When the Chancellor Came for Tea

  • The morning brought with it brightness and a brisk glistening dew. The Viscount stepped out barefoot onto the grass allowing it to crunch under his feet and give them a sense of cleansing. He was wearing his dressing gown and pyjamas and stood with a cup of herbal tea raised to his lips by his right hand and a saucer in the left. Under his left arm as a copy of Corelia today just delivered by his aid. The front page lamented the visitation of the Reichian government and the Viscount smiled knowing the celebrations that would unfold on a grand scale.

    Shortly after this ritual and the consumption of toast with honey he showered and changed into his work suit before walking along the parliament connecting corridor to his office. He sat down with the rising sun behind him gracing his semicircular window and began discussing plans for the day with his advisers as well as the Vice-President and Prime Minister.

    One briefed he then walked down the grand staircase and out the front doors to the waiting car where he was greeted by the press. One reported coaxed a quote out of him with the Viscount remarking 'Today is going to be a good day for Os Corelia, the sun is shining the Bundesdienstflagge flies alongside the Frihet F?gel and celebration is in there air, can't you hear it'.

    As the car drove through the streets of Aerodimus already crowds were beginning to line the streets in anticipation of a grand occasion when the Chancellor comes to town. The state flags hanged off lampposts and the streets were dazzling.

    After a short the car entered the diplomatic suite of Aerodimus International Airport to await the arrival of the Reichian delegation.

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    The grossdeutscher government VFW-Fokker 614 prepared to approach Aerodimus International Airport runway. It was taking the chancellor Gertrude Meyer, minister St?fan Laurent (economy), minister Karl Rommelien (defence) and minister Norbart Solomon (health) to the second Germano-corellian semestral summit. There they'd meet the leaders of the corellian executive for the first time since last april. They were there to talk about the test period for the joint healthcare program, military cooperation, and unknown to everybody, a new vision for space cooperation. After a five minute approach above the corwded corellian city, the plane finally landed safely at the airport.

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    After landing, the aircraft moved along the taxiway until it reached an empty apron slot, specially prepared for government aircraft. During the taxiway move, minister Laurent asked the chancellor: "Gertrude, what do you think they'll say of our new proposal?", to which the chancellor replied "I hope they want to be in it".

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    The plane finally stopped and the front gate opened to let the stair fall to the ground. First came down a Luftwaffe officer, soon followed by chancellor Meyer and the three members of her cabinet.

  • With the red carpet extended the Viscount, Vice-President Okozio and Prime Minister Milios walked down the apron to the parked aircraft. The ceremonial guard known as the Aeolians lined the red carpet and stood to attention as the Viscount and his fellow leaders walked towards the plane.

    As they stood at the bottom of the aircraft steps the visiting party disembarked. The Viscount walked straight up to the Chancellor warmly shaking her hand "Guten Morgan Gertrude, wie gehts du? It is an honour an privilege to have you visit Os Corelia for the first time and I know this is going to be something special"

    He led the Chancellor to the podiums and began his speech.

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    "No friendship in our nation's history has been stronger than that between Os Corelia and the Grossdeutches Reich. We have stood by each other since joining the union and formed such a strong alliance we now share resources and even medical care. We want to demonstrate to you Chancellor that we are still fully committed to this relationship with you our greatest allies. Let us celebrate and legislate hand in hand! "

    The crowd applauded and head of the military Admiral Okozio marched up to the Viscount and saluted him.

    "Admiral Okozio I now ask that you allow Chancellor Meyer to enter the Viscountcy of Aerodimus. She is free to walk within the walls without need of watch nor kind"

    The Admiral nodded saluted and presented the Chancellor with a state sash in the Aerodimus state colours with a sewn Bundesdienstflagge.

    The GDR Flag was hoisted up the post first to its anthem Auferstanden aus Ruinen.

    Then the Liberty Bird of The New Parliamentary Republic of Os Corelia was raised to the Corelian National Anthem We're All Corelia Ours

    Then the State Flag of Aerodimus was hoisted to the state anthem Bright Glittering Gifts performed by the Corelian Folk Orkestar with Laura Veirs singing.

    'May I invite you to say a few words Chancellor'

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    The chancellor went forward to speak.

    Thank you Miltok for the warm welcome. It is an honor for me, both as a politician and a grossdeutscher, to stand here in yet another public display of our deep friendship. For long have our nations collaborated in the struggle for european progress. Shall this summit be the dawn of a new era of prosperity for both nations. May God bless you all.

    After that brief speech, Gertrude Meyer went towards the corelian viscount. "Shall we get to work mr Hargadoon?"

  • 'Why of course Madame Chancellor, we shall now head to Leodis Square. We have a few surprises on the way' said the Viscount, as his aid opened the door to their car, and he gestured for the Chancellor to get in.

