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    Bakrova has choosen Maia Sjova as new president. She became president after the governement decided to introduce elections in response to the "change plan". This were the first free elections since the independence.

    Sjova was minister of yought, sports and health care in the reign of Nicolas Flamsko (Novy Bakrova). One day after the announcement she founded the BND (Blok National Demokratya).

    Although She's elected as president, the BND is the 2nd party in parliament (41seats) after the bigest party, RAZOM-communist (98seats)

    She won with 51,7%, followed by Igor Smirnov (RAZOM, 23%) and last president Nicolas Flamsko (15,9%).

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    Maia Sjova, president of the State of Bakrova


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    protesters against the victory of the communist party in the parliament

    After the announcement of the victory of RAZOM (communist party) in parliament thousands of people raised to the streets of Mestokart to protest. What has to be a "peacefull" protest turned into violence. Protesters attacked the parliament and the presidential palace. They demand new elections for parliament.

    New president Maia Sjova has already said there will be no new elections. "There will be no new elections, we must work together with the elected people, the voice of Bakrova..."

    For now there are over 100 injured. The protests are still going on. There is a state of emergency in Mestokart.

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    user posted image president Maia Sjova after the meeting with the leaders of the elected parties

    Following the protests this morning in Mestokart, President Sjova calls for tolerance and respect for the voter. Sjova spoke with the leaders of the parliament. The statement remains the same: there will be no new elections.

    "The instigators of this violence will be prosecutes" said the president.

    Sjova also calls for a better cooperation between the member states...

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