ECoJ Nominations Nov 2013

  • It's time for elections for the next European Court of Justice.

    Nominations started November 2nd 23:59, and end at 23:59 GMT on November 9th. You cannot serve a third consecutive term on the ECoJ, and the Premier Commissioner's country may not provide a Justice.

    Nominate candidates as so:

    [Candidate photograph or image]

    Candidate Name:
    Home Nation:
    Incumbent? (Y/N)
    Running for Chief Justice: (Y/N)

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    Candidate Name: Luyes Taraque
    Home Nation: Nouvelle Picardie
    Incumbent? No
    Running for Chief Justice: Yes

    • LL. B.
    • LL. M.
    • Constitutional lawyer (8 years)
    • Associate Professor (University of Chan Chan, 11 years)
    • Justice of the Supreme Court of Nouvelle Picardie (5 years)
    • Justice on European Court of Justice starting November 2012

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    Candidate Name: Gergely Stjepanic
    Home Nation: United Romulan Empire
    Incumbent? Y
    Running for Chief Justice:N
    -Degree in Law and defense- Marko State University
    -Masters degree in Politics and Law- Central City University
    -Justice in the Marko High Court
    -Chief justice of the Supreme Court of the Balkan Socialist Federation
    -Currently a justice on the European Court of Justice

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    Candidate Name: Javinas Stidernbaker
    Home Nation: Os Corelia
    Incumbent? No
    Running for Chief Justice: Yes

    • UG Law 1st Class - Ddif University - 1980
    • PG Law Distinction - Ddif University - 1984
    • PhD European Law & Human Rights - Yellownak Law House/Stratton Beck University - 1992
    • Law Practioner 12Z4B - Libert & Vivizek - 1992
    • Seat of Court - Ddif City Magistrates - Magistrate - 1998
    • Seat of Republic Court - Ddif National Corelian Court - Civil Justice - 2003
    • Seat of High State Court - Xantosia State Court - State Justice - 2005
    • Seat of Corelian Court - Aerodimus National High Court - Chief Justice - 2008
    • European Court of Justice - Justice - 2012
    • Corelian Justice Council - Chief Advisor of European Law - Supreme Justice - 2013

  • [Candidate photograph or image]
    user posted image [i]William Hague May 2013

    Candidate Name: William Hague
    Home Nation: The Commonwealth of Davishire and its territories
    Incumbent? (Y/N) Yes
    Running for Chief Justice: (Y/N) No
    Previous Experience-
    Senior Presiding Judge for the Davishire Parliamentary Court- Incumbent
    Senior Barrister- Davishire Court of Appeal- 1980-90
    Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of Davishire May-September 2013
    Secretary of State for Justice of Davishire- June 2010-May 2013
    Junior Minister of State for Justice January 2009-June 2010

    Trained as a Barrister and served as a Senior Barrister in the Davishire Court of Appeal until 1990.

    Has a Phd in Foreign Relations, Phd in Military Law and a Phd in Civil & Criminal Law & Policing

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    Candidate Name: Bartholomew MacPherson
    Home Nation: Halsberg
    Incumbent?: No
    Running for Chief Justice: No
    Experience: Graduate of Thurston University Law School, Advocate with a private firm for over 20 years, Judge of 30 years, Currently sitting on the Halsbergian Supreme Court.

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