    The car drove down the motorway then began entering the outskirts of the city. The car turned down a few streets and then slowed to a stop at the beginning of the capital boulevard. The Viscount escorted the Chancellor into the state vehicle which included a glass enclosed room for them to be seen and yet protected.

    Then car then proceeded at a slower speed down the boulevard where crowds had gathered to see them. 'I hope your wrist is ok because its gonna hurt after all the waving, this was my idea by the way! The demand from the public to see you is so great!' the Viscount joked as he began to wave at the gathered crowds.

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    Of course it is!

    When Gertrude and the other members of her cabinet saw such a huge mass of people they got amazed. Not even in their home country were they able of attracting so many popular attention. It was a massive demonstration of how deeply the Corellian people felt their friendship tie with the Grossdeutscher people.

  • The cars pulled eventually into Leodis Square and Parliament. They entered parliament and the Viscount escorted the visitors to the proclamation balcony. Before they walked out the Viscount briefed the Chancellor. 'Im sorry but another speech is in order to make haha the crowd want to hear you Chancellor'. They then walked otu onto the balcony with cheers.

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    Gertrude approached the balcony to deliver her speech. Behind her, inside the building, the three ministers were speaking. "Do you think the Corellians will be interested in our proposals?" said St?fan Laurent. "I think so, our proposals are very reasonable. If they don't accept... that'd be very very unlikely" said Rommelien.

    Meanwhile, the chancellor began to deliver her words:

    People of Aerodimus and inhabitants of this land of freedom the Republic of Os Corelia is! Me and my fellow cabinet members have come to your country to continue with the tradition of friendship that has marked the relation between our lands since its own beginning. Our people's are naturally made for friendly coexistence with one another. It is because of this that we must continue to walk forward together so that the nations of men and women of goodwill become the guiding light of this region. In that process Os Corelia and the Reich have lots of things to say. Thank you all and God bless Os Corelia.

  • The crowds cheered and the national folk orkesta started up traditional tunes for the gathered audience. The Viscount the ushered the visiting party to his diplomatic receiving room where they all took seats.

    The Viscount then invited in his cabinet to take their seats then began proceedings: 'Chancellor it is of course a pleasure to have you here in Os Corelia, we know of course where our friendship stands. I guess this visit present an opportunity to progress ties further by discussing various proposals we feel could help. In Corelina tradition we invite you our guests to begin business'

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    The chancellor replied:

    **Thank you Viscount. We've got a series of proposals for your government to consider.

    There's a new space exploration project we are willing to pursue, but we want to do it with the corelian nation. We think that the future of manned space exploration comes in hand with international cooperation. It's because of that that we're also planning to propose on the Council the creation of an European Space Agency and we'd like to get your support for it.

    Although this proposal may seem huge, it's not the biggest proposal we have to offer you. We've got a massive proposal as well that probably enshrines any other proposal we may have. We know that this will surely spark popular outcry in both the Reich and Os Corelia and will face strong opposition, but we feel that this is the inevitable next step in our relationship...**

  • We would like to send our astronauts to participate indeed as we continue such a progression. A massive controversial proposal well I'll have to hear this!

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    We're contemplating the possibility of creating a union of our states, with a collegiate presidency formed by two presidents elected in a general election celebrated in the Reich and Os Corelia respectively. Among what this union would include are a common market, a free passage of goods and people area, a unified military high command, a joint space policy, a common healthcare system (which we are already implementing), and a coordinated economic policy. We're calling that proposal the Commonwealth of Free States.

  • The Viscount learnt back in his chair pausing for though resting both of his index fingers on his lips while the other fingers intertwined. 'This is very much intriguing and a serious commitment here. Can you go into more detail and will all citizens get a free vote on the matter?'

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    The chancellor smiled as she continued to talk about her proposal.

    **First of all, we would be celebrating a federal election to the bundestag and corelian parliament respectively. Those newly elected chambers will draft a constitutional amendment that creates this union and then each amendment will be voted in respective referendum in both nations. Every citizen older than 16 would be voting in the referendum.

    With this proposal we're not planning a total merger of our countries and governments. Governmental structures will remain the same as they're now. The only things that chaneg are the the offices of both the President of the Grossdeutsches Reich and the Viscount of Os Corelia, which would become a two member collegiate body: the Presidency of the Commonwealth of Free States. This new union would now be assuming any powers per se, but only creating new coordination structures on the matters I just talked you about.**

  • Ok we are interested on this deal, we would have to insist that it goes to public referendum in both our nations before we sign. What do you envisage being under joint jurisdiction?

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    Our idea was to have joint competences in border control, financial and macroeconomic policy, healthcare, university education, military policy, and monetary policy. However, we could discuss in a way more detailed the fields in which there would be further integration.

  • That seems incredibly sensible and we are on board, provided the public vote for it of course!

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    A referendum is utterly necessary. Of course if the grossdeutscher people doesn't give us its support we won't be continuing with this plan.

  • Then I tihnk we are in agreeance, do you have a proposed document I can put to my people?