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  • This is the official embassy of Europeia to the European Union. Keep us up to date here on events in your region, and once again, welcome to the European Union!

  • First, thank you very much for the approval! I'll be posting here with pleasure ;-)

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    Sensational Senate Race

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    The new Senate convenes for its first debate

    The recent Senate elections provided one of the most closely-fought and exciting races of the year, with nine candidates running for a mere six available seats. At the end of the elections, Malashaan, Pope Lexus X, Charlotte Shaw, Anumia, Modern Sin and Artimis Shaw became the region's new Senators. Malashaan was elected as Senate Speaker for yet another term.

    Although the voting stage was particularly tense (as it expectedly led to a run-off election to fill the final couple of seats), the campaign stage also created some tension, with Europeian citizens spoilt for choice by the entry of a range of candidates into the battle, ranging from some of Europeia's oldest and most experienced minds, to relative newcomers.

    What made it more exciting was the rise a certain topic: the possible repeal of the Mandatory Recruitment Act, a law which has sparked controversy since its implementation in 2012. So, if a debate on repealing the MRA does go ahead, it could change the legislative and political landscape of Europeia for good.

    Navy Strikes Again

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    Europeian Republic Navy returning in formation

    Earlier in September the Europeian Republican Navy, assisting the UIAF, moved in during the major update to capture Middle Earth. Defenders attempting a liberation were unsuccessful and booted from the Region. After a successful six days and fielding a combined 33 nations, seven of which were ERN personnel, the ERN returned home victorious once more.

    At the same time, newly minted Ally, Mazeria, was experiencing a coup in one of their colonies Mediterrania. The ERN, fulfilling it treaty obligations and generally helping her friends, assisted with a few update nations to assist Mazeria in holding her colony.

    Friends and Frivolities

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    Citizens from Europeia and Mazeria party into the night

    Europeia is currently in the midst of it's leg of the Europe-Mazeria Festival to celebrate our recent treaty. Between both regions, we've had plenty of spam games, casual conversation, food, drinks and even a new Party Quirks RP to kick off our new friendship. Even though our festival is coming to a close in a few days, Europeia is proud to have been able to host the contingent from Mazeria. So, here's to you Mazeria. And may there be many more good times down the road.

    Europeia is also currently planning for our upcoming festival with The North Pacific in which we expect to party until dawn, drinking all night and celebrating our new treaty as well. Be ready TNP because our parties are all fun, all the time.

    Who's Who? - Executive Government
    President: Seven Deaths
    Vice President: Drecq
    Supreme Chancellors: HEM, Lethen

    Grand Admiral: Anumia
    Foreign Affairs: Common-Sense Politics
    Immigration: Modern Sin
    Communication: Matthew Vinage
    Culture: Drexlore Greyjoy
    Attorney General: Malashaan

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    Thanks for the update, Hux!

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    December 2013 Edition

    Greetings! As the holiday season approaches Europeia wishes you the greatest of cheer and invites you to read about the newest happenings in our region:

    Anumia Wins Landslide Victory

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    On October 26th, veteran Europeian Anumia became President (3 years after his last stint as President), with his running mate Malashaan becoming Vice President, after beating the Elias Greyjoy/Huxwells Shaw ticket in a landslide victory of 24 votes to 8. His current cabinet includes: Cerian Quilor (Grand Admiral), Moronist Decisions (Foreign Affairs), Common-Sense Politics (Foreign Cultivation), Artimis Shaw (Interior), Seven Deaths (Culture), Kraketopia (Communication) and Notolecta (Attorney General). Additionally, Pope Lexus X now sits as Chief Justice and Drecq serves as Senate Speaker.

    The key to Anumia's victory is believed to have been his ambitious "Great Architecture Project", which hopes to see Europeia help small, emerging regions get on their feet by teaching them a variety of things. This would include gaining good legal ability and having an efficient military. It's hoped that Europeia will gain more allies and, hopefully, long-term friends from the Project.

    Anumia's cabinet has also been a major talking point due to its mixture of old and new faces. The Cabinet already got to work on many things with the Ministry of Culture hosting the TNP-Euro Festival, the Ministry of Interior working to get more Europeian nations to join the forums and become involved in the region, the ERN showing increased activity and much more. Europeians think that the experience of the older Cabinet members and the dedication of the newer Ministers will combine to make Anumia's administration a successful one. We certainly hope it will!

