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    This is the official embassy of Caprecia & Nysa to the European Union. Keep us up to date here on events in your region, and once again, welcome to the European Union!

  • *****Caprecian and Nysan Foreign Update*****

    You're one-stop shop for bite-sized Oracian news!

    Your News Bytes below:**

    • New Statistics Format The ministry has made it even easier to post your statistics updates, giving you this handy little sheet to quickly scribble all of your info into. (The Gingerbread men are a nice touch by the way)
    • Campaigns Ahoy There's a new way to upgrade your nations prestige and power, called campaigns! Campaigns are a new thing put on by the Ministry that basically play out as prolonged expansions that multiple nations can participate in and benefit (or deficit) from. For more info, talk to an RP Minister.
    • World Cup on Hiatus If you didn't know about the Oracian World Cup, you're either new, or sadly uninformed. Basically, Ikarius had the wonderful idea to simulate an Oracian World Cup using the EA Sports game FIFA 13 by recording the matches and posting them to this YouTube channel. It was and still is a great idea, but sadly Ikar was unable to continue the event. Real shame, since my Florinthians were doing well.
    • Caprecian RP Minister Election Fun Caprecians elected their RP Minister into office recently, and naturally, the incumbent Lines was reelected with an overwhelming 75% of the vote against an anonymous challenger, whom never shall be named. ever...
    • Ministry Makes Expansion Easier In order to streamline the expansion system, the Ministry has implemented an expansion board where members can request rebel roleplayers or volunteer to be a rebel RPer. Everyone should sign up, if you can, since it'll make the whole process simpler and easier, hopefully.

    Well, there you have it. There's your News Bytes for this edition. If you have any news that you think is important feel free to PM the editor (me?) and it'll get thrown into the next issue!

    Where I feature one of the esteemed nations of Oracia

    The Hetmanate of Kubaniza
    A paradise for American neo-conservatism: AKA Ronald Reagantopia

    user posted image
    Isn't he cute?

    The Hetmanate of Kubaniza is a nation on the western coast of East Uroca, which is in Zaroca, in case you didn't know. It's a moderately sized nation with a sizable population of around 80 million Kubanizans (can I call them Kubs?). Kubaniza is a Hetmanate, which is derived from the title of their leader, the Hetman, which is originally derived from a military and political title in Eastern Europe, particularly Ukraine and Poland. Kubaniza is loosely based on the cultures of the upper slavs, which pretty much is Poland-Lithuania. The most important thing you need to know about Kubaniza is that you don't mess with their freedoms, or more appropriately, what they define as their freedoms.

    Kubanizans are CRAZY about their freedom, even if their definition is a little... err... incomplete by my definition. In a nutshell, Kubanizans want to be left alone when it comes to their wallets, guns, and privacy. This seems pretty standard. Kubanizans must love freedom. This is where it gets tricky though, because Kubanizans dont want freedom in every aspect of their lives. In fact, they want control over these aspects of their life, which mostly revolve around their faith and religious beliefs. Kubaniza has very strict laws regarding such things as homosexuality, abortion (which is seen as murder), rape, illegal immigration, and even things as silly as witchcraft. The police in Kubaniza don't make arrests terribly often, but when they do they known for their brutality towards criminals. These sorts of things don't, to me, seem in line with a nation of people desiring freedom. Most of the religious laws no doubt stem from the fact that over 95% of the nation follows the beliefs of Thecianism, but its still hard to believe that a nation dedicated to "Freedom" and "Liberty" would support such brutality and strictness.

    As stated in its title, Kubaniza is a Hetmanate, which is basically a monarchy. The Hetman, currently Dmytro Khmelnytsky, rules supreme over all in the land. This includes the other inferior governments that rule the different counties of Kubaniza, though this power is described as being "used sparingly". To assist the Hetman, all the counts have formed what is called the Hetman's Council, or Hetmana Roda, and though this is technically called the legislative body of Kubaniza, this is really more of a misnomer since they can't actually craft any legislature without the Hetman's approval. There is also a People's Court, which is naturally subordinate to the all-powerful Hetman.

