The Empire's Fall Summit \#2

  • The Empire's Fall Summit

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    Continental Ljubljana

    Today, on yet another tragic day for New Romulan Empire, right after the invasion of Romulus City, Blair Von Schroeder has arranged yet another meeting with a different civil war leader in the New Romulan Empire - Arkadios Hyginus to discuss the war and is it to late to stop it?

    The meeting was arranged to be held in the presidental meeting room in the city Ljubljana.

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    Hyginus is the one on the left.

    Hyginus arrived in Ljubljana early in the morning but waited at a classified location outside of town with his guard till the actual meeting was due. He was extremely happy due to the early success of Operation: Overseer.

    Once he arrived at the presidential meeting room, he sat down and smiled.
    "So I am going to guess you have some questions correct?" he began. He always preferred for the other person to create the actual subject of the conversation as a way to tell what kind of person they are.

  • "I am glad that you got that on your own. I'm going to be very direct here, Mr. Hyginus, and will ask you just two questions, - for now that is. What are you trying to acomplish with this war, and why do you think that destroying your homeland will help you rule it?"

  • " The answer is plain and simple....survival.....Loukianos started the whole thing....he is crazy...and in order to stop this war you must stop him. And I don't think destroying my homeland will help me rule it. In order to survive you need troops. To have troops you need supplies, to have supplies you need land. I am simply trying to get more land to make sure survival has a greater chance.

    So, my turn now I guess. What is your plan on helping us end this."

  • "Excuse me but, aren't you the one that attacked Romulus City, your own nation's capital? I cannot help but think that you are just as power-hungry as they are, and to convince me, I demmand that you retreat the troops from there, and stop putting civilians and mindless soliders in danger. New Romulian Empire cannot handle any more conflict. If you truly want just survival, not war, like you claim - that is.

    Also, to answer your question. What I'm trying to do is stop each individual conflict and have each one of you understand that you want the same - balance, and have you act in unity to maintain peace in NRE. War is spreading like fire, and there's only one way to stop it."

  • "I'll have you know that Andronikos attacked Norroco before that which is my biggest city! I had to counter attack. And Romulus city seemed like the perfect chance. He attack civilians as well. But the media is SO BLOODY BIASED. I will not retreat my forces till he retreats his.

    Now please explain to me what that only way is..."

  • "In order to get back at Andronikos, you shouldn't attack his city, but you should defend what you have, and the civilians which are a part of the country you control. Not all citizens of Andronikos controlled area are guilty because they found themselves in that location, which is why in order to protect them, your cities, and your nation - you must stop your assault.

    Now, for what I have planned - I have been thinking about proposing an act which would divide your country into five dominions and set up a royal parlament, which would be reserved for five kings, with one of each kings controlling one area of the empire. Even though the title is king, to earn this title - one must go trough presidental elections. The country would function as an parlamental republic and the first five members of the royal council would be the leaders of the civil war."

  • "As a liberal I would rather have the parliament be made up of elected officials from the various dominions. With the kings just being elective monarchs for life of their dominions. Also I believe the national government would need to have more power.....I rather like the process of deevolution.

    Also I am trying to split his troops. He also killed civilians on the attack on norocco. I sent him a telegram telling him to evacuate those civilians..but he didn't listen. But once I regain Norocco I will withdraw from Romulus City."

  • "If you are trying to retake your city, why focus your troops on his? Defending your position's strength and your civilians is not only the right move, but also an strategic one." Blair was manipulating him at the moment, "As for your suggestions and beliefs, what do you think needs changing in my 'plan'?.."

  • "Trust me Blair, I was a general for over twenty years. Every decision I made gave me a victory and a medal. So please stop trying to manipulate me. Yes I know what you are doing. I had some training in my youth. I'm a great profiler.

    Now I suggest you have a nation confederated empire. With a unicameral parliament with 40 senators from each region. This is semi-based on population and size of their dominions. Then have a Council of state made up of magistrates that run the government under the orders of the Praetor who is elected by the people directly. A supreme court with 1 judge from each dominion. With a rotating chief justice. Then have absolute monarchies for each dominion. With each leader currently being their king. With once they die elections are held for the king spot. Oh and also a Council of Kings which is the formal head of state and on majority rulings give general policies which are able to be veto'd by parliament."

  • "That's silly, you're separating your people according to your leaders, while you wish to be declared united. If we truly want to establish peace, we must set five rulers of the parlament, with each holding a monarchail title and the ability to democratically rule one of the territories of the Romulan Empire. Each parlament seat may act individually in his territory, if he has the support of the people, while the parlament should also be able act in unity.

    The government system should maintain the way it is, rather then be divided in the name of five people who are leading this war."

  • "Wells it the only way that you are going to get the support of the others! We are ALL power hungry for something. This is a fair compromise. And I believe we can make it so that the national parliament of 200 can override any dominion decree. And if we were really separating them then we wouldn't allow freedom of movement would we?

    Plus I doubt in a five person parliament between the five of us that anything could get done...."

  • "You're underestamating the individual power each one of you will have in your dominions. If you wish, you can set up your own regional parlament, if you think that your territory will benefit from it."

  • "Look if you want me to agree to this plan, which I can safely say that Crysanthos, Melanthios and Andronikos will agree too only as well. You need to make the changes. The only person you could get with your plan is Loukanios and he is utterly CRAZY. So again go with the changes please. And I will pull out my troops from romulus city by the end of the week agreed?"

  • "First, I would like to discuss your superior court system. Will it also carry out constitutional laws, and is it really that smart to have five representatives in it? Would they all function at the same time, or..."

  • "It would be the final say on the constitutionality of laws and on judgement on cases. Also yes that way it remains equal with each state getting on representative. And they would rotate the chief justice on a yearly basis."

  • "Would they at least all be able to act equally on constitutional laws? Rather then one having the final word in both constitutional and jurisdictional matters?"

  • "It would be ruled on a majority vote. With each judge getting one equal vote"

  • "Even though I consider the system to be flawed, I'll take your word for it and bring this up when the discussion of all five leaders and me occurs. Also, I believe that after our discussion, I can agree with your terms, but rather then retreating your troops in one week, I want from you to utilize them right now to retreat to your territory, does that sound agreeable?"

  • "It takes awhile to withdraw troops without leaving your back open to be hit. I can to in four days at the earliest."