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    This thread is for general RPing - speeches at the various meetings cardinals have, public statements, more meetings, Mass, etc. - based in Rome in the lead up to the conclave, which will start on Monday 9th December (and will be in a separate thread). It's not necessary for you to RP your cardinals' arrival in Rome, but you can if you want.

    Also, Clement XV has now officially resigned and we are in sede vacante (the period between Popes), which is signified by the umbrella and keys.

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    A statement from the Dean of the College of Cardinals, Cardinal Todd Unctious, on the allegations surrounding Cardinal Godfried Danneels

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    I am saddened by the rumours and allegations about the past of Cardinal Godfried Danneels from Groot Belgie, and would like to stress that the Church considers Cardinal Danneels innocent until proven guilty in a fair trial in a civil court. Therefore, the Church will happily welcome Cardinal Danneels to the conclave next week with open arms, although I - and I believe the College of Cardinals as a whole - would fully understand and support His Eminence were he to decide to miss the conclave at this difficult time for him.

    Yours in Christ,
    Cardinal Todd Unctious SJ,
    Archbishop of Palmyra and Primate of Angleter,
    Dean of the College of Cardinals.

  • We would like to request that all Cardinals refrain from further commenting on the article made by Verba Orthodoxis as it will distract from the process of Conclave and meditations surrounding it.

    We will not be commenting to foreign press on the issues raised and consider the previously given comments as those of the individual not representative of the Vatican's view.

    Cardinal J?ridan Vividek
    Archbishop of Port Harbour, Os Corelia
    College of Cardinals

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    Pre-Conclave Reflection

    Archbishop Barrinisi - As President of the Governorate of Vatican City State, a title under appointment of Clement XV and held until the election of a new Supreme Pontiff, I will be chairing all pre-conclave congregations on the request of the Cardinal Dean His Eminence Cardinal Unctious. Tonight we have gathere for a pre-conclave reflection at the request of Cardinal Dean Untious His EMinence Cardinal Einiko Baraszi will lead the reflection.

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    Cardinal Baraszi - My dear brothers it bring me great joy to see us all united together in this room in the peace of Christ. May I offer you my prayers that we may find amongst us the successor of Peter. May I also pay tribute to Pope Emeritus Clement XV for his guidance and academic leadership of the church. I invite us to take a moment to share a prayer for both these things.

    Pause of Prayer

    I would like to thank our dear Brother the Cardinal Dean for inviting me to make the pre-conclave reflection to you all today. The reflection I wish to share with you is about our future as a church and in particular the youth who are our future. We all gathered here are old men close to the generational end near to being uniting with Christ in heaven be it by his judgement. We have a duty of legacy, to shape a catholic church that can be adaptable for our next generation. We have a responsibility to assist our youth in facing the challenges of modern society increasingly threatened with secularisation. We have to enable them to face the prejudices of a modern world that constantly throw at them questions of faith and offering to explain away a commitment they are becoming troubled and uncertain by.

    We need to rethink the message we give our youth and guidance with it. We have to take the modern world by the hand and lead it down the road of coexistence and for this modernity is required. I read Cardinal Endanza's comments tot he Halsbergian newspaper about his admiration of the youth and I can only express complete agreement. I am inspired how our youth take crosses daily and walk the road to Calvary in defence of their faith. It is hard in a world telling you from every angle your faith is wrong to hold it. These young saints are where we should focus our energies, we need to engage them and ask them how they perceive the church they defend. As one of this room will fill the shoes of the fisherman let them cast their nets wider and assist the youth. I ask the new Pope to take the youth to heart and help them any way possible. I ask the new Pope to meet them face to face and have the difficult conversations. I ask the new Pope not to patronise but to academically engage with the youth on what they consider the important parts of their faith. Lets not indoctrinate but let them innovate. I ask the new Pope to help them hear God, and listen.

