Loukianos visits Hugh I


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    Loukianos's plane had just landed at Telum Imperial Aerodrome, where Emperor Hugh I was waiting for him to attend the emergency meeting between the two leaders. The meeting concerned the worrisome situation in the New Romulan Empire, where five leaders are contesting the Imperial Crown. As Hugh I had pubically expressed his support for Loukianos, he was anxious to meet the former General in person.

    When the Emperor had met the candidate for a different emperorship, they departed by motorcade to the Imperial Palace. Once arrived there, the leaders had a seat in the Emperor's visiting room, where two armchairs were situated, along with a coffee table and enough room to place important documents everywhere.

    "Now, my friend", the Emperor said, "I think it is not just for the sake of the NRE, but in the interest of the entire Union that this conflict be resolved. I just heard civilians have died; this is a concerning fact, and the Union must do something about it. I have also heard Commissioner Von Schroeder is meeting with another leader in the NRE, perhaps something fruitful with come from there. But for now, what suggestions do you have for the future of your nation, Mr Loukianos?"

  • Loukianos sat down and got comforted. He then smiled and began.
    "Right now I am not certain of the future. As who knows who will support whom. But I know one thing......the empire will remain united. So we must work along those lines. While I do sometimes believe war is a necessary thing like now. I realize that there needs to be a compromise to stop the unneeded deaths.

    I got too overzealous and lost my way. The way Romulus would have wanted. But things escalated too quickly and that was solely my fault. I was too stubborn. For now I feel a confederated empire may be a good way to handle things. If I can not be an emperor, I at least hope to be a King in an United Romulan Empire. But for this I require support from all the other candidates. And of course your beautiful nation."

  • Flattered by Loukanos's comment, yet knowing that this could be a strategy to pilfer help and manpower, the Emperor answered:
    "Yes, well, Loukianos, I think we should consider the situation before acting. There are rumours that you started the attacks, that you killed civilians, and that you shouldn't even have the right to claim the throne. I want those questions aswered before considering sending aid. I also have some other questions. Suppose you come out of this conflict as the victor, how would you organise the government and how would you ensure your Empire is democratic? And before you attack me on that subject, of course, I have been elected by the people this year! Heheh! But how can we know the people support you and your plans?

    And if these questions are all answered positively, Inimicus still needs a mandate from the European Council to send you aid, whether of military fashion or not. I think we should take that into consideration."

  • "I was Romulus' best friend....he trusted me with his life...literally on at least five occasions. I had the same ideals as him. And that is why I need the throne. To continue his dream and only his.

    Now my first attacks were made solely on non-civilian targets. I sent out notifications for civilians to retreat before we attacked cities.

    But if I were to come out victor I would continue the government on how Romulus did it. This way the empire is keep democratic. And I would hold a referendum on whether I should be emperor among the people.

  • "I see. I have therefore also stated my support for you in a press conference, but I am afraid I cannot give you anything unless the council agrees upon it. However, what if we would settle our affairs in a... more discreet manner? For example, we could provide you with top quality weaponry if you give our miners access to your mineral mines, hmm?"

  • "I am very much interested, and I do agree to it. But we also need men. We match Andronikos' and Hyginus' forces. We need a leverage against them......also I need to know what minerals. "

  • "Yes, well, I do not know what minerals you have. After all, it's your territory, and I do not have any knowledge of the land. Yet, if you have it available, we could use some aluminium and iron ore. The ores do not have to be worked in the NRE, we can do that here.

    In return, Inimicus will start sending supplies to your forces. Before any other action, that is, military support, can be given, though, we will need EU Council approbation."

  • "We have various metals in the Balkan Mountains in my controlled area. Such as gold, iron, and of course bauxite. Which is the chief producing ore of aluminum. Now what are kind of supplies you would send? Food? Mediciene? "

  • "That's very, very good, my friend. In return, you can completely rely on the freshest Inimician food, made from grain and other agricultural facilities in the east of our country. Our pharmaceutical industry will produce more morfine, bandages, pain killers, drip infusions, and other necessities for your forces."

  • Loukianos smiled completely.
    "It seems then we have a deal. Have your miners come in helicopters and my air force will escort them to the selected mine area. My Chief Adviser will send you a map after the meeting is done. Anything else to talk about?"

  • "Well, of course, you shall be informed of any Council developments concerning military affairs. Oh, and before you leave... let's keep this deal between ourselves, shall we?"

  • "Agreed. I'll sent you the coordinates to drop out supplies out in the coming days. Live long and prosper." And with that Loukianos bid farewell to the Emperor. Hoping one day to be his equal. He then went back to the war torn country of the NRE.