ECoJ Special Election Nominations (Sept. 2013)

  • As Chief Justice, I hereby call a special election to fill the position left vacant by Justice Bcassj of Kryuland's resignation. Nominations will be open for 1 week and will close at this time on September 18th. Note that no justice may be from the same country as the Premier Commissioner, however, the Constitution does not bar justices from the same country as any other Commissioner.

    Nominate candidates as so:

    [Candidate photograph or image]

    Candidate Name:
    Home Nation:
    Previous Experience:

  • user posted image

    Name- William Hague
    Home Country- The Commonwealth of Davishire
    Previous Experience-
    Senior Barrister- Davishire Court of Appeal- 1980-90
    Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of Davishire May- August 2013
    Secretary of State for Justice of Davishire- June 2010-May 2013
    Junior Minister of State for Justice January 2010-June 2010

    Trained as a Barrister and served as a Senior Barrister in the Davishire Court of Appeal until 1990.

    Has a Phd in Foreign Relations, Phd in Military Law and a Phd in Civil Criminal Law

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    Candidate Name: Ralph Haley
    Home Nation: Inimicus
    Previous Experience: Was a Judge of the Imperial Court in Telum for five years after having finished a four-year term in a provincial court. He studied Law at Lacerta University from his 18th to 24th year.

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