    As you can imagine, this Hetman guy really has a lot of power over everything, so you would naturally assume that this is some sort of totalitarian government. This is partly true, but its important to remember that the Hetman's job is to rule for the benefits of all the people while still respecting their "rights" as described above. It's a delicate (and partly contradictory) balancing act, I can imagine, but it is one that the Kubanizans have made work, obviously. Clearly, this is a nation founded on the principles of the American Republican party, which believes in strong political and economic freedoms, but strong restrictions on personal freedoms.

    Some other interesting things about Kubaniza: Their currency is called the Kapa which reminds me of the little ugly green lizard-creatures from Japanese mythology.

    user posted image
    [small]This is a Kappa? ewwwww[/small]

    Kubanizans aren't afraid to fight, and in fact war is often seen as a good thing. They believe that its a way a Kuban man (and recently woman) can fight for their nation, as well as their religion.

    user posted image
    [small]Just look at their flag. Those guns and weapons aren't there for decoration, yo![/small]

    Overall, I found Kubaniza to be an interesting nation. I especially liked the use of the Slavic culture, mostly since it isn't used coupled with either communism or Russia. The Polish/Ukranian culture gives Kubaniza lots of points for being unique, thats for sure. The government was also interesting, and I found the perpetual balancing act between the power of the Hetman and the rights of the people to be fascinating. If you want to learn more about the Hetmanate of Kubaniza, check out their factbook here.

    A special thank you goes out to Kubaniza for allowing me to feature his nation in this edition. If you wan't your nation to be featured in the next edition of the Bathtub Reader (come on, you do wink.gif ) Post below in the comments!

    A feature presentation for your supreme enjoyment[/center]

    Your Casus Belli and You[center]
    Why you should and shouldn't kill your neighbors[/center]

    So you want to start a war, do you? Great. You've picked out an attractive plot of land with plenty of resources and access to the sea. You've got your men on the borders, foaming at the mouths to wipe your enemy off the map in the name of your great nation. You've got all the logistical data figured out, and really, there's nothing stopping you from killing all those people, except of course, your reasoning. You haven't yet figured out why it is that you want to kill those people and take your land. Simply put, you have no Casus Belli. Don't worry, my friend. Making a Casus Belli isn't that difficult. Let's dig into exactly what a Casus Belli or "CB" is first.

    Casus Belli is a latin term literally meaning "cause of war", and in modern times it is defined as the justifications for a war or conflict. According to wikipedia, the term first gained widespread usage in the 1600s when describing such things as a "just cause" for war. In our world, only three forms of Casus Belli are internationally accepted as being "just", and those are self-defense, defense of an ally, and on request by the United Nations. That isn't to say that other CB's don't exist, in fact, there are just about as many as you can think of. In our world though, the geopolitical climate has negated other, more primitive CB's, and the nations that use them are generally treated as tyrannical by the international community. On Oracia, there is no such thing as the UN (really), and so there isn't really a set "code of honor" when it comes to Casus Belli's. That being said, the ministry has some rules regarding them to keep the game that is our world fun, fair, and realistic. If you want to read up n what the Ministry has to say about Casus Belli and expansions in general, go here and read up.

    So now that you know what a Casus Belli is, you're all set right? Just pick one that fits and you're ready to go? WRONG! If you didn't click the above link talking about Ministry regulations on expansions, let me tell you right now that some Casus Belli's are simply not going to happen, because their either too easy, too overdone, or too boring, and often all three combined. Don't worry though, below I've written some of the major Do's and Don'ts for Casus Belli in Oracia.

    1) DON'T Play the Righteous Liberator:

    user posted image
    Oh, you're saving their citizens from the likes of this guy? How creative of you...

    Guy's this one is really simple. Not everyone can play the "good guy" liberating the oppressed peoples of facistlandia from their evil dictator. It would get way too boring, way too fast, and there'd be no reason for anyone to intervene ever. The Ministry is really firm about this one, and I've only seen them let it slide in extreme cases,and I've only seen one extreme case so far, so odds are, don't even try it.

