The Qvaitican Cascade

  • The Qvaitican Cascade_The Qvaitican Cascade_ is the number one news source in the nation of Qvait. The company does not produce their works exclusively in English, but in numerous languages as well. In 2013, businessman Frederick Williams founded The Qvaitican Cascade.

    The following are all of the company's news releases:

  • First Annual Accession Day in Qvait

    user posted imageCHICANE, QVAIT ? November 13 is a new holiday in Qvait, Accession Day. Yesterday was the very first Accession Day to be celebrated in Qvait, and the beginning of a new tradition. In daylight, everyone came out of their homes with banners reading, "We are Europe" and "Stickup for Europe." Those people then walked street to street and celebrated a new tradition. Then, in nightlight, fireworks flew into the air and exploded with a thunderous cheer from the people of Qvait. From aircraft, people looked down at the skyscrapers of Stockholm and saw a massive color scheme that created the flag of the European Union.

    The Qvaitican Secretary of State, Marcus Patrice, called the day a momentous event in the history of Qvait and the beginning of European culture diffusing into the nation. At Capitol Qvait, the environment was seen as being in a very bright mood. Everywhere in the Stockholm Metropolitan Area, the flag of Europe was flying next to the Blue Star flag.

  • Qvaitican War becomes ever more Hostile

    user posted imageSTOCKHOLM, QVAIT ? After two months of battles, the South Qvaitican Marine Corps have now entered the Qvaitican War, in a conflict against the communist North. Two months ago on September 14, President Johnathon Victor, with the approval of the Congress, ordered South Qvaitican troops to set foot on a North Qvait already torn by a civil war. At that time, North Qvaitican rebels were battling in the communist city of Unicy.

    Now due to the confusion, there have been many in the European Union who have no idea why Qvait has gone to war with the North. Let's take you back to June 8. On that day, the second President of South Qvait, MacArthur Knight, was assassinated by a North Qvaitican national, causing a massive uproar by the people of South Qvait. After three months of planning and a phony peace summit plan, the South Qvaitican government ordered the invasion of North Qvait by deploying millions of Qvaitican Defense Forces (QDF) soldiers northward.

    Last month on October 18, the South Qvaitican Intelligence Service of Secret Security, most popularly known as IS3, absentmindedly allowed a stolen nuclear weapon detonate in the communist city of Gurgulio. To further damage the situation, the event occurred at a point in time where the war was lingering in a stalemate. As a result, the death toll rose from 43 thousand to 2.1 million.

    "[One] month into the war and two million people's worth of blood has already been spilled?by the carelessness of IS3." Secretary of Defense Victor Cutter criticized the recklessness of the IS3 after the release of classified documents showed that the nuclear device that was detonated was stolen from one of their facilities in August. Cutter further went on to say that "[he believes] that reforms are in order for the Security Department."

    On the other side of the War, the Premier of North Qvait, Dmitri Izmaylov, does not seem to want to end the bloodshed; neither does his top military adviser, Sergey Blaznov, who holds a tight grip on the Qvaitican Socialist Forces. With a North under the leadership of Izmaylov, the northeastern border of South Qvait has been bombarded by communist forces, causing a mass evacuation and the stationing of millions of QDF soldiers and over two hundred anti-ballistic missiles to be stationed there.

  • Gargulio suspects in custodySYDNEY, QVAIT ? After the Gargulio event on October 18, three suspects have now been apprehended by the Domestic Intelligence Agency of Defense and Security (DIADS). Not much information has been released yet, but rumors are circulating that the three suspects are North Qvaitican, raising the question if is was the rebels who detonated the nuclear weapon or North Qvaitican nationals under a false flag. If the latter is the case, then there will be nonstop talks on the World Assembly floor, because a false flag is a war crime.

  • Impending 2014 Presidential ElectionDARWIN, QVAIT ? As the year of 2013 is coming to a close, January 3 is coming ever closer. On that day, someone will become the President Elect of the United States. Currently, there are only two major presidential candidates, Gabrielle West (Conservative) and Donovan Gaunt (Democrat). This election seems to be a rather interesting one as both candidates served as Presidents of the First Arctic Republic; and according to history, Gabrielle West garnered 52% of the votes in his election while Donovan Gaunt garnered 59%. However, that was when the liberal population controlled the Qvaitican government. Today, the Second Arctic Republic is considered as one of the staunch conservative nations of the European Union.

