Catholic Church RP Signup Thread

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    The Lord be with you! [And with your spirit/And also wi- d'oh!/ET CUM SPIRITU TUO YOU MODERNIST/Mumble mumble mumble]

    Os Corelia's asked me to start the signup thread for the Catholic Church RP discussed here. Anyway, so basically the number of (voting) cardinals each country gets will be allocated depending on your population and the proportion of your population that is Catholic. Don't worry if you're a smaller country or haven't got so many Catholics, because the system's weighted to ensure that the big Catholic countries (like my own) don't completely dominate. So, without further ado, fill out the following form:


    [b]Nation Name:[/b]
    [b]NS Population (in millions):[/b]
    [b]% Catholic:[/b]

    Dunno when we'll finish this, but when we do, the cardinals will be allocated (and you can name them!), and we'll have a conclave and elect a Pope!

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    Nation Name: Angleter
    NS Population (in millions): 12074
    % Catholic: 70

  • Nation Name: Inimicus
    NS Population (in millions): 2371
    % Catholic: 11

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    **Nation Name:**Os Corelia
    **NS Population (in millions):**9536
    **% Catholic:**98

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    Nation Name: Duxburian Union
    NS Population (in millions): 17123
    % Catholic: 2

  • **Nation Name:**United Romulan Empire
    **NS Population (in millions):**800
    **% Catholic:**84.3%

  • **Nation Name:**Groot-Belgie
    **NS Population (in millions):**451
    **% Catholic:**40%

  • Nation Name: Northern Caesarea
    NS Population (in millions): 20240
    % Catholic: 74

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  • Nation Name: The Confederacy of Halsberg
    NS Population (in millions): 4056
    % Catholic: 56%

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    OK, then, signups for this will CLOSE at 23.59 GMT on MONDAY 2ND DECEMBER. If you want to help elect the new Pope, then sign up soon!

  • Nation Name: The Free Constitutional Monarchy of Kryuland
    NS Population (in millions): 4332
    % Catholic: 4%

  • Nation Name: The Absolutist Monarchy of Red Croatia
    NS Population (in millions): 1966 million.
    Catholic Percentage: Close to 100%

  • Nation Name: The Commonwealth of Davishire
    NS Population (in millions): 6045
    % Catholic: 0.08% of population

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