Amendment Nuclear Test Regulations Act


    On behalf of the commonwealth of Davishire I put forward the following amendments to Article II Sections I & II on restrictions on nuclear testing.


    Article II: Regulations

    Section I

    Member nations of the European Union are hereby required to forbid nuclear tests in the following environments:

    (i) within the Earth's atmosphere;

    (ii) on the Earth's surface,

    (iii) under bodies of water;

    (iv) on the Moon;

    (v) in the immediate vicinity of natural aquifers, where contamination is a considerable threat;

    (vi) in the polar regions.

    (vii) in outer Space Test Sites

    Section II

    Member nations of the European Union are hereby required to restrict their nuclear testing to:

    (i) underground test sites;

    Amendments have been made to Section I banning nuclear testing on all parts of the earths surface and in space with the required changes to that effect in Section II. Nuclear testing only be permitted underground.

    Amendment Authored & Published By Cllr William Hughs, Davishire

    I formally request that this amendment be debated.
    Debate Stage ends 23:39 GMT Friday 20th September
    End of Amendments Voting Stage- 23:39 GMT Sunday 22nd September
    End of Final Voting Stage- 23:39 GMT Wednesday 25th September

  • The New Romulan Empire is EXTREMELY against this amendment as it makes it worse for the Earth by limiting testing only to the underground. Testing in space is much more safer than testing underground. And I should also add that space is already FILLED with radiation so there wouldn't be much a change there would it? Also this would make it only on Earth that nuclear testing is allowed making it EXTREMELY hazardous for the environment...

    So this in turn isn't helping humanity or Earth it may be even help destroy us.

  • Admin

    We cannot support an amendment that forbids outer space nuclear testing while allowing for underground testing, which is highly costly to the environment.

  • As a representative of a firmly antinuclear nation, I'm against this amendment.

    Hugo Basescu
    European Council Delegate

  • May I ask why you do not agree with the amendment.

    Nuclear blasts in space can have a negative impact on satellites and other space craft and their crews. As well as the radiation being thrown a further distance.

    It is safer for the whole world if testing in space is prohibted.

  • The Bakrovan delegation is AGAINST this amendment. We don't support the idea to have tests underground. It's better to elaborate a good nucliaire workprogramme.

    Vlad Filat,
    councillor for Bakrova

  • On satellites yes...but only if they are within a 10 kilometer radius. And as such a satellite is a better loss than the environment due to underground testing.

    So an acceptable compromise here(If there are people other than Hague who want this amendment) is to say where in space the testing will occur...a day prior to the testing.

  • How does underground testing have a major impact on the environment?

  • Allowing for space testing was a compromise in the original act that got nuclear powers to vote in favor of it. I'd also like to mention, as the representative from the NRE already has, objects in space are already being constantly bombarded with extreme levels of radiation as there is no atmosphere to protect them. Now if you're looking to protect satellites that are in orbit of our planet both natural and artificial, I suggest that the amendment be amended so that it bans nuclear testing within a reasonable distance from the Earth and the objects orbiting it.

    Following in the footsteps of his predecessor, Hugo Basescu has decided to not even understand the concept of this amendment nor the original act it is attempting to change. The amendment in its current form would restrict nuclear testing even more so surely an antinuclear state such as Northern Caesarea would support it.

    Jaxson Marshall
    Still the best damn Councilor here

  • Radiation is even more present then in the ground....also if a weapon is not buried enough or it is too powerful it could cause a crater and release toxic gases into the atmosphere.

  • Look how much testing has been banned already. You know that there is going to have to be some compromise within this act don't you? If you tac in a ban on underground testing I guarantee that the nuclear nations walk and this amendment will be pronounced dead on arrival.

  • This is not a very good idea. As I have pointed out before, detonating nuclear weapons underground runs the risk of catastrophic earthquakes that are not necessarily restricted to the testing country.

  • Ok, what if I amend the amendment so that nuclear testing is banned within 500,000km of earth and we continue with the ban on the testing of all nuclear warheads on the earths surface?

    Any agreements here?


  • 500,000 km IS TOO MUCH. I believe an ample distance would be 400 km just above normal Low Earth Orbit.

    Basically I suggest we just keep the act as it. Since no problem has ARISEN from it yet...

  • Cuxi Anyas rose to make her brief contribution to the discussion.

    "I would be reluctant to support the originally proposed amendment, but legislation which would limit nuclear tests to space would be even harder for me to support as it would force those complying with the legislation to launch the device from Earth before conducting the test. When an accident occurs during or shortly after launch some unlucky nation is going to end up dealing with the hazardous debris."

  • There isn't much to say about this amendment that hasn't already been said by our colleagues in the Council. The Commonwealth stands AGAINST this amendment.

  • As a result of the sheer oposition to this amendment I will be removing it from the council floor.

  • As a both nuclear friendly and enviromentally respecting nation Syreden approves of this amendment.

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