Embassy Program of Greater Europolis

  • Embassy Agreement Charter:
    1. The embassy is soil of the nation it represents
    2. There are to be police and/or military of the represented nation in the embassy units to protect the embassy
    3. There are to be police and/or secret service units tasked with protecting the embassy, stuff and diplomatic missions at all times outside of the embassy
    4. Even in times of war the embassy is not to be attacked
    5. In case of failure to protect damage to the embassy the nation to which t diplomatic mission was tasked is to pay full reparations
    6. In case of war between the two nations there are to be 48 hours for citizens to evacuate to the embassy and be evacuated from the country from there by or with the help of the nation the diplomatic teams where tasked to
    7. If diplomatic relations are temporarily halted the embassy is still applicable to all clauses of this agreement
    8. Only after permanent termination of diplomatic relations does the embassy's soil belong to the nation the embassy was tasked to again.
    9. Trespassing in the embassy is considered military action and will be dealt with appropriately and have appropriate results in diplomatic relations
    10. Because clauses of this agreement are consistent with the Geneva Treaty and other UN and international protocols violating any of them is: a crime against humanity, an international law breach and a valid cause for international intervention and military conflict

    Embassy Buildings (Will be updated each time a slot is taken)
    1. user posted image

    Nation: Vacant

    2. user posted image

    Nation: Vacant

    3. user posted image

    Nation: Vacant

    4. user posted image

    Nation: Vacant

    5. user posted image

    Nation: Vacant

    (Contact me if you want an embassy in Greater Europolis)

  • The Empire of Inimicus requests setting up an embassy in building nr. 2. The ambassador, his wife and one child, five ambassadorial staff and 7 security guards will come with the ambassador.

  • Nation: Qvait

    Image: Frederick Fornell
    Age: 48

    Embassy Staff
    Number of Staff: 173
    Number of Security: 35
    Weaponry Present (if any):

    • M4 carbines (only exterior guards)

    • Walther P99

    • Tasers

    • Metal rounds

    • Plastic rounds_Ambassadorial Vehicle(s):_ Limousine (w/ tinted windows)
      Special Requests:

    • Public Transportation Pass
      Preferred Embassy Location: Building 5

  • The Barony of Rimroth would like to send a team of diplomats.

    Name: Roger Less
    Age: 52

    Number of staff: 12
    Number of security: 8

    Sub-machine guns

    Bentley Continental GT with tainted windows

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