    Mystery Abounds Between Friends

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    Europeia and The North Pacific have settled down to enjoy a good dinner, but little do they know that they're about to have a murderously good time. Our typical Festival to celebrate a recent security treaty signed by the two regions has been given a mystery theme. With events like "Guess That Detective" and "Which Sherlock is Better?" we've got a lot on our plates, but the main dish at this event is the Murder Mystery Dinner RP.

    But wait! There's more! We've also been uncovering the mysteries of each other's NS past while we got to know each other as friends. Europeia has been proud to host this leg of the festival which is still ongoing, so feel free to come and join in on the fun!

    Europeia Broadens Its Media

    Europeia has begun to expand its forms of media. Instead of the standard textual documents used for broadcasting, audio formats are now being used as well. The Europeian Broadcasting Centre is officially conducting all major interviews in both audio and text formats (http://s6.zetaboards.com/Europeia/topic/8887574/1/#new), and President Anumia's speeches are also being broadcast in audio format. The private media sector has embraced the change as well. Seven Deaths leads the charge, starting his highly acclaimed "Seven Minutes With Seven Deaths" (http://s6.zetaboards.com/Europeia/forum/4009481/), which helped pioneer the use of audio technology in Europeia. Europeia wishes to expand into other media forms as well, and is currently working on an EBC program to encourage visual forms of media on the forum. We hope that this will not only add some flair to the forum, but will also stimulate creativity and greater communication for those who are more inclined to audio and visual formats.

    ERN On the High Seas

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    The Europeian Republican Navy has been a hive of activity as of late, performing raids on at least 8 regions since the beginning of the term on October 26th, in one instance even beating both defenders and the Black Riders to the punch in Malton - having already pipped TBR at the post in The Krikkit Fleet not a day earlier.

    The increase in activity has come from an increase in the number of active duty sailors, in addition to the ERN participating more frequently with Europeia's allies to keep relationships strong. The increased activity of the ERN has pleased many a Europeian, who look forward to yet more raids and stories of Europeian military success; such things have certainly become a common occurrence in Europeia lately.

    As Europeia continues to assert itself on the world military stage, we can only wait and hope that the Navy enjoys the same, if not greater levels of success!


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    We Now Return to Our Featured Program

    Delegate Change

    In late October, Elias Greyjoy announced that he was stepping down from the delegacy. Due to the impending Zombie crisis at that time and Senate by-elections occurring as well, the delegacy elections were delayed until early November. These were the most hotly contested delegacy elections for some time, with five citizens having announced their candidacy and having posted their platforms at some point during the election process. In the end, Moronist Decisions won the election to the delegacy on November 5th. Moronist Decisions, or MD, is an experienced General Assembly resolution author and has been participating in World Assembly discussions for all of his NationStates career.

    Europeia Cancelled Treaty With Lazarus

    Since Milograd, who is persona non grata in Europeia following his previous coup of The South Pacific, took over delegacy of Lazarus, relations between Europeia and Lazarus have become increasingly strained, especially after it has outright rejected the independent foreign policy in word and in deed. On November 18th, 2013, then-Minister of Foreign Affairs Common-Sense Politics announced in a public address that Europeia has terminated her treaty with Lazarus, including the closure of in-game embassies between the two regions. However, Europeia looks forward to maintaining relations between the two regions, in spite of this setback in bilateral relations.

    Europeia Supports the Osiris Fraternal Order

    As you may know, on the evening of December 9th, the Pharoahs of Osiris - Venico and Koth - along with Vizier Cormac took action to remove "The Empire" from the region. This move was necessary to ensure that the region can develop independently and healthily without the actions of "The Empire", which has maintained a tight grip on the region and obstructed reforms by successive Pharoahs to develop a more robust government that can bring Osiris with stability and tranquility. Europeia supports Venico and his government's actions in this regard, standing alongside allies such as Balder and The New Inquisition to support the Osiran government's attempts to reassert independence of this sinker in the face of challenges from The Empire. The Republic is offering diplomatic and military support to the Osiris Fraternal Order in order to ensure the stability of Osiris.

