3rd S&D Conference-Schedule

  • As Marie Rivas is now member of the European Commission, a new conference of the party must be hold, in order to nominate a new leadership for the europarty.

    3nd S&D Conference Berenguer, Northern Caesarea

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    Palau Regional de Congressos


    7-9 October

    Opening Speech. Malak Kayrooz, Prime Minister of Northern Caesarea

    Speech of Marie Rivas, acting President of the European Socialists and Democrats

    10-13 October

    Speeches of national leaders and councillors

    14-16 October

    Discussion on the Political Platform

    17-20 October

    Vote on the Amendments to the Political Platform

    21-23 October

    Presentation of candidacies

    24-27 October


    28 October

    Speech of the new S&D President

    All the closing times are 23:59 GMT

  • Message of Malak Kayrooz, Prime Minister of Northern Caesarea

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    The European Union maintains that one of its main objectives is to make Europe a safest place, giving priority to pacific solutions to conflicts and acknowledging fundamental rights to all european citizens. Unfortunately, a single glance to European newspapers or web pages, shows us that something is going wrong. We read huge headlines about nations who want to go nuclear, even without the approval of the ENAA or about places where democracy, liberty and basic rights like freedom of expression or the right to a fair trial are basically an Utopia. And they are not rogue nations as these countries proudly present candidates to the European Commission.

    Right-wing and even far right wing options are more and more popular in our nations. As we have just seen here, in Northern Caesarea, populism and the mirage of easy and undemocratic solutions to complex problems are on the rise. The right wing is now strong and united in Europe. Progressive options are divided and fighting about names or political labels.

    This situation has to change and we must be actors in that change. This Conference, hold in a city, in a region and in a nation with strong social democratic values is a chance for rearming ourselves against the conservative aggressive and to make bridges to other political forces, both in our nations and in Europe.

    Because we believe in a strong welfare state, we are against the "every man for himself" neoliberal approach defended by the conservatives. Because we believe in a strong Europe, we are against the transformation of the European Union in a useless organization, where pseudo-democracies and openly admitted dictatorships have the same respectability than true democracies. There are political options, both in the European an National scenes, which share these or part of these values. We have the moral obligation to join forces with them, in order to preserve the European Union who want to transform it into a "light" and powerless version

    Thank you very much

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    Iyorian Premier Shinji Kumino replied. "So what is on the agenda here, if I may ask? Is it to review the party platform?"

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