    Both liberal and conservative analysts predict that West will carry exactly 61% of the votes. For the last three presidencies, a conservative was the President, and many expect a fourth conservative. In the previous election, the United Conservative Party won the majority in both houses of the Congress, while the Democratic Party continues to gloom. There are also many politicians in the Congress who are looking forward to the Vice Presidential candidates, Dominic Frost (Conservative) and Tyler Wilson (Democrat). Under the West presidency of the First Arctic Republic, Dominic Frost served as the Secretary of State, while Tyler Wilson was the Secretary of Defense under Gaunt.

  • Jewish Autonomous Province to Gain Full Provincehood, Religion

    user posted image
    AMSTERDAM, QVAIT ? This upcoming April will see the Jewish Autonomous Province lose autonomy and become the fourteenth province of Qvait. Ten months ago on January 3, two referendums were issued to Qvait and the Jewish Autonomous Province respectively, which saw the majority of both referendums vote for the territory's full provincehood. On 01 April 2014, the Jewish Autonomous Province will be known as Israel Province.

    1. Stockholm
    2. Algonquin
    3. Alderney
    4. Euron
    5. Cascadia
    6. Ontario
    7. Maison
    8. Silesia
    9. North Victoria
    10. South Victoria
    11. Weston
    12. East Churchill Island
    13. West Churchill Island
    14. _Israel_For years, the population of the autonomous province has been mostly Jewish; being able to finally become a province is celebratory. During the First Arctic Republic, the socialist-dominated Qvaitican government suppressed religious rights by targeting and posting propaganda denouncing Judaism and Christianity. However, in the newly formed Second Arctic Republic, the religious rights of, not only Jewish people and Christians, but Islamic and Buddhist people have been held sacrosanct.

    While civil rights have been in a downward spiral in the recent months, the freedom of religion in Qvait has been consistently practiced. The new conservative Qvaitican government have always been highly tolerant of religion, even accepting the fact that the Second Arctic Republic is a multi-religious theocracy. With a Jewish-dominated territory about to become a province of Qvait, religious tolerance has reached a new level, possibly serving as a pretense to the future of religious cooperation.

    Since May 2012, the Qvaitican government created programs to enhance inter-religious tolerance, especially between Islam and Judaism. After the new Qvaitican government began, there have been Christian and Jewish presidents, Islamic and Hindu senators, and Buddhist and Confucian congressmen.

  • Corelians Say No to Euro Intelligence TreatyARISTON, QVAIT ? Today, the Corelian Parliament voted whether to join the Euro Intelligence Community, which ended in a 19?52 vote against joining it, "[We have] rejected such a vile treaty that threatens civil liberties and promotes corruption, dishonour and deception," a vocal condemnation from Mitrij Kolm. A few moments ago, Secretary of Security Paul Diedrich replied to Kolm's message, "Our intentions of the Euro Intelligence Community is to ensure that the civil liberties of Europeans are protected, not to be under surveillance; such an act can only occur at national preference via referendums or other means."

    user posted image

    The Security Secretary also assured the Corelian people that there are no spies in their nation, "?to send agents to spy on a fellow EU member would be unforgivable. There is no way that such an act would ever happen, especially under the Qvaitican Consitution, which does, in fact, limit the IS3's operations on foreign lands." Furthermore, President Johnathon Victor is currently requesting to meet the Corelian Prime Minister in Aerodimus to sort out those said rumors. This meeting will be the first major face-to-face meeting of Qvait with a fellow member of the EU, which will determine the future of Corelian and Qvaitican relations.

  • Hanukkah in Two Weeks, MacArthur Knight
    user posted imageSTOCKHOLM, QVAIT ? In less than two weeks, Hanukkah will be celebrated once again in Qvait. On November 27, menorahs will finally be lit by Jewish families for the first time this year. However, this year, the President will be participating in the Jewish holiday. President Johnathon Victor's predecessor, MacArthur Knight was the nation's first Jewish president who was assassinated by a North Qvaitican communist in June.

    To remember Knight, Victor decided that he will participate in Hanukkah, even though he is a Methodist, "I knew Knight when I was the age of five, and [Hanukkah] is one right ways to remember my fallen brother, and to remember the significance of this holiday." Even the Secretary of Defense Victor Cutter, who also knew Knight very well, will be participating in Hanukkah.

