European Olympic Committee Act

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    This act proposal has been withdrawn by the presenting councillior

    European Olympic Committee Act
    Presented by: Councillior Howard S?nger (GDR)


    The present Act pursues the creation of the European Olympic Committee (EOC), a regional sports organisation made up of the national olympic committees (NOC) of the member states of the European Union, with the objective of organising european-wide annual summer and winter olympic games.

    *CHAPTER I: On the Bodies of government
    -Article I: President of the EOC
    1. The EOC is led by a President, elected for an eighteen-month term by the members of the EOC General Assembly.

    2. His/her functions are:
    *To preside over the meetings of the General Assembly.
    *To represent the EOC abroad and at official events, including the opening and closing ceremonies of the Games.

    3. In case of the premature death or dimission of the President, an emergency General Assembly session shall be called in to elect a new President.

    -Article II: General Assembly
    1. The EOC General Assembly is the main deliberative body of the EUOC and is formed by a representative of each member NOC.

    2. It has decision power on the following matters:
    *Selection of the Olympic Games' host city.
    *Selection of the Olympic Games' sports disciplines. [OOC note: sports depend on the availability of a score generator of each sport]
    *Discussion and adoption of an Olympic Charter and ammendments to it.
    *Election of the EOC President.
    *Creation of a bid evaluating committee.
    *Discuss and adopt its own procedural rules.
    *Discuss and adopt the symbols of the European Olympic Committee.

    *CHAPTER II: On the European Olympic Games
    -Article III
    The European Olympic Games will be celebrated annually in two different editions: one in the summer season for general sports; and the other one in the winter season for winter sports.

    -Article IV: Summer Olympics
    The European Summer Olympic Games shall be celebrated annually during the summer season in a two to three weeks' period and will be featuring the competitions on the different disciplines of the general sports the EOC General Assembly has approved of.

    -Article V: Winter Olympics
    The European Winter Olympic Games shall be celebrated annually during the winter season in a two to three weeks' period and will be featuring competitions on the different disciplines of the winter-specific sports the EUOC General Assembly has aproved of.

    *CHAPTER III: On the bids to celebrate the Games
    -Article VI: Bidding
    Each member NOC will have the right to put forward a single bid for each edition of the European Olympic Games, with the Summer and Winter Games counting as different editions. Said bids must be based on a determined city, with the possibility of a limited number of competitions taking place in other places. The process is the same for the bids to both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games.

    -Article VII: Bid review process
    1. The EOC GA will create a bid review committee to visit each candidate city to evaluate the bid on different aspects (infrastructures, economic resources, environmental sustainability, transports, accomodation). To assist the evaluating committee on their task, each bid organising committee must provide the EOC with a detailed dossier on the different points on which the evaluation will be based.

    2. After visiting each city, the committee will deliver their results to the EOC GA in the form of a report (one per candidate city) with each evaluation area being assigned a numerical result and an overall bid result in a 0,00 ? 10,00 scale (0 being the lowest possible mark, 10 being the highest).

    -Article VIII: Host selection
    After the bid review process is over, the EOC GA will have to vote on the different bids. The vote will take place in different rounds in which every member NOC will vote for their preferred city. After each round, the city with the least votes will be disqualified. In case of a tie for the last place, a sepparate voting will be taking place with the only available option being the tied bids.

    DEBATE begins NOW and ends at 15:10 CEST, 18th September.
    AMENDMENTS begin at 15:10 CEST, 18th September; and end at 15:10 CEST, 20th September.
    VOTING begins at 15:10 CEST, 20th September; and ends at 15:10 CEST, 24th September.

  • The New Romulan Empire very much supports the idea of the bill. But shouldn't bidding nations not have a vote when the EOC GA chooses a host.

    Also I believe that a nation can only go for one of the games not both at the same time.

    Councillor Phaidros Drago

  • I'm not a big fan of this. For one, why are we enshrining this in an act. Is there a reason that this can't be undertaken by a non profit or non governmental organization. Even the EUBC is a private organization. I see no reason why this should be controlled by the EU government where politics have an even greater chance of playing into hosting bids. Furthermore the act gives no power to the Council, Commission or ECoJ to oversee the EOC. So what is the point again of having it be an official EU act?

    Secondly, I'm skeptical of the demand for such competitions. Olympic games have been attempted in the past and participation was either low or the games were poorly run (OOC: ie. Unfinished. I searched the forums for the term Olympics and I've not seen a single attempt at an Olympics for years and the only true attempt seemed to be 2006 which failed. Maybe I'm missing something. But I'd like to see a successful effort for an Olympics before we actually create any sort of act around it)

  • The Bakrovan ministery of sports and health is very happy with this proposal. But like mister Drago said, you can only go for one.

    Vlad Filat, European councillor for the State of Bakrova

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    If I'm not wrong, the EUBC was created in summer 2011 by the Broadcasting Union Act, thus the affirmation that it is a private organisation is not correct at all.

    Regarding other attempts at celebration, since 2006 other nations have been celebrating similar Olympic Games with a fair success and having reached eight summer and eight winter games' editions, with only one edition being abandoned mid-completion.

  • The EUBC was originally created through a bill that has since been repealed and the EUBC made private. Even so, the original act actually gave power to the Internal Affairs Commissioner, and the Commission in general, to appoint an advisory board and oversee the operations of the EUBC. This act doesn't have any such role for any of the branches of EU government. This is why I say if we truly want to create an Olympics committee, we just do it outside of the Council. The EU government has no stake in the act.

  • I like very much the idea, but, like my GTA colleague, I think that it should be dealt like other sports initiatives, some of them successful, like the UAEF Football Eurocup.

    Hugo Basescu
    European Council Delegate

  • Admin

    After thinking about the concerns expressed by the representatives of Gun-Toting Animals and Northern Caesarea, I announce that I'm withdrawing my proposal and will be submitting it to the Grossdeutscher Olympic Committee for consideration.

    Howard S?nger,

  • ((OOC: As a Greek I would love to see the European Olympics come true ...))

  • OOC:

    There is games that you can find which is an Olympic sport on the internet. Such as weightlifting athletics race, equestrian and more these can be used to obtain results in which the Nation plays it and send the results in PM to the head of EOC. EOC then publishes the result of this event and move onto the next event which the Nations do the same but different sport/game.

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