Meeting of monarchs

    When the Baron came to Inimicus

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    The view from an Imperial Palace window

    The sky was overcast, with a light rain drizzling down on the Emperor's coat. Fortunately, both his hat and umbrella were fully waterproof. He had recieved a lot of important men at the Telum Imperial Aerodrome, but never had he personally met the Rimrothian Baron, who went by the name of Giesel Farindar. When the Baron's plane would have touched down, the two leaders would do the usual round across the Aerodrome, pose in front of the press and take the limousine to the Imperial Palace, where they would discuss relationships, trade and other cooperation.
    'Now, where's this plane?', Hugh said irritated, 'I'm freezing!'

  • A bright light shined in the eyes of the Baron when the airplane door opened. He stepped on the stairs, preceded by two guards. It was raining. "I don't like rain." growled the Baron. He saw the Inimician Emperor beneath an umbrella. The Baron put his hat right, and shook hands with the Emperor, while photocameras flashed from behind the fences. Never had the Baron met the Inimician Emperor in person. "It's bloody cold, isn't it?" he said. "I agree." was the answer. The two turned around, surrounded by both Inimician and Rimrothian guards, and walked to a black sidan with two flags on the bonnet, an Inimician and a Rimrothian.user posted image

    The Car in which the Inimician Emperor and the Rimrothian Baron left the Aerodrome

  • "There we are! Welcome, welcome!", Hugh said happily, passing his umbrella to a nearby guard, "Inimicus bids you welcome! Now, let's get out of this weather, shall we?"
    When the motorcade had made its usual route from the Aerodrome to the Imperial Palace, the monarchs stepped out of their motorcade and were recieved warmly by an army of clerks and servants. When they had eaten lunch, they were seated in comfortable armchairs next to a warm hearth.
    "Well, Mr Farindar. Let's see. In short, I think this meeting should be about general relationships, cooperation and trade. Perhaps we will be able to discuss working together in the council and on other region-wide subjects, too. And, of course, if you have suggestions yourself, you can always add them in.
    Let's start by discussing relationships. Rimroth and Inimicus have always enjoyed good relations, not least because in the past we set up a company together, the all-famous Niervaert Inc. Inimicus is keen to keep and expand these relations, as we are currently forming a stable government which has to keep its head above water both internally and externally. Foreign relations are key in this. And, as I myself am the leader of this government (indirectly and not officially, but certainly when it comes to the real world) I think I play a large part in international relationships. I think we could both benefit from a student exchange program, which would allow Inimician and Rimrothian students to familiarise themselves with our nations, and grant a clear insight into what's going on in 'that nation on the other side of the sea'.
    Then we come to trade. As you may know we produce a lot of fish, grain, other foodstuffs, furniture and books. We would be keen to sell any of these elements to Rimrothian companies, something which we have also done after a meeting with the Pax Aurean president and in the meeting with the URE, which is currently being processed. We are, of course, also interesting in importing Rimrothian goods, preferably raw materials and lumber. Also a trade agreement would contribute to the subject I was talking about earlier. What do you think of these prosposals?"

  • "Those are all excellent ideas," said the Baron, "the student exchange program in particular. It would be very good for the insight in other cultures for the students. As for trading, last year was a particular good year for our lumber production, we have warehouses full of it. So that seems benefitial for both of us. Our nation would also be happy to sell you raw materials. The Asgoroth Mining Facilities dug up a wide variety of raw materials this year. For example gold, silver, iron and quartz. Also it seems to me the import of Inimician furniture will be a good initiative. We also have a lot of oil to sell, so maybe the glorious nation of Inimicus would like some. I think a trade agreement would be mutual benefitial.

  • The Emperor seemed to smile: "Excellent, I'm sure some officials can define the exact terms of this agreement later, when we've talked it all through. We already bought lumber from other nations, but it can't be enough, eh?! Oil. Yes, oil. We've been getting all our oil from a large deposit near Patricio, in east Inimicus. However, some climatological scientists have claimed this source will run out soon. Of course, most of them are just acting over-dramatically, but you can never be sure enough. That's why I'd like to ask you to keep oil in reserve for us, so that if our stock does run out, we can purchase some of your 'black gold'."

    The Emperor took a sip of his coffee (a strong Inimician blend) and a bite of his biscuit before continuing: "I've also acquired information about the Rimrothian space programme. As you may know, Inimician kosmonauts began work on a small-sized space station a couple of months ago. Perhaps we could invite some Rimrothian kosmonauts? And don't worry! We use pencils, not some over-expensive space-writing pen! Hehe!
    But back to serious business, I think we can definitely cooperate in space, not only for research purposes, but also for developing the space station and exploring the deep mysteries of outer space. I am also planning to work together with the United Romulan Empire in this area. What do you think?"

  • "Let me tell you a secret Emperor," said the Baron "this hasn't yet been released to the public, but they'll know it in not that much time, because it will be posted in the newspaper. The famous RASA, also known as Rimrothian Aeronautics and Space Administration have already sended a spacestation in orbit around the Earth. It's not really big, and no-one is stationed there yet but more modules will be sent there asap. But we will be happy to contribute to this international spacestation. I think it will be good for research purposes. RASA is also working on cheaper ways to get into space, so we can have spacetourism someday in the future, but this will take a long time. Somewhere this month, Rimrothian kosmonauts will go to the Moon-Base we have established there 5 months ago, and we would be delighted if you would send a couple of Inimician kosmonauts with them."

    "Also I tasted this coffee, and it's absolutely good. Rimroth is not actually known for their coffee, so we might want to go and import it in the future but we will approach the Inimicians for that in the future."

    "Furthermore, the parliament debated about this in the Aedificium a couple of weeks back, to send some militaries to another country, and then they would send some back. A military-agreement you might say. I think this will be good to ensure peace and mutual benevolence. Also the Rimrothian army will be upgraded, and we're going to train more troops."