The Civil War in The New Romulan Empire

  • The Civil War in The New Romulan Empire

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    "Dearest of colleagues, as we all already know, the current situation at The New Romulan Empire has spread like fire, causing issues for not only the country, but also the European Union, which is why we must help this nation recover, and not only for the sake of Europe's economical and national stability, but also for those shaken by this so-called recently declared civil war.

    In a desperate attempt to try and settle this peacefully, I have arranged meetings with each one of the leaders of the five-sided rebellion, in hopes to co-operate with each, and have them co-operate with each other."

    Blair Von Schroeder
    EU's Commissioner of Internal Affairs

  • Are peacekeeping troops required?

  • As the current Internal Commissioner I would like to thank your government for the offer of peacekeeping troops however as far as I am aware this is not needed.

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