EACF Director Nominations and Voting

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    Nominations are now open for Director of the European Arts Collaboration Fund. As per the new Committee Reform Act, the next Director needs to be elected by the Council with the usual STV/AV system. The term is 6 months and any councillor may run.

    Nominations close at 8:46 GMT on November 26th.

    Voting begins then and closes on 8:46 GMT December 3rd. You may rank as many candidates as you'd like by preference.

    Dann Eriksson
    Commissioner of Internal Affairs

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    Name: Count Kairos Jelesniak
    Incumbent: Yes
    Experience: I conceived the EACF Bill leading to its passage, I took over the EACF chair and with my committee approved the EU archive and pieces of artwork. I was also part of Os Corelia's campaign to have the Wall of Falador protected by the heritage act as approved by Dominik Frank. I feel I can continue strength and experience in this role and immensely enjoy this job.

  • I, Eric Fox, on behalf of the Confederacy of Gun-Toting Animals, vote:

    1. Kairos Jelesniak

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