Commission XV Nominations

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    **Commission XV Nominations **

    Commission XIV is scheduled to end soon on November 16th. And so, as Premier Commissioner, I have the responsibility to open up the process of elections once again. So all those interested in running for Commission XV, please fill out the form below. In a week's time we will also begin the nomination process for the European Court of Justice.


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    Candidate Name:
    Home Nation:
    Political Party Affiliation:

    Before we kick this off I shall continue the tradition of saying something about Commission elections, and this time I will throw a quote at you. In the words of Premier Bass, "the region demands active, intelligent, and motivated leaders. If you do not feel you can provide such qualities then perhaps reconsider taking part. The European Union has been a wonderful, evolving bond between nations aimed at creating closer ties within the region. We cannot allow that to be jeopardized by people who are not up to task."

    Nominations begin now and end November 2nd at 22.30 GMT

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    Candidate Name: Dr. William Roebuck
    Home Nation: The Confederacy of Gun-Toting Animals
    Incumbent?: No
    Political Party Affiliation: ECL

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    Candidate Name: Dann Eriksson am d'Iunio
    Home Nation: Duxburian Union
    Incumbent?: No
    Political Party Affiliation: ECL

  • ECoJ

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    Candidate Name: Augustus Barrington
    Home Nation: Inimicus
    Incumbent: yes
    Political Party Affiliation: UEC

  • "I would like to thank the members of the Union of European Conservatives for giving me and my colleague Augustus Barrington another chance to run for the Commission, and I wish all of the other runners good luck. No matter who gets chosen for the European Commission, I'm sure that we'll all try our best to make the life in Europe better!"

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    Candidate Name: Commissioner Blair Von Schroeder
    Home Nation: Absolutist Monarchy of Red Croatia
    Incumbent?: Yes, Holder of the Internal Affairs Office
    Political Party Affiliation: Union of European Conservatives.

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    Candidate Name: Peter Montfort
    Home Nation: Angleter
    Incumbent?: Yes
    Political Party Affiliation: UEC

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