Red Croatia Debates Military Revitalization

  • Today, on 3rd of November, The Queen of Red Croatia has decided to host a meeting to discuss the concerns she has read about in a letter sent by a society of former war veterans. The meeting has taken place in the Royal Castle of Zadar, where she and her advisors had a lengthy discussion with the leaders of the war veteran society. The news quickly spread throughout Red Croatia, and it quickly became the main talking point of all the news media in the country.

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    Some of Red Croatia's former soliders
    Today, on 25th of May, Red Croatia has finally learned what has happened during this mysterious and secretive meeting, with that being that the Absolutist Queen, and our beloved Matriarch Aleksandra Van Aries the Third has agreed to begin this movement, but only if it's needed. And now, with the recent state of Sahara, she believes that the time is right. Especially after the last meeting that she had with Commissioner Barrington. Rumors of 'Satelite' - a formerly touristic, but now isolated island which plays host to all Red Croatia's stored weaponry - being visited by the country's officials are hitting every major newspaper in the country. What's going to happen, now that even one of the more peaceful countries in the European Union is preparing for war? What shall happen in this region's future?

  • After several private debates, the rumors were confirmed by the Rechroatian Government. Red Croatia has not only begun preparing to use it's old military tools, but it has also begun training new soliders in the infamous 'Satelite' - with most of them being former police officers or police affiliates. Red Croatia is preparing for something..

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    Captain General Henry Von Cavill

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    Rechroatian Army Rank List
    After a rather short but decisive meeting in Queen Aleksandra's presence, Red Croatia has decided to name it's new military leader -- Henry Von Cavill and make the former military ranks official once more. Henry was said to be quite the obvious choice, seeing as not only was his father the former captain general and is the leader of the war veteran society, but Henry is also one of the most prominent police lieutenants in the entire country as well as a brilliant strategist. As it was requested by the Queen, the new Captain General has made an official statement at Zadar:

    "There is not much that I can say about the meeting that was held, no'r do I feel the need to do anything other then say how honored I am. It was quite shocking to see something so short and unexpected change my life so quickly, but I will do everything in my power to be a good leader -- seeing as that is what Red Croatia now expects from me. I just hope that I don't let anyone down while in this position, because upon thinking about it: perhaps I was born to fill my father's shoes."

    No further comments were made, and the training has become official.

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    Dylan Kligenberg, Public Relations Expert
    Around a week after the military training led by Henry Von Covill has begun, many concerns were raised all over Red Croatia - with the popular opinion being that revitalizing the military is wrong, and that it is not needed. Being too peaceful and promiscious to protest, the rechroatians have decided to attempt establishing communication with the monarch, who responded rather quickly - but not with her own words. Instead, she put Dylan Kligenberg - a influental public relations expert who posesses citizenship in both Inquista & Red Croatia and owns several business companies in both countries -- on the case, but soon enough: several other influentals political figures of Red Croatia have gotten themselves involved, with the most notable ones being Heather Von Henderson - Red Croatia's EU councilor and Blair Von Schroeder, who was both a commissioner of internal affairs and defense & peacekeeping in the European Union.

    The involved parties have arranged a meeting with Henry Von Cavill in - surprisingly -- Athemas, where they will attempt finding a compromise, with this being something that many rechroatians are hoping will be successful, mainly because if it isn't - the Queen's absolutistic power will reign this sensitive situation easily.

  • Today, on 12th of June, after the meeting has been held in Athemas, Henry Von Cavill - frustrated by the fact that all involved parties are pushing their moral superiority and shuving it down the throats of others -- has decided to put the matter into his own hands. Knowing that long debates won't do him - no'r his country -- any good, he decided to cancel the meetings he had planned and gave training orders to his troops prior to leaving Athemas due to unknown reasons. The people who have been hoping for a compromise, especially the involved parties - appear to be quite frustrated by this, and are hoping that the Queen responds. However, even though she was made heavily aware of the situation, she decided to let it slide and wait to see how it goes. In the meantime, Dylan Kligenberg has been trying to calm the situation down, being rather successful in his attempts, even though Henry isn't making it easy.

  • After returning from his visit to Os Corelia's Aerodimus and Poland-Lithuania's Warsaw, Henry was welcomed back to Athemas with a rather organized group of reporters, where he was asked on what is going to happen with Red Croatia and why did he leave Athemas - to what he responded with: "What's going to happen with Red Croatia's military issue is quite simple. The Queen has given her approval prior to the training and isn't planning on taking it back in the near the future, and the training has already begun - and it is too late to stop the progress that we're making right now. Therefore, all of the politicians who are currently in Athemas will be disbanded, as their input on the situation isn't needed. However, I still respect their opinions, and I would be more than willing to come up with a compromise for them - but still, there are other, much more important priorities on my mind right now." And after that statement, the reporters have disbanded - and Henry has made his way back to his home. However, even though it seemed that this is where it all became over, Henry has told both Dylan Kligenberg and Heather Von Henderson to stay, so that they may discuss this situation - along with a few others.

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