  • New Revelations About the Gargulio Event, Increasing Military Deployments

    user posted image
    CALAIS, QVAIT ? After hours of interrogation, there are now new revelations about why the Gargulio event of October 18 took place. Of the three suspects, only one was linked to the stolen nuclear weapon, a Qvaitican Socialist Forces (QSF) soldier Nikolai Federenko. Under the order of North Qvaitican Defense Minister Sergei Blaznov, Federenko detonated the stolen nuclear device in Gargulio, as a false flag operation. The revelations of the incident has now led to a massive protest, urging the Qvaitican government to defeat the communist North.

    After what has been revealed, hatred for the IS3's recklessness has dramatically toned down, realizing the North Qvaiticans deliberately stole a South Qvaitican nuclear weapon to detonate it under a false flag, with South Qvaiticans now saying "It's not IS3's fault, we forgive [IS3]."

    Now having knowledge of the incident, the Qvaitican government is hellbent to capture Blaznov and bring him before the International Court of Justice. Secretary of State Marcus Patrice is outraged by the North, "This was a disgusting tactic to blame us for this event, to incite deception and anger upon our nation. Now our innocence has been proved." Following the new revelations, fellow Defense Secretary Victor Cutter has ordered for the deployment of 500,000 QDF soldiers to aid the North Qvaitican rebels and take down the communist government, "What was unknown to us on October 18 is completely known now. This war crime cannot be forgotten; we must capture Sergei Blaznov."

  • Gabrielle West and Dominic Frost Sprinting to the Finish, Debate on SaturdayFOXVILLE, QVAIT ? The two conservative presidential and vice presidential candidates, Gabrielle West and Dominic Frost are crushing the Democratic candidates, Donovan Gaunt and Tyler Wilson. On the sixteenth, which is two days from now, the four will meet at Capitol Qvait to debate about the future of the nation's foreign policy, which is the first half of the presidential debates. Standing before all of Qvait, its territories, and the rest of the world, the candidates will discuss topics such as the Qvaitican War, the European Union, and the planned Euro Intelligence Community.

    The moderator of the debate will be Henry Brown, a nonpartisan politician from the Algonquin Province, "In the first debate, I will touch on topics that are important to discuss, such as the future of the Qvaitican War after having knowledge of how the Gargulio event came to be."

  • Qvait Bidding for UEFA Euro Cup Hosting
    user posted imageDARWIN, QVAIT ? Today, Qvait has entered the bidding for hosting the second UEFA Euro Cup. Even during a war with the North, the Qvaitican government cannot stop to produce happiness for its people. The Secretary of State Marcus Patrice made a globally-televised message, "We are hoping to host the second Euro Cup for all of the European Union." To make sure that taxation will not be as heavy, the Qvaitican government will be working alongside the private sector.

  • U.S./U.K. Music Diffuses into Qvait
    user posted imageCHICANE, QVAIT ? In the recent days, shelves in the music sections of stores and online purchases are showing a diffusion in a musical category: pop rock. However, the music does not begin in the 21st century, but the previous, the late 20th century. Two popular songs being purchased all over are "If You Leave Me Now" (1976) by Chicago and "Glory of Love" (1986) by Peter Cetera. There are millions in Qvait who are calling this event the "Qvaitican Renaissance," and perhaps they are correct.

    In Amsterdam and Darwin, there are many Influence stores whose 70s and 80s music sections are completely emptied from the top-bottom. On the popular online iBeat music store, over fifteen trillion purchases originated from Qvait in the last seven days. "This renaissance has even made its way into Capitol Qvait," says the spokesman of capitol complex in the center of Stockholm. The impact of the quasi-Qvaitican Renaissance has been seen in the recent economic growth of the Second Arctic Republic.

  • Qvait in Historical ContextSTOCKHOLM, QVAIT ? Historically, South Qvait was controlled by a quasi-Soviet communist political party. However, in 1964, a rebellion began in the southern parts of Qvait, beginning the Qvaitican Civil War. After thousands of battles, South Qvait became an independent nation in 1977, becoming known as the First Arctic Republic of Qvait.

    For decades, the Republican and Constitutionalist parties dominated the Southern government, until 2005, when a socialist managed to become President, Jacque Pierre Dumont. Dumont damaged the economy of South Qvait and made the nation appear weak to its still-communist North. In 2007, the North began a number of conflicts that would incite the Qvaitican Odyssey. By 2008, Dumont caused the South Qvaitican government to collapse, thus ending the First Arctic Republic.