    Fake News

    • Zenny declares herself Mistress of the Pretties: pulse rates across the region skyrocket.
    • Anumia heard muttering, "One more coup of Osiris and I'll take over the bloody place myself."
    • "Comparing Lazarus to Osiris is like apples and oranges", defenders say; "Comparing Osiris to Lazarus is like oranges and apples," invaders say.
    • This just came in: Radio invented in Europeia, already a hit.
    • "Any Naval units that are slow to respond to orders will be fed to the Kraken," Grand Admiral warns.

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  • Hi EU, I'm Charax and I'm the new Ambassador from Europeia. It's great to be here. happy.gif

  • You're back to NS Charax?

  • I would first like to introduce myself as I am the new Diplomat from Europeia. It will be great to get to know all of you!

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    August 15th, 2014
    Our Regional Forum

    Kraken Maintains His Tentacled Grip On the Goldenblock

    Kraketopia has seen himself earn a second term as President of the Republic, receiving 62.5% of the votes in a slight increase on his first term electoral victory. Running again with his Vice President Pope Lexus X, the pair were nobly challenged by a team-up of Ogastein and Common-Sense Politics.

    The incumbent victor ran on a platform of dividing the internal labour of the Interior Ministry to provide for more specific foci on the two main areas of recruitment and retention, continuing with the professionalisation of the Europeian Foreign Service, expanding domestic education on foreign policy, greater presentation and explanation of our foreign policy abroad, expanded efforts to forge lasting social bonds between citizens, and a program to reach out to nations on the Regional Message Board to get more people involved in the affairs of our region.

    This election campaign saw a burgeoning of political activity as predicted and expected from months earlier, due to a boom in newcomer numbers and participation, and a general desire amongst the populace to increase internal political engagement. Though debates and discussions saw candidates assertively pressing their plans, both ran solid, clean campaigns, and overall the region has seen a strong upswing in activity around election time.

    The President saw his entire Cabinet approved by the Senate, and they have begun work with enthusiasm. His Cabinet is as follows:

    Foreign Affairs: Anumia
    Grand Admiral: Common-Sense Politics
    Foreign Cultivation: Ogastein
    Interior: Imperium
    Culture: WritingLegend
    Communications: Calvin Coolidge
    Attorney General: Hyanygo
    Chief of Staff: r3naissanc3r

    We all look forward to this term!

    Philosophy Symposium

    On the week of July 23rd, Europeia witnessed a great amount of rants and debates formed in its first ever Philosophy Symposium, which was a big success drawing crowds of foreigners and Europeians alike. Such a success that nearly a week after the event has ended, debates and riddles are still occurring, as if it is an endless cycle. What we don't know is if Europeia will ever leave the Symposium, but what we do know is that these debates leaked into the minds of non-participating Europeians, causing a spew of debates in multiple forums.

    The Symposium was filled with different types of riddles, debates, and an Ale House (where Turtle Cake-Soup was cooked and freshly eaten). Some of the debates included: Does free will exist? Is morality real? What is the nature of justice? Is crying a sign of weakness? Are turtles mighty, extraterrestrial animals? Most of these debates were not answered outright, rather, these debates continued for days on end with counter-strikes being sent for every argument. Everyone yelled and nobody is the same.

    The other half of the Symposium was Plato's Party, where riddles were told, an Ale House was located, and different puzzles to train Europeans to become super-humans. Here's a riddle for you: A man receives a phone call from a stranger telling him what horse will win tomorrow's race. The man laughing it off but being curious puts $5 on that horse, and it wins. A week later the same stranger calls and tells him what horse will win the next day's race. The man bets again, this time $100, just to see if it'll work. The horse wins, and the man is baffled. The stranger calls a third time and tells him which horse will win, and the man bets $500. The horse wins, and the man is amazed. A week later the stranger calls again, and tells him that he'll tell the man the winning horse, but only if the man pays him $50,000. The man pays, goes to the track, puts his life savings on the horse, and loses.

    What happened?

    I'll let you think about that.

    Ovation of r3naissanc3r

    The highest Honour in Europeia was awarded to r3n on August 2nd, after he was nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate. Currently Chief of Staff, r3n also serves as an Administrator in Europeia. One of the largest factors in the Ovation was r3n's consistent helpfulness in all areas of Europeia, providing support to a number of Ministries and individual citizens. r3n is an asset to Europeia, and his Ovation was well deserved.

