Ocean Protection Act

  • Greetings to all of my colleagues, and thank you for taking time to hear what I have to say.
    Thanks to the problems with communication I have had with my friend from Pax Aurea I have decided to accelarate the proccess of bringing the Ocean Protection Act to the Council, and before I make any major changes like I have attempted to in my last few drafts which all have been deleted, I have decided to ask those that have showed opposal to the act what bothered them about it and how can I change it.

    I hope that before giving your criticism you will try to see this from both sides of the table, and won't try to change the concept of the act as Nadira Ocello wrote it entirely.

    Blair Von Schroeder
    European Internal Affairs Commissioner

    OOC: Thanks to the complications that Pax Aurea has had with connecting to internet for quite a long time after we have made some arrangements, I have decided to put the matter into my own hands, at least for now, and I hope that everyone here understands that I am in no way trying to somehow politically sabotage Pax Aurea or whatever here.

    Link to the "On European Environment" thread

    Link to the "Ocean Protection Act" thread

  • ((OOC: It does seem to look a little bit like you are throwing Pax under the bus to save political face. I would be less skeptical of this had this post not come before the start of your re-election campaign.))

  • OOC: It's been quite a lengthy wait, and I'm making sure that Pax gets all the credit he deserves, at least I believe I am.

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