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  • This is the official embassy of The Kingdom of Great Britain to the European Union. Keep us up to date here on events in your region, and once again, welcome to the European Union!

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    The Monarchy of Great Britain

    Sovereign: King Richard V
    Consort: TBA
    Prince of Wales: Prince Alexander
    Duchess of York: Princess Anne

    HIBM Civil Executive Government

    Rt. Hon. Prime Minister: Anne
    Rt. Hon. Deputy Prime Minister: Harold T.
    Secretary of State for Home Affairs: Jack
    Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs: Harold W.
    Secretary of State for Culture Affairs: Amber
    Director General of MI5: Danial
    Attorney General: Vacant
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    The House of Lords

    The Lord High Chancellor, Vacant
    The Duke of York, Vacant
    The Earl of Surry, Vacant
    The Earl of Durham, Vacant
    The Baron of Ravensworth, Vacant
    The Baron of Vivian, Vacant

    The House of Commons

    The Rt. Hon. Speaker, Anne
    Southern England: Amber
    Northern England: Daniel
    Ireland: Jason Mikaelson
    Scotland: Krimson Vulika
    Wales: Jack

    Welcome to our second update of October here in Great Britain! A lot has been developing in our region since our previous update, and there is always something going on that deserves recognition in the update. However, the aim of this update will be to deliver short snippets of news that will keep you up-to-date on current affairs in government, parliament and culture.

    Warm regards,

    ~His Grace Harold Lancaster-Windsor, Minister of Foreign Affairs~

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    The Monarchy

    The Expression may you live in interesting times is alive and well for the royalists of the realm. His Britannic Majesty King Richard V could be considered tireless in this term. The greatest and most splendid news in the region's young history is that our beloved King is engaged. He proposed to the Lady Cielly Dion Blanchefleur-Grey on October the 24th and she said yes! The entire realm awaits eagerly for the announcement of their wedding date as well as the Honorable lady's' arrival as Queen Cielly. Some of the citizenry have lovingly referred to her as "Queen Pinkie."

    The King also set out to shore up his nobility with yet another letter of patent. Appointing Vaculatestar as Baron of Spencer. His Majesty also took the time to create new Coat of Arms not only for the crown, but for each of his nobles. Each Coat of Arms showing specific and careful detail to the position and the individual who fills it. It is said that when His Majesty looks upon a task, it makes the very sunrise pale by comparison.

    It what may call a rather rash decision His Majesty issued Letters Patent for Lord Fanix, his long time friend and confidant. Lord Fanix was today created Duke of Kent for his service to the region through his deeds.

    By-Election Fever in Great Britain

    With the former MP for Scotland having been gone for nearly a month, and with so much work being done within the House of Commons; the MP's passed a vote of no confidence in the Member of Parliament from Scotland triggering the regions first by-election. Prince Alexander, Prince of Wales, initially ran for the seat. In a last minute entry Lord Governor Krimson Vulika put his name on the ballot as well. Early indicators showed Lord Krimson with a commanding lead but as the election hours went on his lead was gone and both candidates were neck and neck. The final results were as certified by the Royal Electoral Commission:

    Krimson Vulika receiving 7 of the 13 votes cast and HRH Prince Alexander receiving 6 of the 13, Krimson Vulika of the British Royalist Party was declared the victor of the election by the head of the Elections Commission the Lady Victoria.

    The Foreign and Commonwealth Office

    The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has taken a very prominent tone in the last few weeks. Treaties are being approved between Great Britain and the neutral United Kingdom of The Netherlands as well as the imperialist region of Ceseris. Recently His Majesty personally took a role in forming and securing various aspects of the Ministry of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs; particularly items that pertain to ambassadorship. With the region marching to the 100 nation marker, its only a matter of time before Foreign Affairs overtake us like a wild fire.

    Culture, Regional News, and More Culture

    The culture craze never ceases to end. With Halloween on Deck for October 28th and Mandatory Costumes, its positively frightening around here! The games and the parties never seem to end either. Just when you think everyone has had their fill, another soiree erupts. With the arrival of new prominent figures such as The Lady Katherine and The Lady Victoria has come an even greater uptick in activity in the housing area.

    The question on everyone's mind seems to be: will you marry me? MP Amber and her partner Lucy Delacroix are planed to be wed on Nov 8th, which a Bachelorette party that may be considered rowdy and unforgettable. Meanwhile The Duchess of York has agreed to marry Fanix Talleyrand, and their wedding date is set for Nov the 30th. Finally His Lordship Vaculatestar did ask The Lady Victoria to be his wife and she too, said yes! While the date has not been set, it is safe to say that when you need to propose to a special person; bring her to Great Britain.

    Thank you all for reading our by-monthly update!

  • Thank you for keeping us updated!

    Augustus Barrington, Foreign Affairs Commissioner to the EU

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