    After four years, a conservative Victor Michael Cutter managed to reunite the broken nation on March 08, 2012 with a new Constitution and government. A year later, the second President of South Qvait MacArthur Knight is assassinated by a North Qvaitican nation. Within three months, South Qvait declared war on the communist North and aided the rebels. Last month, the North Qvaitican government detonated a nuclear bomb in the city of Gargulio under a false flag, blaming the South. And here we are today, finally battling the communists who suppressed our rights half a century ago.

  • Qvaitican War: Southern Breakthrough, Mass ExodusSIAT, QVAIT ? A few minutes ago, the South Qvaitican government announced that the communist city of Kazangrad was captured by the QDF and the North Qvaitican rebels. Kazangrad was the second most populated city of North Qvait, and is one mile away from the communist capital of Unicy. President Johnathon Victor announced that "we are one push away from the biggest turning point in the Qvaitican Odyssey, the take down of the North Qvaitican government. We are a step away from establishing a new prosperous and liberalizing North Qvaitican government and destroying the current communist regime.

    President Victor reassured the people of South Qvait that this war was not about expansion, but regime change, "Once we finish this war, we will oversee a democratic election and let the North figure out what to do from there on out." He also implied that with a democratic North, the two nations may peacefully cooperate and improve each other's economies, "With a peaceful North, we hope to help each other and achieve economic prosperity." However, unlike President Victor's plan, presidential candidate Gabrielle West believes that the Qvaitican region should be reunified, while giving the then-Northern provinces some form of autonomy, almost like a confederacy.

    After the liberation of Kazangrad, there was a mass exodus of 49 million North Qvaiticans into rebel-controlled territory, while 54 million entered refuge camps in South Qvait. Secretary of State Marcus Patrice stated that "we need to help the Qvaitican civilians in need, North or South, you are still Qvaitican." Currently, the Qvaitican Citizenship and Immigration Services are documenting the 54 million that entered the refuge camps located in South Qvait. The South Qvaitican government made a public statement that the North Qvaitican refugees will not be viewed in suspicion, but as equals.

  • West and Frost Dominate the Foreign Affairs Debate, Election begins soon
    user posted imageSYDNEY, QVAIT ? A few moments ago, the first presidential debate of the year soundly ended in a conservative win. Beginning the debate, the moderator, Henry Brown, decided to start with the Euro Intelligence Treaty. The first to respond was Democrat Donovan Gaunt, who stated that the proposed treaty was a breach of civil rights and flawed. However, Gabrielle West fought back, saying that the treaty is the proposed sharing of information and to protect civil liberties. His vice presidential counterpart Dominic Frost added and said that the European Intelligence Treaty is supposed to protect the EU from foreign threats and to enhance the security of the organization.

    The Democratic vice presidential candidate Tyler Wilson then replied with the question, "At what cost? Civil rights? That is what you lose when people constantly watch you." To answer the question, West repeated that civil rights were not to be affected. He also drew that there was no correlation between civil rights and personal privacy, "If we were watching you through a camera in a synagogue, do you really think we would be waiting outside to arrest you?" At that point, Brown ended the topic, moving on to the next.

    For the second topic, Brown selected the European Union and Qvait's position in the organization. He mentioned Darwin Cutter's failure to become nominated for the XV Commission of the European Union. This time, the conservative candidates were the first to answer. Frost implied that Cutter's inability to be voted upon by the UEC because of his inexperience in European politics. West agreed by further stating that Qvait was only a member of the EU for one year, and that there is a next time.

    Wilson then asserted that the reason that Cutter was not elected was because the EU is not all conservative. This caused a small commotion by the audience, saying that his implication was a rumor. It took a few minutes for the audience to quiet down to continue the debate. Gaunt then said that other European nations were looking for a different candidate, believing it was a conflict of interest since Darwin is a cousin of former President and current Secretary of Defense Victor Cutter. West then replied by saying that Darwin participated in politics independent to his cousin. Knowing that the debate might get out of hand, Brown decided to stop the topic and move on.

    While the polls on several news sites wanted Brown to get to the topic of the Qvaitican War, Brown verbally announced that he would touch that topic at the end of the debate. Instead, he wanted the candidates to discuss about rumors that the IS3 is currently partaking in top secret operations in Os Corelia. Brown stated that he wanted to know what would the Qvaitican government do if the IS3 is actually performing operations in Os Corelia and if the IS3 is not performing operations in Os Corelia.

