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    Chilterns Admitted to the European Union

    It has been confirmed today that Chilterns has been admitted to the European Union as an overseas territory of Davishire. The Governer of the Chilterns said that this is a "great day for the people" and that the Chilterns has got a "hopeful future".

    The Chilterns however will not have a representative on the EU council and will be represented by the Commonwealth of Davishire is many areas.

    Prime Minister of Davishire Confirmes New Military Presence

    The Prime Minister of Davishire has confirmed that the military presence in Davishire will rise from the current 10,000 men to approx 100,000 men of the Army of Davishire before March,

    The New Secretary of State for Defence also confirmed that the Chilterns Government will be able to raise a force to defend its nation, with details to be confirmed in the future.

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    Chilterns will NOT formally merge with Davishire

    It was confirmed yesterday by the Prime Minister of Davishire that the Chilterns will not formally merge to form one country with Davishire. The Prime Minister stated that this could be a "very bad move" causing "increased tensions through what appears to be Davishire expansion".

    Their is a large independence minority accross the Chilterns calling for this nation to become independent of Davishire. However they have never acheived representation in the Chiltern Parliament and only have 35% support within the nation.

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    Ships to call in Os Corelia

    It has been confirmed that beginning next year ships and aircraft between Davishire and Chilterns will call in Os Corelia which marks the rough half way point between the two nations.

    It is expected that passengers will be able to take commercially organised day trips in the country to enrich their travel experience. It will lengthen sea voyage times from 5 to 6 days but will provide additional income for all parties.

    It is expected that flight times will only be lengthened by two hours but on top of the current two services either way per day their will be a third services scheduled every other day to cater for those who don't wish to stop in Os Corelia.

    Services are expected to start in Mid January.

    New Football Centre for Chilterns

    Chilterns may have lost the bid to host the Eurocup however the Footballing Legacy, now renamed the Football Future is set to go ahead in Davishire and Chilterns.

    The Davishire Secretary of State for Sport, Culture and Media is set to formally begin the plans for the construction of a football centre on the outskirts of Aylesbury with construction beginning early next year and the centre starting operation just 6 months later with half of the complex opening by October 2014.

    The centre will work in conjunction with another Football Future centre in Sandford, Davishire and will arrange "Footballing Exchanges" under the "Magic Programme" which will give promising footballers in both Davishire and Chilterns the opportunity to play in different environments and learn new skills both in the footballing aspects but also socially and culturally. It is also hoped that a programme which is being called "European Football Magic" will be set up to bring nations together under the game.

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    Davishire Air Bridge to URE
    The Government of Davishire has confirmed that Aylesbury Airport will be the host of a new military air service to the Davishire Forces in the URE.

    The once weekly service will transport service personell between Davishire Forces Chilterns and Davishire Forces URE but will be open to civillians who have the necessary URE entry visas.

    Chilterns Legislature Confirms No Military Policy

    The Legislature of the Chilterns did today confirm that they will continue to follow their no military policy.

    The Officer of State for Internal Affairs for the Chilterns said that he welcomed the news that no military will be developed by the Chilterns. He said "Davishire already stations 250,000 regular land forces here alongside some 15 capital ships as part of a battegroup as well as air forces and anti aircraft weaponry and early warning systems among other defences. It is important that we maintain our peaceful stance and allow Davishire to be our main guarantor of defence"

    The views come after some members of the legislature petitioned for the governer of the chilterns to get permission from His Majesties Government in Davishire to form a brigade sized sefence force and naval fleet. A motion which was rejected by majority vote.

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    Chilterns Government Set to Increase Solar Energy Funding

    Solar Energy is set to provide 75% of Chilterns power source by the end of 2016 as a result of a large increase in spending by the government as a result of an increase in funds provided to the Legislature by the Government of Davishire.

    10 new solar power plants are set to be opened by the end of this year with an additional 25 more next year and another 5 in 2016. The remainging amount will be produced using wind power and some small coal energy plants which will close before the end of 2020.

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