Joint Declaration of Support

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    The second vote had finished and some clear candidates were emerging. The Corelians cardinals were discussing how well their cardinals were doing when after a quiet word the conclave was drawn to the attention of Cardinal Endanza and Cardinal Alderhilt.

    Cardinal Endanza: My Brothers we have a second vote that sees some candidate clearly set out by the holy spirits will. I believe we are close to finding a pope. As we face a modern society we need a Pope who will be fitted to face the challenge of a modern world. I am drawn to these words:

    'As one of this room will fill the shoes of the fisherman let them cast their nets wider and assist the youth. I ask the new Pope to take the youth to heart and help them any way possible. I ask the new Pope to meet them face to face and have the difficult conversations. I ask the new Pope not to patronise but to academically engage with the youth on what they consider the important parts of their faith. Lets not indoctrinate but let them innovate. I ask the new Pope to help them hear God, and listen'

    It is the man who speaks these words I believe to have holy spirit given qualities to be Pope. I ask my brothers who have granted me with their blessings and votes to show your support for Cardinal Baraszi in your next vote.

    Cardinal Alderhilt: On Christmas Day we witnessed the full brunt of radicalism that took the name of our face and defaced it. We need to tackle this radicalisation and need to connect with our youth to help them stay on a moral path. The Pope is known as the Holy Father, we need the pope to be that guiding father for not only the youth but every catholic in the world. Let me also ask those who have granted me their blessings and votes to hear the will of God and elect brother Einiko, Cardinal Baraszi to be our holy father.

    The other cardinals began murmuring as the next vote was declared open and Cardinal Baraszi felt embarrassed and humbled and told those around him he was not that man not the one to be Pope, and become introverted

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    Cardinal Alderhilt - Myself and Cardinal Endanza wish to comment on the latest round of voting. Clearly Cardinal Baraszi has a mandate for election with 44 votes. If three votes change we have a pope. The holy Spirit is giving us a clear and direct message. We urge the Cardinals who are not inclined to back Brother Einiko to listen to the Holy Spirit's guidance and let us give the people a new pope next vote.

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