The Empire's Fall Summit \#1

  • The Empire's Fall Summit

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    The Lights of Otok
    Tonight, on this tragic day for the New Romulan Empire, Marianus Chrystanos has met up with Blair Von Schroeder in Red Croatia's northern city-isle of Otok after recieving an invitation from the Internal Affairs Commissioner to discuss where is this war headed - and can it be stopped?

    The meeting between the two was arranged to be held in Otok's Southern Castle.

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    Chrystanos walking with his main guard to the meeting

    Chrystanos entered a rather large room. It was devoid of reporters luckily for him. He was terrible with the press. There was only a few people, most of them with laptop's ready to take notes. Then at the main table was Blair Von Schroeder at the main table. He instructed his main guard to wait by the door, while he talked with her.

    He walked to the table and sat. He then looked at her and told her square in the eyes,
    "I hope you understand this war won't stop till four of us are dead and one isn't. But onto the brighter stuff where do we begin?"

  • Blair Von Schroeder's smile got smaller as she hear the man's comment, and she said: "Well, first off, I would like to start by giving you some basic questions, in order to understand what are you trying to acomplish with this conflict, in order to make the rest of the discussion be easier.

    For now, I would like for you to tell me: - Why have you willingly entered this conflict and how are you planning on winning it?"

  • "I didn't enter willingly.........Marianus attacked me and well the rest started fighting. So if anything I was forced into this. I was hoping for a peaceful resolution you know. But there are extremists among the four of us who want to take over without questions.

    But onto your next question....I don't plan on winning...just surviving. I hope the people of europe will find a way for us. Something we can not do apparently.

    Now let me ask one question, how do you plan on fixing this mess?"

  • "So you're saying is that you want to end this war? Splendid. Now, to answer your question. I first want to make sure that I understand the situation in your country, because only that way can I find the problem, and eliminate it. For now, the problem seems to be the lack of unity, which is why I have been thinking of creating a plan to create the balance between the territory of New Romulan Empire and each leaders agenda.

    Now, can you explain to me, how do you view Marianus and what do you think he's trying to do?"

  • "Marianus and I, know each very well. And I think he is just following the pack on this. He only controls 10,000 men. So he would stand no chance against the others. But I also only have 10,000. Well I rather have the exact same amount of forces as him. I think he is just trying to buy time. But on your other question. I view Marianus as a good man, he isn't an extremist. But is very independent. But like the five of us. He is power hungry. Maybe not as much as the rest....but if is extremely power hungry. So I think you are right on that Unity bit. But to solve that your plan to needs to make sure that all five of us are equal in power. Which might be impossible to do."

  • "Have you ever considered making the Empire a Parlamental Republic? That seems like the easy way out."

  • "Do you mean something like a confederated empire? Such as as a whole it is an empire made up of kingdoms. With the five of us controlling the five kingdoms, each having our own? If I said power-hungry all of us. But you will get the support of Andronikos within a second. He is the most liberal of the five of us.

    But trust there will be no easy way out of this."

  • "I was thinking more like declaring the New Romulan Empire as an united country, and having it consist of five areas controlled by five councilors, with these councilors being the leaders of this civil war. However, when your time runs out, you would be democratically replaced, because that's basically how Parlamental Republics work. Do you understand me?"

  • "If that's how you want to go about have already lost. We want power keep that in mind. Maybe keep the united country. But as an empire made up of kingdoms. Each leader being a king forming the executive of their kingdom. But there is a unicameral parliament of 50 senators from each kingdom. You want to keep it along the constitutional monarchy means. Since the others want power and will feel that Romulus' life was for nothing."

  • "You're ignoring the fact that this is basically declaring five families royalty, which doesn't seem fitting for 21st century. I had a similar idea in mind, but rather having kingdoms under one flag an united council, with each individual ruling one area. It would please the people and everyone's apparent hunger for power."

  • " could have the kings elected once they died.... which removes the royalty problem you pointed out but I believe there needs to be something more democratic on the national scale at least. A parliament, supreme court, and then a council of magistrates which is chaired by a praetor. This would be a true confederation. Which is right now the most feasible solution."

  • "You're basically suggesting having an Parlamental Democrary like I am, but with maintaining the traditional monarchial titles?"

  • "Basically, as this would truly make a United Romulan Empire. But it's actually more along the lines of an imperial confederation but what do you think? Since the others won't listen to me. So you have to be the voice of reason for us."

  • "I will suggest this to the other leaders in the civil war, if you agree with it."

  • "Just fill in the details about a judicial system, powers of the national government, powers of the kingdom, rights of the people, etc. And I will then look over it. But for now I agree to it.

    But for now I must head back to the NRE. I must protect my people. I suggest you meet up with Hyginus next. It might be nice to get the ideals of people from both sides of the political spectrum. But thank you for trying to end this pointless war and trying to save my people. God speed on your mission."

    And with that Chrystanos walks out of the room with his guard. And begins his journey back home.

  • "Very well then, I wish you safe travels."