UEC Commission Election Oct/Nov 2013

  • With yet another election cycle upon us, it is time for the Union of European Conservatives to decide on its candidates for the Commission elections. After careful consideration, we have decided to continue with the format adopted last time, namely choose two candidates at this stage, with a view to increasing this to three should circumstances allow it.

    I'm sure I don't have to repeat myself with regards to UEC candidates running without the blessing of the party at large. The UEC would disown any such candidates, and focus solely on those democratically chosen. That hasn't happened so far, so let's keep the good streak going, eh?

    Now, I open the selection procedure, and invite any potential nominees to declare themselves now.

    Christopher Brown
    UEC Party President


    Name of Candidate:
    National Party Affiliation:
    A Short Biography of the Candidate:

    Photograph (Optional):

  • Name of Candidate: Augustus Barrington
    National Party Affiliation: Party of National Pride (PNP)
    A Short Biography of the Candidate: Augustus Barrington was born on 22 November 1949, therefore he's currently 63 years of age. He enjoyed a wonderful education. As a matter of fact, he was in class together with William I for a couple of years. After his school period, he studied Forgein Economics at Lacerta University, a study which he hugely enjoyed. After this, he worked at a Tissue-production firm for 20 years as an economic advisor. He got fed up with it, though, and decided to go into politics. After a few years, he was MP for the Telum Monarchist Party, the party led by William Jameson, the future Emperor.
    When the new government was formed, he became the deputy, secretary and advisor of Nicholas Benfield, the EU councillor for Inimicus at the time. He enjoyed his work! Yet fate had another card to play. Benfield was severely injured in a car accident, so Augustus replaced him as councillor.

    Photograph (Optional):

    user posted image

  • Blair Von Schroeder, the current commissioner of Internal Affairs is going to host a discussion in the RCPOIR Headquarters about the possiblity of her running for the same office again. You shall know what the result is after you see has or has she not applied in the near future. If there is a scenario in which she doesn't decide to run, Red Croatia's Party of International Relations is going to stick to supporting one candidate from the Union of European Conservatives, and is going to make it's support super-official in the European Union.

    Sincerely, Red Croatia's Party of International Relations.

  • "I would like to know when this UEC election is going to end, as the Commission Nominations end the 2nd of November. Therefore I ask this question to our Chairman"

    Augustus Barrington

  • Apologies for not making this more clear initially.

    Nominations end at 17:59 GMT on 31/10/13
    Voting ends at 17:59 GMT on 2/11/13.

    I realise we may be cutting it a little bit fine, but we should be alright.

  • Admin

    Name of Candidate: Peter Montfort
    National Party Affiliation: Democratic Party
    A Short Biography of the Candidate: Montfort co-founded and was Managing Director of Villiers, a leading chain of Angleteric department store, until he entered Parliament in the 2003 elections. He proved a prolific Parliamentarian, serving on the European Affairs and Administration committees, but resigned his seat to run - unsuccessfully - for Commission XIII. After a brief stint in broadcasting he was elected Internal Commissioner, replacing Mikaela Kligenberg, and in that office played a leading role in Davishire's integration into the regional mainstream, prioritised governing over legislating, and consulted on committee reform. Elected Premier Commissioner in July, Montfort is currently proposing committee reform in the Council.

    Photograph (Optional):

    user posted image

  • user posted image
    Darwin Cutter (United Conservative Party) has been involved in politics for 21 years and was a Senator from the Alderney province of Qvait from March 2012. From 2003?2008, Cutter was the Governor of Alderney. He is a staunch conservative, who stresses the importance of economic growth. In the 2013 Conservative Convention, Cutter was voted as the Qvaitican nominee for the UEC Commission. On a miscellaneous note, Darwin is the elder brother of the former President, Victor Cutter.

    Certified by the Chairman of the United Conservative Party and the President of Qvait

    Victor Cutter, Chairman
    Johnathon Victor, President

  • "Even though I didn't manage to apply before the deadline thanks to a specific complication that stopped me from doing so yesterday, with the allowance from Christopher Brown, I was allowed to do so today."

    Name of Candidate: Blair Von Schroeder
    National Party Affiliation: Red Croatia's Party of International Relations

    A Short Biography of the Candidate:
    Blair Von Schroeder is one of the most famous Rechroatian politicans, known for her ways with the public and philanthropy. She's renowed nationwide as a seeker of compromise, perhaps best shown during the G&R and RCPOIR debates, not forgetting many other instances within the Rechroatian legislature. She is also known for her social life, separate from the world of politics. Being married to Anthonie Von Schroeder, one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Red Croatian history, she is a regular at cultural events both domestic and international. During her term as a Internal Affairs Commissioner, she has put herself out to every task that she could, and mostly co-operated with Karolinasz Jaedala from Os Corelia, her colleague and high-ranking members of the Union of European Conservatives. Another thing that will have her be remembered in the European history is the fact that she managed to acomplish peace in the Romulan Empire.

    user posted image

  • The Empire of Inimicus votes as follows:

    1. Augustus Barrington, Inimicus
    2. Peter Montfort, Angleter
    3. Blair von Schroeder, Red Croatia

  • The Absolutist Monarchy votes as follows:

    I. Blair von Schroeder, Red Croatia
    II. Augustus Barrington, Inimicus
    III. Peter Montfort, Angleter

  • The Unionist and Conservative Party casts its vote in the following fashion:

    1. Peter Montfort, Angleter
    2. Augustus Barrington, Inimicus
    3. Blair von Schroeder, Red Croatia
    4. Darwin Cutter, Qvait

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