    Gaunt started by beginning with the is statement, "If there are IS3 agents currently operating in Os Corelia, I would order all of them to leave the nation." Immediately after his response, West then replied by saying the "we need some agents operating in Os Corelia at our consulate there. However, they would not be working undercover, they would obviously be noticed." Responding to West, Wilson then said that such an action is a breach of international affairs, which led Frost to say that the stationing of IS3 agents in our consulate is to maintain security for the building. Without anyone answering the is not statement, the topic was closed.

    Brown followed up the debate with the topic that there are nations who do not participate in EU politics, yet they are member states. It was the conservatives' turn this time, Frost started by stating that the Qvaitican government was not involved in EU politics for almost a year since acceding to the EU, but answered by saying that the Qvaitican government should launch a campaign to gain the attention of isolated members and persuade those nations to participate in our politics. The topic was seen to be an agreement between the candidates. Gaunt saw the opportunity and said that such a campaign would be one that he would pursue. Since the four candidates agreed with each other, Brown discontinued the topic.

    Finally, the moderator brought up the Qvaitican War and what approach should South Qvait take. Brown went on to ask the candidates about the Gargulio event, war crimes, the possible future of the communist North, rebels, and an envisioned democratic North Qvaitican government. However, having knowledge that the topic would be long, Brown decided to begin the topic with approaches.

    This time, Gaunt began by saying that this war could have never happened if the South Qvaitican government kept their word about a summit that was planned for April 2014. He said that he would revert the actions taken by the government and seek peace with the North, mentioning trade, immigration, and economic prosperity. After his answer, West argued with Gaunt's plan by pointing out that he wants to make peace with the same government that assassinated South Qvait's President MacArthur Knight back in June. To support West, Frost implied that the North Qvaitican communist regime must be overthrown. The moderator then ended the topic of approach, since their positions were established.

    Brown followed it up with the topic of war crimes and the pursuit of capturing Sergei Blaznov. Gabrielle West began by expressing his condemnation of Blaznov and his deceptive schemes. He went further by stating that the South Qvaitican government must capture Blaznov at any cost, and that he would have to appear before the International Court of Justice for ordering and leading a false flag operation, which is a war crime. When Gaunt showed his agreement, Frost asked "how can you agree if you want peace?" However, Gaunt and Wilson acted as if the question was not asked, appearing stunned. With the candidates having nothing more to say, Brown moved on.

    The final topic of the night was what future would become of North Qvait. It was Gaunt's turn to begin this time, he stated that he would peacefully seek the liberalization of North Qvait. Through a peaceful transition, the Qvaitican region would then be in peace and economic prosperity. However, West had a different plan, with the end of the war, South Qvait can annex the North as separate autonomous provinces of the Second Arctic Republic of Qvait. From there, the four candidates gave their closing statements.

    Next week on November 23, the final half of debates will be under discussion. The second debate will be on domestic affairs and economy. Then, voting will begin on December 15. On January 3, voting will end and one candidate will then become the President Elect. Lastly, on April 1, the President Elect will become inaugurated and shall be the fourth President.

  • United Conservative Party Jumps BoatsARISTON, QVAIT ? Today, the United Conservative Party (UCP) of Qvait formally resigned from the Union of European Conservatives (UEC) and registered with the European Classical Liberals (ECL), a centre-right political coalition of the EU. UCP Chairman Victor Cutter made a public statement, "This organization, after critical thinking, decided that the [UCP] is a centre-right political party. As a result we have formally withdrawn from the [UEC] and registered with the [ECL]."

    While there were minor comments about the move, the Constitutional Socialist Party of Qvait (CSPQ), the largest communist party in Qvait, made an extreme claim stating that this was the UCP's attempt to differentiate themselves from fascism. More news will be available as the story develops.

  • Talks Between Os Corelia and Qvait on HoldSTOCKHOLM, QVAIT ? During hours of talks, an ongoing investigation found that five IS3 agents operated beyond their reach, hacking the servers of a number of EU intelligence agencies and stealing classified documents. After being briefed on the situation, President Johnathon Victor has left the Parliament floor and has decided to stay in Os Corelia until the investigation ends, "I am going to stay in Os Corelia until these situations are resolved. I'm hoping to meet with the Prime Minister about the situation."

  • Five Corrupt IS3 Operatives are Described as "Heavily Armed"AEROS, QVAIT ? The Corruption Investigation Agency has finally concluded that five IS3 operatives are, in fact, performing illegal activities, such as bribery, extortion, theft, and treason. The agency has also stated that these five operatives are cooperating with the North Qvaitican government. On Monday, five names were released: Ulrich Steiner, Turku Demirović, Brian Fisher, Ivan Petrovich, and Alecksei Beridze. The five operatives are currently on the run and military intelligence suggests that they are still in Os Corelia.

