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  • **Subjeciskan celebrates Six Months of peace! **

    After the blood-thirsty civil war between The Northern and Southern Confederacies, which pleasantly concluded with the South emerging victorious, the country of Subjeciskan finally celebrates six months of pleasant peace. Since the ending of the war, which ended June 5th 2013, the leader of the North Confederacy, John William Gatesby, has been charged with war crimes in the National Courts.

    Prime Minister, Robert Haysmith, of the National Conservative Party, addressed the country early this morning to congratulate the citizens of Subjeciskan for their brilliant work in rejuvenating the country after the bloody war which left more than 3,000+ Subjeciskanians dead.

    "I am proud that a country could reunite the way it has, watching everyone work together to make the country stronger than ever, even after everyone becoming split in two, makes me happy to call myself a proud Subjeciskanian." - Robert Haysmith, addressing a Large Crowd of more than 40,000 Subjeciskanians, this morning at 7:00 AM, in Briskanic Park.

    Since the reformation of the Government, including banning the Nationalist Fascist Republican Party, a good number of changes have been made to the country to ensure no Civil Breakouts ever occur ,on the scale of the Subjeciskanian Civil War, again. The Armed Forces officially moved out of the Capital's streets a few weeks ago, and no civil breakouts or Fascist propaganda has been reported.

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    Fireworks explode over the Houses of Parliment as the whole nation celebrates Six Months of Peace in Subjeciskan.

  • Prime Minister pushes for more European Interaction

    Robert Haysmith and Government are planning to switch to the Euro.

    After an Interview with Daniel Greydomb, the Political Editor for The New Subjeciskan Times, PM Robert Haysmith has revealed plans to switch the country over to the Euro to encourage an open and free trade within the Eurozone.

    "Free Trade is always something the Government has considered, despite our heavy emphasis on the isolated Economy. We've been planning the switch to the Euro since our discussions to become more involved in international politics, and it is something we will hopefully endorse by the of this month."

    Some consider this a strange move by the current PM, who believes "We will almost certainly become more involved with the international community, enabling the country to grow further with new trade ventures, if we switch to the Euro."

    The Legislation brought forward by the PM himself to the Government is set to go through a discussion stage and may be brought into action after the Christmas season. The PM has concluded that, "We do not want to disrupt the countries first Christmas after the war, so we will almost certainly be convincing the population to enjoy their celebrations, then work towards the Eurozone."

    We expect, if the Legislation passes, that the Government will began setting up cash points, to trade in your money, by around the 28th of December.

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