    Europeia's WA Delegate, Mousebumples, emphasised r3n's role in our community:

    "r3n has been very helpful to me - and without his assistance (both in terms of being a sounding board ... and in terms of his admin/coding capabilities), I don't think that my term as Minister of the Interior would have been nearly as successful. He's been a great help on so many levels throughout the past months, and I'm sure even if I tried to list them all, I'd inevitably forget ... more than a few things he's done.

    He's earned this ovation many, many times over - and I'm honestly surprised that it hadn't been previously awarded."

    Following the Ovation, the Ministry of Culture organised a celebratory event. The Ovation party included games, honours, and a place to look back on r3n and some of his greatest quotes (and quotes about him). Europeia thanks r3n for his continued service to the region and hopes he will remain with us... forever. user posted image[B][B]

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    Independence Convention

    The Republic of Europeia is proud to announce the opening of its Independence Convention, which will be held from Sept. 23-30th. The foremost Independent regions have been invited, and the agenda consists of a number of discussions on the theory and applications of Independence. A working paper will be constructed and presented at the end of the Convention. This shall be a landmark event in the history of regional Independence.

  • Hello everyone. I'm the new ambassador to the region from Europeia. I didn't see anywhere I should apply for masking, but if there is such a thread, please point me in the right direction. I'm looking forward to getting to know you all.

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    Hey Malashaan, nice to meet you! We don't currently use a masking system, so don't worry about that for now. Congratulations on 9 years, and thanks for the update!

  • The following article was written by our former President, Kraketopia. Tea is so important, I thought I would share it with you all. :)

    As most of us are currently in the middle of winter, it seemed appropriate to [url=http://www.booksatoz.com/witsend/tea/orwell.htm]write an article[/url] on the merits of that most illustrious elixir of life, tea. As a popular gentleman rhymer once said, [url=]"If you're tired of tea, then you're tired of life."[/url] Tea is a delicious beverage that comes in many varieties and flavours. While the purists will stick to pure blends, there are enough flavoured teas to attract even the most modern of tastes. Many will only drink tea in the fall and winter, but special consideration should be given to iced tea in the spring and summer. Brewed iced tea is vastly superior to the over-sugared pop variety, and has a much more robust, thirst quenching flavour.

    [b]Table of Contents[/b]

    1. Types of Tea

    2. Proper Brewing of Tea

    3. Iced Tea

    [b]Types of Tea[/b]

    Tea leaves come from the tea tree, Camellia sinensis, native to Southeast Asia and southern China. In order to turn this fresh leaf into what we call tea, a process of withering, heating, rolling, and drying most occur. It is the difference of this process that mostly impacts the different types of tea available on the market.

    [i]White Tea[/i]

    White tea is a very delicate tea, made primarily from the buds of the tea tree. These leaves will be withered for two to three days, sometimes steamed, and dried without rolling. This tea has a very delicate colour, and a fresh, soft taste. When brewing white tea one must be careful not to over steep or over heat, or they will ruin the fragile flavour of the tea. When drank you should focus on the delicate flavours at play. White tea is like a sipping scotch, something to think about, not something to down throughout the day.

    [i]Green Tea[/i]

    Green tea is the most produced and drank tea in China and Japan. Green tea is the traditional tea that started it all, and remains a cultural staple in Asia. The cultural importance of tea can be seen in the highly formal tea ceremony, which one of my favourite authors Yasunari Kawabata captured in "[url=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thousand_Cranes]Thou... Cranes.[/url]" Chinese green tea is produced by withering the leaves, then pan-firing them, rolling them to release flavour and break down cell walls, and drying to preserve the leaves. Japanese green tea is made by steaming the leaves first, then rolling them, followed by pan-firing and finally drying them. The lack of wilting and the addition of steaming imparts Japanese tea with a more grassy flavour. Traditionally Chinese green tea is more of a yellow colour, while Japanese green tea is greener. Green tea is the perfect tea to accompany contemplation, and I have enjoyed a cup while playing Go on numerous occasions. It is also suitable for drinking throughout the day.