    Protecting the future of our church is vital and we need to realise the part the youth play in this vision of continuation. I now wish to offer a prayer to the youth of our church:

    Heavenly father, please offer your wisdom and guidance tot he youth of our church, comfort them as they bear a daily cross and help them on their journey through life. Let them hear you clear and receive your strength through your communion. We ask this through Christ our lord Amen.

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    Annuntio vobis gaudium magnum:
    Eminentissimum ac reverendissimum Dominum,
    Dominum Einicum Sanctae Romanae Ecclesiae Cardinalem Baraszi,
    Qui sibi nomen imposuit Aloisius

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    Pope Aloysius walked out onto the Balcony to a roar of the crowd in St Peter's Sqaure. He stood there and took in the crowd before beginning to speak

    'Brothers and sisters, good evening!

    You know that it was the duty of the Conclave to give Rome a Bishop. It seems that my brother Cardinals have gone to the middle of the Ocean to get one... but here we are... I thank you for your welcome. The diocesan community of Rome now has its Bishop. Thank you! And first of all, I would like to offer a prayer for our Bishop Emeritus, Clement XV. Let us pray together for him, that the Lord may bless him and that Our Lady may keep him.

    (Our Father... Hail Mary... Glory Be... )

    And now, we take up this journey: Bishop and People. This journey of the Church of Rome which presides in charity over all the Churches. A journey of fraternity, of love, of trust among us. Let us always pray for one another. Let us pray for the whole world, that there may be a great spirit of fraternity. It is my hope for you that this journey of the Church, which we start today, and in which my Cardinal Vicar, here present, will assist me, will be fruitful for the evangelization of this most beautiful city.

    And now I would like to give the blessing, but first -- first I ask a favor of you: before the Bishop blesses his people, I ask you to pray to the Lord that he will bless me: the prayer of the people asking the blessing for their Bishop. Let us make, in silence, this prayer: your prayer over me.


    Now I will give the Blessing to you and to the whole world, to all men and women of good will. (Blessing)

    Brothers and sisters, I leave you now. Thank you for your welcome. Pray for me and until we meet again. We will see each other soon. Tomorrow I wish to go and pray to Our Lady, that she may watch over all of Rome. Good night and sleep well!'

  • A Message from His Holiness to all Diocese

    'I would like to request that all Diocese in need of Pontifical appointments please inform me with a list of recommended candidates for appointment. I will also be having a Papal Consistory in February in which I will be creating new Cardinals. Please submit to me by the end of the month your candidates for the Red Beretta as well as any intentions to retire from your roles. Once the church is refreshed we can begin our apostolic mission'

    Papal Bull:

    'I Pope Aloysius hereby decree in Papal Bull that all churches may hold masses in Latin if they so choose. As the Lord can hear all languages we recognise that some may wish to use Latin as a language to connect with God'

  • I Pope Aloysius, will be preparing to organise a World Youth Day where the Youth of the Catholic World will congregate in a a join pilgrimage to meet each other and share their faith in unison.

    I would like to invite applications from all nations to host the event. Please respond below if you are interested with a brief outline of a programme and where masses would be celebrated.

    His Holiness Pope Aloysius

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    New Birmingham


    Tuesday morning, Centenary Square, celebrated by Cardinal Evans.
    Thursday evening, Victoria Square, celebrated by Pope Aloysius.
    Saturday morning, St. Gregory's Cathedral, celebrated by Pope Aloysius for seminarians.
    Sunday morning, Cannon Field, celebrated by Pope Aloysius, with dozens of bishops and priests concelebrating.

    Key other events:

    Monday-Wednesday: Days In The Dioceses.
    Thursday noon: Pope arrives in New Birmingham, drive through city.
    Thursday evening: Papal Welcome Ceremony.
    Friday morning: Papal talk with monks and nuns.
    Friday evening: Candle-lit re-enactment of Stations of the Cross.
    Saturday morning: Papal talk with seminarians.
    Saturday evening: Eucharistic adoration.