    **2) DON'T **Be Overpowered:

    user posted image
    [small]You're doing it wrong[/small]

    Listen people, your enemies aren't ants waiting for you to squish them. They're enemies, and should at least be given a moderate chance of success. They won't be as big, rich, or technologically-advanced as your nation, sure, but that doesn't mean their using sticks and rocks against your machine guns and tanks. A good rule of thumb is this: You should be able to beat your enemy one-on-one, but they should be able to have a fighting chance if they were to garner foreign support. The idea isn't to steamroll your enemies, its to create an interesting roleplay for everyone to read and enjoy.

    3) DO Start a Quagmire:

    user posted image
    [small]Not that Quagmire...[/small]

    You wan't to know what Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Korea all have in common? They were all significantly costly for larger nations to invade, and even managed to avoid being defeated in some cases. This is something you should be looking at when considering your expansion. A long and drawn-out war might be costly to your nations infrastructure and economy, but it'll be fun to read, not to mention the Ministry might be a little more lenient on some other regulations if you make sure you'll lose an arm in the process. Make your expansion difficult, its more fun that way!

    4) DO Be a Bad Boy:[/b]

    user posted image
    Seriously... Be Evil! Just be careful

    When it comes to Casus Belli, there's nothing quite so natural or universally-understood as imperialism, ethnic cleansing, or religious crusades. Yes, those can still happen in our world. Best of all, you'll even have a good reason to indoctrinate all your new mind slaves subjects or, better yet, kill them altogether! NOTE: This strategy, while giving you plenty of valid and simple reasons to invade and subjugate all your neighbors, will NOT earn you any friends. If you abuse this CB, you'll probably be targeted much like the invasion-happy tyrants of our world, and don't expect the Ministry to protect you; the "no-liberation" rule doesn't apply to player nations. When you've finished your murderous crusades, you're liable to get gang-raped by every self-respecting nation still left on the planet, just saying.

    That's what I've got for Casus Belli's. What's your favorite Casus Belli? Comment below!

    Nysa & Caprecia ~ Unity in Friendship

    Founders: Kingborough (Nysa) & TheDomination (Caprecia)
    Prime Minister: Florinthus
    RolePlay Ministers: Lines (Caprecia) and Ikarius (Nysa)


    • Florinthus elected 1st Prime Minister of the Oracian Society, defeating rival candidates Hahklallah, Cameron and Raz.
    • Ikarius reelected Roleplay Minister of Nysa for 3rd term, defeating Kingborough.
    • Roleplay Minister Election act passes the General Assembly to fix loopholes.
    • Everyone notices we had a government all this time.


    • Deltoria and Jandrea begin alliance discussions with the aim of forming a Caprecian Minor Union.
    • The United Kingdom of Syntreal begins discussions on formation.
    • Winter Olympics take place in Millerainia - boycotted by Angleterra after bumbling by IOOC during host selection.
    • Host city applications open for the Summer Olympics. Lead contenders include Cias, Badenburg, Ki'Tal and New Orleans.
    • Winner of Jandrean elections Damien Andros injured in crash, leaving him unable to serve. Sitting PM Michael Roveran keeps his seat.
    • The 8th National Conference is called in Falsea to elect a new General Secretary and Premier
    • New Emperor elected in Carpathia and Moldova.
    • Major powers of Nysa condemn Perentium for human rights violations; Hahklallah considering intervention.
    • Coup fails in the Agrias Combine.

    Greetings and sorry we haven't got an update to you earlier.

    You may or may not know we both joined the Commonwealth of Regions early last year, and have now left that organisation a couple of months ago. Just before leaving, our two regions decided to merge forums and roleplay worlds and since then, Nysa and Caprecia have also merged our governments to form the Oracian Society - so we've been dealing with all the repercussions of that and getting used to each other. We've also been joined by many members from Alterra following its schism, and many ex-Commonwealth members who came to stay with us when we left.

    We've also honestly never put a huge priority on our foreign affairs in the past as roleplay regions, but our new Prime Minister has kicked things into gear so look forward to even more boring news from us. So, read down for said boring news.

