation or Amendments. President shall be Head of Relations with other parties, however an advisor may be appointed to help with such discussions. President shall appoint three Council Members. President shall also appoint a Chief Whip.

    Party Council

    Party Council shall consist of three members appointed by the current President. They serve as an Advisory Panel to the President, reporting on matters that may concern the Party as well as serving to help on Legislative matters. They may also help in negotiations with other parties.

    Chief Whip

    Chief Whip shall inform Party Members on any Official Stance the party may take on Legislative matters in the EU Parliament. They shall use a system of Stars (*) to state how important it is to vote on the Legislation with the Party stance; three stars being hugely important, one being of little importance. The Whip shall attempt to find out other Party's positions on legislation and so decide upon the importance to vote accordingly.

    Party Members

    Party Members shall have the power to propose legislation to the Party as well as to Parliament. They may also ask the President to promote legislation in Parliament upon their behalf. They may promote legislation themselves but must recieve a Simple Majority from the Party for the Party to support it officially. They shall also have the power to use a Vote of No Confidence against any Party Official they feel is not adequate for the position. A Simple Majority (+50%) shall pass the VoNC and the next President shall immediately take seat.

    Voting System

    Any vote held by the Party shall give each member One Vote. The result will be determined by a Simple Majority (+50%). Any member may abstain from voting. Voting Stations shall be open for a period of 5 days. Party Members who are unable to vote during those 5 days may request for their vote to be included through posting on the forum prior to the voting dates. However, should they then be found to have voted the member shall be excluded from voting on the next matter. Repeated abuse of the system shall result in their exclusion from the Party.