The Council of Six

  • The Council of Six

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    The Meeting Room, Somewhere in Europolis

    After four meetings and one arrangement between Blair Von Schroeder and Marianus Chrystanos, Arkadios Hyginus, Valentius Andronikos, Tiburtis Melanthios, Sabinus Loukianos respectively, she has managed to schedule a meeting today, in Europolis, where she and the other five would make the final decision regarding the New Romulan Empire and it's citizens.

  • Arkadios Hyginus was the first to arrive. He already had a basic understanding of the meeting. And knew at least four of them had to have agreed with the plan Blair put forward. Or else why was a ceasefire signed? Once inside he greeted Blair and proceeded to his seat. He knew this was going to be a long one.

    Marianus Chrystanos arrived next. Once inside he greeted Blair. But decided to pass on Hyginus. Mainly due to the fact that they may emerge enemies of the meeting. But he hoped the war would end.

    Tiburtis Melanthios followed soon after. Unlike Chrystanos he decided to greet everyone. He had a feeling everyone was going to be good friends.

    Valentius Andronikos and Sabinus Loukianos met up in the hall way. Once they both looked at each other...they stopped walking for a second. And just look at each other with pure hatred. Loukianos then started to walk. Andronikos waited for a minute or two to make sure he didn't enter the room with Loukianos. Once he made it inside he greeted everyone except Loukianos and then proceeded to sit down. He already knew how this would end.

  • "Thank you all for deciding to join me today on this important meeting, which I hope can end the way I imagined it to. Now, let us begin the discussion. I would like to begin by asking everyone but Tiburtis Melanthios to maintain quiet for now, while he tells his side of the story. Sir Melanthios, you may proceed to speak."

  • "All right then. We all know why we are is not to find a true heir to the throne but rather to end this absolutely pointless war.......Loukianos started it PHYSICALLY we all know this.....but in that private meeting of ours before started with the let us try to avoid that this time.

    Now I am related to Romulus on his mother's side. He told this to me himself....and we had a DNA test before his death to make sure it was correct. I know that doesn't mean I am the heir.........but it is better than willy nilly claims isn't.

    But I think we need to move forward. It is obvious to us all that it will be impossible to find a true heir to the throne without bloodshed.

    So I don't know about the rest of you...but I am in favor of the plan Blair put is the only way forward...and it is a compromise. And whether we like it or is a true democracy for the people."

  • "I would once again try to make clear that who should rule the country shouldn't by decided by who bonded the most or who is related to Romulus. Now that we made that clear, I thank you for your contribution to the topic. Next up, I would like to hear Loukianos' side of the story."

  • "Alright then." Loukianos stood. And looked at the others with a bit of disgust.
    " I think it's all clear that this war is useless. As well......I'm the most suited to be the Emperor. I know how Romulus wants the government to be kept. And how to continue this country of ours.

    I know of Romulus' plans for this country. What to do next. Unlike the rest of you. This way Romulus is kept the true emperor of our Empire.

    Now I may not know of this plan....but I can tell by the sound of a true democracy........there is no emperor and that I am disgusted by it. End of story."

  • "I don't believe that your bond with Romulus will do you any good upon this decision, but thank you for your.. "Contribution".. Either way, I would like to proceed by hearing Hygnius' side of the story."

  • Hyginus was daydreaming a bit from when loukianos started talking. When he realized it was his turn he stood and began.

    "Look honestly....none of us have any reason to be Emperor considering what we have done the last few days....let it be a bond or your blood.

    At this point I am in this for the people. Who are scared to death and won't share their opinion. So whatever happens in this meeting I will protect the people.

    Now on my last thought Blair's idea has my approval."

  • "Sir Chrystanos, Sir Andronkinos, do you have anything to contribute?"

  • Chrystanos just simply stated "I share my views with melanthios"

    While Andronkinos stated "Look I love democracy. And I am with Hyginus on being here for the people and not our selves. I stand for the plan you put forward Blair.

    But I want to know... how much of the plan does Loukianos know it? And if he doesn't know too much explain it to him....please."

  • "Speaking of that, I would like to inform you that that after all of the discussions I've had with you all, I've been able to construct a plan for the United Romulan Empire from different ideas coming from each one of you, which you're about to hear. Even though I'm personally not quite pleased with the outcome, I hope that you're all happy with the result. The idea for the country is to have it be declared a Confederated Parliamentary Republic and be separated into five dominions, each ruled by one person and have the overall country's parlament consist of 200 members, 40 from each Dominion, Supreme Court made out of one of each dominion's Chef of Justice and a circumstantial re-election for the leader of each Dominion."

  • Loukianos stood and yelled " Well I for one AM OUTRAGED AT THAT OUTCOME! How does that settle this war? Other than partitioning out the empire? It is EXTREMELY DUMB AND UNNEEDED....I thought you were intelligent Blair...but it seems I was wrong! Good Day! Since nothing good can come out with this plan for me!" and with that Loukianos left back for the NRE....leaving the other five in the conference room.

    "Now Blair we should tell you that when we signed the ceasefire a few days ago......we talked about the plans and understood you would make something like this....we all agreed to it. So if you have a document or something we have to sign, we will. But now we are allies against Loukianos....this war won't be over till he is dead...I hope you know that' said Andronikos looking rather happy with Loukianos leaving.

  • "And so with great dignity, the self-proclaimed rightful leader of the Romulan Empire leaves." Blair puts her hands together, "And yes, I am glad to hear that, I have carried an additional document, as I have seen it coming. The idea is entirely the same, with the numbers being adjusted to four instead of five dominions and similar others. Even though the peace won't go as planned, with you four uniting, he won't have a chance unless he agrees to this." She puts out the document and slides it over the table to Andronikos.

  • The four looked over the document and agreed to it. Each signed it and then had an aide send it over to each of their camps. Then Andronikos asked the four to a corner to ask of them something to settle a dispute between them. They all agreed to his idea.

    "Thank you Blair for helping our country come so much closer to peace. we agreed to how the elections on the 20th of October. And we decided to settle the capital dispute as making it part of my dominion but it can't be my capital. So now that is settled. We ask of you to help us in getting recognition from the other EU states so that Loukianos can't get the support he requires to actually put up a good fight."