    The Qvaitican National Security Agency has stepped in and said that "these operatives were trained by people who were trained by the KGB and others who were trained by the CIA and possibly both. They are heavily armed and extremely dangerous." At the moment, the Qvaitican Department of Defense has issued security precautions to its agencies and the QDF. The Qvaitican Secretary of Defense Victor Cutter has made a statement that "as each second passes, these operatives are becoming more dangerous." Right now, there are unconfirmed reports that 37 IS3 operatives and nineteen Corelian civilians were killed by these corrupt agents in the last seven months.

  • IS3 Temporarily Shutdown, Victor Cutter

    user posted image
    Victor Cutter on March 8, 2012
    WEST BLUFFS, QVAIT ? The Qvaitican Department of Security has been under scrutiny for the last two months. First, the nuclear explosion in Gargulio, which led millions to believe that IS3 was responsible. Second, when rumors emerged of illegal IS3 presence in Os Corelia. Because of the IS3, the Corelian intelligence agency, Kota D, seized the Qvaitican embassy there.

    With mass disapproval from the European Union and within Qvait, millions had gathered in front of Capitol Qvait, seeking reforms for the Department of Security, especially the IS3. To respond, President Johnathon Victor, still in Os Corelia, has given an Executive Order to temporarily shutdown the Intelligence Service of Secret Security. He continued by giving the Corruption Investigation Agency to investigate all IS3 operatives stationed domestically.

    "From time to time, I have expressed my concerns for this executive department and now we are paying the price." the Secretary of Defense Victor Cutter, at the press conference that was held just a few hours ago, is one of the many criticizers of the Department of Security. "This upcoming year, I hope to become the Secretary of Security to carry out plenty of reforms." However, there are many conservatives in Qvait who are seeking to witness the second presidency of Victor Cutter, who served as the first President of Qvait from March 2012 to April 2013, stating that they would select Cutter as a write-in.

    Cutter is a 37 year old prodigy who entered the world of politics just a few years ago. Not so long ago, he followed his father's, Michael Cutter's, footsteps, becoming a soldier of the Qvaitican Defense Forces. Victor Cutter has battled in the First Qvaitican War, which he fought from 1999 to 2004. Since then, Cutter has become a notable anti-communist figure of the 21st century, with millions placing him in the ranks of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, but Cutter compares himself to Jonas Savimbi.

    Currently, millions of Qvaiticans have protested against the IS3 and the Qvaitican government has been left under mass scrutiny. With President Johnathon Victor still in Os Corelia, many federal employees are left confused and apparently taking sides: for IS3 or against IS3. Even more, there are many who cannot wait for April, where a new administration will be inaugurated. Right now, President Victor's approval rating in Qvait is at 23%, a record all-time low for a president.

  • Final Presidential Debate is Over, Voting Begins on December 15STOCKHOLM, QVAIT ? On Saturday, the four candidates met once again to discuss the nation's domestic policy and the Qvaitican economy. After losing to West in the first debate, Gaunt's cold streak continued as polls have disliked his agenda.

    The conservative candidates, Gabrielle West and Dominic Frost, envisions a central government that can continue supporting the Qvaitican Defense Forces (QDF) and necessary federal agencies. The vice presidential candidate, Dominic Frost, pointed out ways to lower unemployment and how to create jobs and imposing sanctions against illegal immigration. Due to rising opposition of the IS3, Gabrielle West also mentioned that large revisions would be carried out for the Department of Security. Frost stated that the West Administration would seek to improve the right to bear arms and set further restrictions on recreational drugs.

    Drawing much criticism, Donovan Gaunt spoke of increasing taxes for the health of Qvait. He stated that more taxpayer's money will go into healthcare and less into the QDF. His vice presidential candidate, Tyler Wilson, created more criticism by saying that the federal government should crack down on big businesses. Gaunt then said of his intentions to legalize marijuana and other drugs.

    Presidential voting will begin on December 15 and end on January 3. On the latter day, the votes will be summed up and the candidate with the plurality will become the President Elect, while the vice presidential candidate will become the Vice President Elect. Then, on 01 April 2014, the President Elect and Vice President Elect will become the President and Vice President, respectively.

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