    ~ Kingborough

    Since our merger, we've never been better and are having a great time. We've got an activity of 35-40 members visiting the forum a day and over a hundred posts a day, some awesome maps thanks to the esteemed Lines, and we've written a new snazzy constitution to deal with our merged government.

    Caprecia will celebrate it's 7th annieversary this July, and Nysa it's 2nd ... as fate would have it, we discovered last July when me and Dom went to post happy birthday topics that both our regions share the same founding day - the 29th - just several years apart. It's a strange world.

    Thanks to the esteemed Mesta and Deckard Christopher, Oracia also has its own talkshows. The Oracian Report and Crossfire by Mestra and the DC Show by Deckard, which have been generating a ton of interest. The people of Oracia have been able to meet on Skype and debate and discuss our region in some interesting talks on everything from history to evil Kubanizian babies (don't ask). It's always great to put a voice to a name smile.gif You can check out the talkshows here.

    A while back Ikarius hosted an Oracian poker tournament on IRC, which I am told was a blast. We also have had some great literature turning up, with Raz writing a SAO fanfic for us and a poetry circle being opened with some beautiful submissions from Zanaro, Valus and Mestra.

    That's all I can think of for now, and I'm sure you're bored by now so I'll end this here.

    Finally, we'd like to welcome these new people to Oracia who joined recently;

    Brum Brum

    Click it! I dare you.

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  • Good to hear from you again! Thanks for the update!

  • user posted image user posted image

    Nysa & Caprecia ~ Unity in Friendship

    Founders: Kingborough (Nysa) & TheDomination (Caprecia)
    Prime Minister: Florinthus
    RolePlay Ministers: Lines (Caprecia) and Ikarius (Nysa)


    • Motion to recall Roleplay Minister Ikarius by Rhiannon MythiKa fails to even reach voting.
    • Amendment to the Articles of Confederation to propose the banning of bills of attainder is proposed by Kingborough.


    • Arrese singer M3ral wins NysaVision.
    • Aitana, Pacium Union wins bid to host 2026 Winter Olympics, and Piedmonte, Arkausan Confederation wins bid to host 2030 Winter Olympics. Halvadag, Lanlania and Isonia, Arrese Imperium will face a second round of voting after they tied for host of the 2028 Summer Olympics.
    • Monroe Republic threatens to invade Battlion Republic after it's police uses force to attempt to stop the nationalisation by Monroe of Battlionese companies operating in disputed territory between the two. Millerainia calls for peace.
    • Falsea warns of penalties if action is pursued by Cordillera after Cordilleran Pharoah discusses the possibly of loosening the Ninsk Accords on the Exploration of Skein on the eve of it signing the accords.
    • Giovanni di Haggia is born to Lorenzo I of Campania and his wife Princess Finola of the Arrese Imperium.
    • Pharoah of Cordillera in critical condition following heart aneurysm.
    • NG Starley, a major Goldecian automobile producer, is purchased by Carpathian company Thracia Automotive.
    • The Otiph of the Kalorist Church rumoured to be visiting Loundania-Oesse, a state formerly known for prosecution of Kalorist's under its last government, later this year.


    This month the big news is the announcement that the Oracian forums will reach 100,000 posts any time soon (within the next ten minutes of me writing this; as of now there's 17 posts to go).

    Oracia has also been gripped with Polandball fever the last few months (well Oraciaball), with many members coming up with Oraciaball comics. We've included one of the editors personal favourites, a star wars parody featuring Falsea, known for its ex-colonial empire and Millerainia, a former colony of Falsea. This comic was drawn by the talented Hahklallah.

    Link to the awesome.

    Meanwhile, a steam group by members of Oracia has taken off with nearly ten members signed up. And we've all been geeking out on anime, discussing our favourites. In the word's of one onlooker "Is this the big eyes, extreme violence, and sexual tentacles thread?" His identity has been retracted to protect them from the rage of anime watchers everywhere.

    Finally, we'd like to welcome these new people to Oracia who joined recently;


    Click it! I dare you.

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