Davishire Nuclear Weapons Security Conference

  • The Minister of State for the Armed Forces, Charles Goerge was sat down at a desk in the Ministry of Defence building awaiting the delegate.

    Nuclear Weapons Security was on the agenda.

    Suddenly the door creaked open and the delegate walked through the door. The Minister of State stood to welcome him.

    "Welcome to Davishire, please sit down we have alot to discuss"

  • Deputy Foreign Minister Mary Beth Collie from the Confederacy of Gun-Toting Animals, walked into the room to greet the Davishirian. "Hello Minister George, it's nice to meet you."

    After they shook hands and traded pleasantries Collie addressed George. "Ok Minister we might as well get straight to it. I know your nation is looking to bolster a potential application for a nuclear license and I will try to advise you to the best of my ability. Understand that I may not be able to give you some of the answers you might seek in this meeting because of the secrecy that usually comes with the topic. With that out of the way I'll let you start getting into your specific queries."

  • "You are quite right, we are looking to bolster our application, and we understand the security issues which occur with meetings such as this. I will try and avoid any majorly sensible areas."

    The Minister took a quick sip of water,

    "One of the main issues that the ENAA has bought about is security, considering the events of April/May when an enemy nation attacked Davishire they are concerned about security measures.

    How does GTA see it that nuclear weapons should be secured, and how would GTA be able to support Davishire in this effort?

    We have had nuclear protection troops ready for nearly 4 months, but how should we deploy and train them and how can you support us in this?"

  • "Well Minister security isn't just about what you might have at nuclear facilities. That is an important component but there also has to be a certain awareness of foreign and domestic threats. The ENAA to this point seems to think you are lacking in this area. We've always found it odd that the events of the Sandy Island attack blindsided Davishirian forces so much. I'm curious as to how it failed to detect that certain factions were planning such an attack. Five naval destroyers take a large amount of resources to build and it's not easy (or plausible really) to build those in secret. Given that, intelligence services should be able to track what was going on to bolster Davishire's security and be prepared for that attack. Then you also have the whole pirate fiasco around your neck of the ocean. The situation lingered on for far too long for a nation that has the technology for nuclear weapons. I guess what I'm saying is that, in our government's opinion, Davishire needs to improve its ability to locate and prepare for threats to its security. And, as we've seen from the nuclear discussion in Council, national security and stability is paramount for the region to be comfortable with a nuclear Davishire".

    "Do you and rest of your nation's officials understand these concerns Minister George? I will let you respond to what I've said before we go further."

  • "The Davishire press has always had a history of, on some occasions, exaggerating.What actually happened was 5 armed containerships, rather than destroyers attacked the Sandy Island Base, and this was before the significant investment by our Ministry of Defence.

    Our intelligence services have also seen increased funding from our government and have in recent months stopped several threats to Davishire and also the European Union.

    Also the pirates which have plagued the oceans for so long have since been almost completley destroyed, the publicised operation last month and the consequental land invasion of an island some 150 miles from Sandy Island has removed the supply base and a large number of pirate craft, we also discovered 2 heavily armed tankers which had been converted to home made warships.

    We fully understand all of these confirmed and we would like the help of fellow European allied to assist us in becoming as safe and secure as possible.