    [i]Oolong Tea[/i]

    Oolong is a hybrid between green and black tea. Some enzyme transformation is allowed to take place, as the leaves are withered until they become significantly wilted (around twenty minutes). The leaves are lightly bruised, then fermented for four hours, before being pan-fired, rolled, and dried. This produces a more complex flavour, with an amber colour and more distinctive aroma than green tea. Oolong fills a nice niche in every tea collection.

    [i]Black Tea[/i]

    The most consumed tea outside of Asia, black tea took England and the rest of the world by storm upon its invention in the 19th century. Originally all tea exported to the west was grown in China, but trade difficulties led the British to cultivate Camellia sinensis assamica (Assam tea) for growth in India. This new Assam leaf made for a darker, stronger black tea than that produced with regular tea leaves. Black tea is more complex than oolong, and has a deeper flavour and darker colour, as would be expected. Black tea is produced by wilting the leaves for hours, rolling them for 30-60 minutes, fermenting for one to four hours, and then drying. The additional wilting and rolling releases extra flavour. Black tea is wonderful for drinking, and is available in a number of delicious blends, such as Earl Grey, which adds bergamot. The depth of flavour of black tea makes it perfect for sipping and contemplating life, but the heartiness of it also makes it a good tea to drink throughout the day.

    [i]Pu'erh Tea[/i]

    A unique Chinese tea, made in the traditional green way, then moistened and fermented in heaps for some time (famously in caves). A brown colour develops, with a complex spicy, clove taste. This is definitely a different tea. One worth trying, some will love it, some will find it less than desirable.

    [i]Herbal Tea[/i]

    Many herbal teas are available on the market today, and a flavour exists for everyone. From blends that evoke cakes, ginger beer, and peppermint, there's certainly something to appeal to everyone. Just be careful not to overdo it on some of the more frivolous varieties.

    [b]How To Brew Tea[/b]

    There's no room for being a tea snob; bagged tea is wonderful and a great, convenient way to enjoy tea. However, a much more developed and complex flavour can be found by buying and brewing loose leaf tea. Larger tea leaves impart a more complex flavour, and giving them room to expand and fill the pot, such as with a [url=https://www.davidstea.com/ca_en/white-perfect-infu... infuser[/url], will lead to a better cup of tea every time. I personally use a cup sized infuser, which is wonderful as my tea leaves are able to fill the entire cup as they steep, and then can be easily removed when my tea is ready. It also saves having to dirty a teapot. If having company, then I will use the infuser with my teapot, as intended. I recommend getting an infuser that sits in the teapot versus a tea ball as it's easier to handle and can be used perfectly in a cup for a single serving, as described above.

    Be sure to pay attention to temperatures and steeping times. More delicate teas, such as white and green teas, can have their flavour profile ruined by using water that's too hot, or over steeping them. Black tea is able to handle boiling water, but is not immune to the perils of over steeping as well. Always take care when brewing your tea.

    [b]Iced Tea[/b]

    Nothing is more refreshing in the summer than iced tea. Not the sugary stuff from the grocery store, but lovely, unadulterated iced tea. Simply infuse hot tea with twice as many tea leaves as you normally would, and then add the same amount of cold water. Allow this to chill in the refrigerator, adding ice as desired. Some add soda water and fruit juice to make tea cocktails. I've never gone this far, but you're certainly welcome to experiment and post about how it went.


    I hope everyone has learned a new fact or two about tea, and look forward to learning how you drink it and what you prefer.

    [i]Harold McGee's "On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen" was heavily consulted in the writing of this article. I cannot suggest this book highly enough to anyone interested in food.[/i]

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    😆 I loved the article. Tea really is the most amazing elixir of life, although I'm slowly finding myself drawn to powers of coffee. Send Kraketopia our best wishes!

  • Truly @Inquista ...... Tea is the drink of the gods.

  • I see the people of the European Union are enlightened and wise :)

  • Hello, everybody! I am the new Ambassador to the European Union, Ervald. Not only will I bring any foreign updates here but I also want to open up the embassy for people to post their concerns and questions toward Europeia and your relationship with us. Thanks.

  • Woo great! I'll get about setting up our embassy on your forums too!

    The Worst Foreign Commissioner Ever

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