Results of the Councillor Survey

  • So after messaging the Councillors of Europe and asking them what issues their nations would like to see discussed in Council, we have a list of some very interesting topics to address. I am, however, a little disappointed at the number of responses I received. I'm not going to name any names due to the anonymous nature of the survey but we only ended up with about 33% of the Councillors responding. I am still accepting responses from Councillors who haven't returned their surveys yet but their answers will not be tallied in this report. Remember this was a chance for YOU to express what issues were important to YOU so that we could discuss and fix them. Even if you're late, I still advise that you respond.

    Onto the results:

    Environment- 6
    Education- 4
    Legal Equality/Human Rights-2
    Easing of Border Laws- 2
    National Sovereignty- 2
    Science research/cooperation- 2

    The following topics were mentioned once during the survey: Nuclear Disarmament, Space, Social Safety Nets, Interregional Mass Transportation, Regional Security, Green Energy, Aviation Safety, Updates on Constitutional/UDoHR Committees, Gun Crime, Fishing Rights/International Water Boundaries, and Health Care.

    We will start our discussions with the most frequent topics, which appears to be the Environment first. Look for this to happen in the next week. Remember that these discussions are supposed to be productive, so please be on your best behavior and do your best to have an open mind. Voice the opinions of your nation in a respectful way. The ultimate goal of these discussions will be for Councillors to produce legislation or treaties to address issues when a consensus can be reached. The Commission will provide as much guidance as Councillors and nations need in this process.

    Dr. William Roebuck
    Premier Commissioner

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