The Ultraconservatives strike back!

  • Cardinal Morales talks to a group of conservative colleagues

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    Dear brothers in Christ:

    As our colleague Cardinal Barasczi has said, the Holy Church needs broad shoulders to rule its destinies in these turbulent days. Our prayers to the Holy Spirit must be aimed to seek His help to find a person strong enough to lead the Church without surrendering to the temptations of modern hedonism and secularism.

    We must remember that we are in charge of finding a leader for God followers, not a CEO or a good slogan for a soda drink company or a political party. For that reason, we must not surrender to the messages from the secular world, asking us to have a more "modern" or more "liberal" vision on life in order to adapt to "these times" and to attract more adepts. Jesus Christ was a rebel. He didn't bow to the political correctness of his times, He never hired a PR expert and He didn't need an image consultant to make His Divine Message reach men and women beyond borders, cultures and centuries.

    I think that Cardinal Ren? Schneider has the age, the experience, the charisma, the humility and the qualities to be called to wear the shoes of the fisherman.

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